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Nail polish spill?

Spilt some nail polish on the carpet while doing your nails? Do not fret. The Feltex Classic carpet care wizard will have your wool carpet back to its original state in no time.

For best results, begin stain removal as soon as possible. Stains that are left to set are much harder to remove.
For a nail polish spill follow the cleaning sequence below for best results:

1. Scoop up solids before cleaning
2. Clean the carpet referring to the method outlined below. Apply spot removal agent to clean towel. Do not apply directly to your carpet.

1a)  Use clear nail polish remover (preferably acetone), but no lanolin
2a)  Solvent - use only on a dry carpet. Use a dry cleaning solvent eg. Perchlorethylene (available at grocery and hardware stores). Use on dry carpet only.

3. Rinse with cold or luke warm water only.
4. Blot dry with absorbent material such as paper towels or use a cold air fan to complete drying.

Note: Do not scrub your wool carpet. Rubbing or scrubbing can cause permanent pile distortion.

For further hints on other types of carpet spills refer to the complete Carpet Care Wizard on the Feltex Classic website: