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Roo Stewart

Georgie Parker plays Roo Stewart

Roo Stewart is played by Georgie Parker

Roo presents as a confident, dynamic and effervescent force of nature. She gives every impression of being a successful woman, with a challenging career, devoted partner and interesting life – a sharp contrast to the tempestuous teenager who ran away from Summer Bay years ago. The truth is that Roo’s life is not all that it seems. But she has a gift for spinning a good story, for editing out the unflattering moments of her life and for defiantly accentuating the positive, even when things are bleak and everything is falling apart. It is her most exasperating character flaw, but at times it has also been her saving grace. Roo’s other great gift is for telling people what they want to hear. She’s pretty much built her life around this one talent. Roo chooses to see it as a survival skill, when in truth it’s more often been her downfall.

Roo, or ‘Ruth’, Stewart first appeared in Episode Three of Home and Away, as a boy-crazy, rebellious teenager. Her mother, Martha, had passed away and she was going off the rails…much to the chagrin of her father, Alf, and his new partner, Ailsa. During her time on the show, Roo was generally known as a trouble maker and had numerous affairs, including an ongoing and messy relationship with Frank. She also had a relationship with rich-kid Brett Macklin, which resulted in a teen pregnancy. Roo had a baby daughter named Martha, but decided to put her up for adoption.

Roo had no contact with her daughter until Martha’s adoptive parents died, prompting Martha to track down her biological mother. By that time Roo was living in New York. Martha lived with Roo for a few turbulent years, before she decided to move to Australia to live with her Grandpa Alf and Great Aunt Morag.

Roo has moved around a fair bit, but has left her partner in America and now lives in Summer Bay. Over the years she’s maintained good contact with her Aunt Morag – who she’s close to – and has a decent relationship with Alf. She has also gotten to know her half-brother Duncan, who’s spent time with her in the States, and has maintained a tentative relationship with Martha.

By the time Roo returns to the Bay she has grown up a lot. She’s still feisty, but is trying to make amends.

She has an up and down relationship with Harvey Ryan.