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Who won't survive the bomb explosion?

Bomb blast

At the end of 2013, Summer Bay was shaken to its core when a bomb exploded at the hospital, leaving the fate of some of Home and Away's most beloved characters up in the air.

For one of them, their time is up. So who won't make it out alive?



Ricky was admitted to the hospital after suffering cramps and bleeding.

She was put into a room for observation as there was a possibility that she was suffering a miscarriage.

The bomb was detonated in her room while she rested.

 Ricky on TV2's Home and Away


Nate rushed to Ricky's side following her pregnancy scare and has been monitoring her ever since.

He was about to head home but wanted to check on Ricky first.

He was at her bedside when the bomb exploded.

 Nate Cooper from Home and Away on TV2


Bianca was first on the scene when Ricky had her scare and barely left her side at the hospital. 

Unknowingly, Bianca placed the bomb on the spare bed in Ricky's room.

She was walking towards it when it exploded.

 Bianca on TV2's Home and Away


Heath came to the hospital to give Bianca her laptop bag, and unbeknownst to him, the bomb.

He was also in the room when the bomb exploded.

 Heath from Home and Away on TV2


Irene came to the hospital with food for Ricky and her visitors.

She was just about to take Bianca home and was standing outside Ricky's room waiting, when the bomb exploded.

 Irene from Home and Away on TV2

Or is it someone else...?

Hannah  and  Ethan  were deep in discussion in the hallway outside of Ricky's room when the bomb was detonated.

To find out who won't survive, watch Home and Away's new season premiere at 5.30pm on Monday 3rd of February on TV2.