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Summer Bay Sneak Peek

Here's a quick round up of what's in store for Summer Bay!  

Monday 20 March (6611)

Is Ash's brother still alive? VJ struggles to look after Luc by himself. Will Summer Bay forgive John, and will he be able to forgive himself?

Tuesday 21 March (6612)

Can Ash give his brother a chance? John drops a devastating bomb on Marilyn. A struggling VJ is reluctant to ask for help.

Wednesday 22 March (6613)

Marilyn and John are a team again. Irene and Leah continue to clash. Mason asks Lena out on a date. Brody discovers something unsettling. 

Thursday 23 March (6614)

Will Brody be sucked in? Evelyn and Matt make a life changing decision. Will Justin and Phoebe's new arrangement last?

Friday 24 March (6615) 

Phoebe and Justin play matchmaker for Nate and Tori. Justin shocks Phoebe with a big question.  Hunter finds a way to spend more time with Olivia. Can Evelyn and Matt convince Ellie to go with them?


Monday 27 March (6616)

Has Justin ruined his relationship with Phoebe? VJ questions his parenting abilities. Leah and Irene question Olivia and Hunter's decision.

Tuesday 28 March (6617)

Can Justin and Phoebe fix their issue? Irene makes a generous offer. Olivia and Hunter run into some obstacles.

Wednesday 29 March (6618)

Old friends are torn apart by their love for Luc. Ash isn't ready to forgive his brother, or move on from Billie's death. Tori and Nate's newly rekindled love is tested. John receives good news.

Thursday 30 March (6619)

Can Tori and Nate’s relationship survive? John shocks Marilyn. Ash must let go of his anger. A stressed out Brody finds himself in a tricky situation.

Friday 31 March (6620) 

Will Brody be tempted again? Marilyn struggles to decide between the Bay and John. Matt and Evie make a snap decision.


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