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Summer Bay Sneak Peek

Here's a quick round up of what's in store for Summer Bay!   

Monday 24 April (6636)

Phoebe's romantic reunion is short-lived. Leah's thrown by a new entrant to the custody battle. Marilyn and John must adapt to their new reality.

Tuesday 25 April (6637)

A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody's problem? Phoebe wants to go to America, will Justin follow?

Wednesday 26 April (6638)

Brody takes a step into dark territory. Roo collapses while moving house. Leah delivers Zac a blow.

Thursday 27 April (6639)

John defends Marilyn in prison. Olivia is desperate to avoid her birthday. Roo faces a life changing prospect.

Friday 28 April (6640) 

Olivia's birthday turns out to be a memorable one. Roo supports a struggling Marilyn, but experiences a shock herself.


Monday 1 May (6641)

Roo doesn’t know how to break her big news to James. Kat pushes down her feelings. Brody's in denial.

Tuesday 2 May (6642)

VJ and Leah struggle to deal with losing Luc. Kat and Patrick hide their discomfort. An unfortunate accident puts Brody in an even worse position.  How does James feel about Roo's announcement?

Wednesday 3 May (6643)

Hunter and Olivia try to cheer up VJ. Will Roo choose James, or her child? Can Kat adjust to having a baby in her life? Morag keeps working on John's case.

Thursday 4 May (6644)

Zac tries to convince Leah to give him another chance. Can Hunter & VJ make up? Is John the man Marilyn thought he was?

Friday 5 May (6645) 

Zac has one last attempt to save his marriage. John faces danger, while Morag battles for him. Will Justin put himself first?


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