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Q+A with Benedict Wall


Kiwi-born Benedict plays Alf Stewart's estranged son. We had a chat about his life outside the show, and Duncan's timely return to the Bay.  

How did you get your role on Home and Away? What was it like when you found out you got the part?

My agent called and let me know I had got the role, after sending a tape a few weeks prior. I was really excited as I had come close to a couple of parts on the show before. It was just really nice to get over the line. I also knew I would be working with some great people in Ray (Alf) and Georgie (Roo). 

What's the best thing about working on a soap opera?

I like the consistency of the work, and that you get to a lot time to explore the character.

How does it compare to working on Shortland Street? 

I found that I was a lot more relaxed on Home and Away, and I think a lot of that came down to the experience I gained on Shortland Street. On Shortland Street you have fewer cast and fewer shooting days so a larger work load. Having had that experience I was able to take everything I had learnt and use it. Shortland Street was great training ground for Summer Bay.

You're a Kiwi, where did you grow up? What's your favourite NZ destination?

Mostly I grew up in Auckland with a brief time in Wellington. My favourite destination In New Zealand is a split between The Coromandel and the far North.

What's it like working alongside the legendary Ray Meagher?  

Ray was a real pleasure to work with. Kind, funny and gave great advice. He's also a huge rugby fan, and even played first five for Queensland at one point, so we always had that to chat about. 

What are some similarities between yourself and your character Duncan? 

We are both pretty stubborn and sensitive. We keep coming forward even if we stumble a little on the way. 

If you could be any other Home and Away character, who would it be and why?

I would have been Brax - who doesn't want to save the day?! Although knowing Steve, I'm sure that character wouldn't have existed the way it did and been so popular if someone else had played him.

Do you have a favourite scene that you've filmed? 

Yeah, I have a scene coming up with Penny McNamee (Tori) that is pretty sad for Duncan. Penny is great to work with.

Do you watch Home and Away at home? What's it like seeing yourself on screen?

I do now! And I did when my partner Jessica Grace Smith was on the show. It can be a little challenging. I hate my own face sometimes and pick up little things in my performance other people wouldn't. But I'm getting better at it. And it's great to see the rest of the cast and crew's hard work come to fruition. 

Can you tell us anything about what’s coming up for Duncan? 

As is often the case in Summer Bay, Duncan's past is going to catch up with him soon.