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A young couple is convinced their home is responsible for the near death of their baby girl. Can the HomeSick team put the couple's mind at rest?

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About the show

TV2's brand new DIY series, HomeSick, addresses a major issue affecting all of us: the health of homes in New Zealand.


Every day of the year, thousands of ordinary New Zealanders are succumbing to a silent killer - and it's one on which many of us have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - our homes.

In each episode, leading environmentalist Dr Stephen Stokes (Head of the Carbon Group), GP Dr Chantal Gianni, builder Craig "Puka" Linn, and interior designer Hamish Dodd (My House, My Castle), investigate a home that the homeowners claim is making them sick. After hearing from the owners about how they believe their health and happiness have been affected by the property, they move in to conduct the practical and scientific investigations.

Hamish Dodd says that working on Home Sick has been such a rewarding experience as you watch the transformation of sick Kiwi families struggling with health problems and deteriorating houses revert back to happy, healthy families again.

"The Homesick team loves helping Kiwi families get their life back. It is devastating to watch families struggling with health problems, particularly their children because of their dream home."

Hamish adds that it is astounding the number of New Zealanders living in houses that have leak or have asbestos, rising damp, rusting roofs or toxic mould.  "Then add one of the most extreme climates in the world - searing hot in summer and freezing, with little or no insulation or heating, in winter - and it is little surprise that Kiwis homes are making us sick."

"As a team we have been able to bring our expertise to each project and really make a difference. The families we have helped have been so appreciative and it's great to know that we are actually making a difference to people's lives," says Hamish.

Each week, with the families health problems diagnosed - including asthma, eczema, stress, nausea and vomiting - the building team moves in to perform an extreme eco renovation on the property that will help transform it to a safer living space for both the family and the environment.

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