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It's a bittersweet farewell to Heath

We take a look back at Heath's time in Summer Bay as he drives off into the sunset with his family:

The Beginning

Heath first arrived in Summer Bay three years ago with his two brothers, big brother Darryl 'Brax' and little brother Casey. Together the trio made up the River Boys- a surfer gang from Mangrove River with a bad reputation.

When Heath first arrived, he locked Dex in the boot of his car and dumped him in a bush. He also picked fights with the locals including Colleen, not winning him any friends. One of the biggest enemies he made was with the local policewoman, Charlie Buxton, thanks to his drug dealing and loitering.

The Braxtons

Having grown up with an abusive father and a somewhat absent mother, the boys formed a tight bond and they looked up to older brother Brax as a father figure.

Their small brotherhood then grew when Casey killed their father, and as retribution, their secret half-brother kidnapped him. After a long process, the brothers put aside their anger and brought Kyle into their fold.



Heath and Bianca have had an incredibly rocky relationship. They first met when Bianca was with Liam, but the two began a short affair. Bianca then cut it short to be with Liam while Heath then went on to date her little sister April. His relationship with April didn't last long after he cheated on her.

Bianca then found out she was pregnant, and when she realised it was Heath's, broke off her relationship with Liam. The two finally started a proper relationship but it was put to the test when their baby, Rocco, died from cot death.

The two overcame their grief and Heath proposed to Bianca.

Heath's brothers took him to the city for a bachelor's party but after receiving a phone call from Bianca who was having second thoughts, Heath thought the wedding was off and went home with a waitress he met that night.

When Heath later found out that Bianca still wanted to marry him, it wasn't until they were standing at the altar that Heath came clean about his cheating.


After a short break-up, the couple finally made it down the aisle where they cemented their love in a small wedding ceremony.

A changed man 

After marrying Bianca, Heath settled down and got himself a job as a personal trainer at the gym. For the most part, he managed to stay out of trouble and even began helping out others; going so far as rescuing Oscar and Evie from the cult.

He even put his anger aside and helped save his enemy, Andy. 

The Sniper

After Mangrove River High burnt down, the teachers and students were transferred to Summer Bay High where Heath came face to face with his old principal Ms Montgomery. It quickly became clear that Ms Montgomery still thought very little of her former pupil, and she was hell bent on ousting his wife for the position of principal at her new school.

Heath became collateral damage in the fight and Ms Montgomery accused him of assaulting her. Due to his criminal background, the police were certain he had done it until Tamara was able to prove his innocence.

He was later caught in a terrifying bomb explosion when Montgomery planted a bomb in Bianca's handbag.

Baby Harley

After overcoming their near-death experience, Heath and Bianca continued their happy marrieage. That is until Heath's one-night-stand came back to haunt him as Jess showed up nine months pregnant on his doorstep.

The news rocked both Heath and Bianca to the core, and even more so when they discovered that Jess did not have long to live.

When Jess died, Heath took custody of Harley but Bianca struggled to deal with the baby in her life. It was made even harder when she was reminded of the loss she had with baby Rocco.

Bianca went on to have a fling with Zac which, coupled with the arrival of Harley, led to Heath and Bianca agreeing to a divorce.  

Bianca finally overcame her heartbreak and was ready to take on the role of raising Harley with Heath, but she had already been accepted into a new school in the city as Principal. This led the couple to try long distance.


Not long after his arrival in Summer Bay, Heath discovered that he had a secret daughter with his ex, Connie. Heath began to bond with Darcy and would later try for custody of her when Connie passed away. Heath was devastated when custody went to Darcy's grandmother.

When Darcy was introduced to baby brother Harley, things didn't go so well and Darcy went on to kidnap him. After Harley nearly died, Darcy finally began to bond with him and Heath decided to go for custody of her.

Happily ever after

Heath finally got custody of his daughter and decided it was time his family was back together for good. He packed his life up and took his children to the city where they could all be reunited with Bianca.