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Tai Hara

Tai Hara as Andy Barrett

Tai Hara stars as Andy on Home and Away

Tai, 23 (29th March 1990)was born in Sydney and grew up on the Gold Coast. Growing up on the coast, the beach has always been a big part of Tai’s life.

As cliché as he admits it sounds, it was his first school performance in grade three that Tai realized he wanted to be an actor. He simply loved the art of storytelling and being able to explore the different facets of people’s personalities.

In 2010, Tai graduated from QUT with a bachelor of Fine arts (acting). After university Tai went on to present the TV Show, Cash Call for two series and made his small screen debut on Terra Nova. In 2013, Tai landed the role of Andy Barrett in Home and Away, his first Australian acting role on TV. 

He was completely overwhelmed the day he received the role of Andy, “Knowing that I had the opportunity to be on such an iconic and much loved show was so humbling. It’s a little daunting acting alongside names that are so highly regarded and recognised within the industry, but everyone is so down to earth.”

Andy arrives in Summer Bay with his brother Josh who is set to stir the Braxton Brothers. 

On his character Tai explains:

“Andy is the eldest of the Barrett brothers. He’s an extremely unpredictable and protective character and regardless of his circumstances, family always comes first. After the disappearance of their father, Andy stepped in to take responsibility of Josh. Although sometimes he lacks morals and normal social behaviour, everything he does for his brother, despite how reckless, it comes from a place of love. But there’s no shadowing the fact that Andy has a dark past and his arrival in the bay will not be to make friends.”

Outside of filming Tai enjoys playing music and performing acoustic gigs around Sydney. One of his other main passions.