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Life imitating art

Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) tries to cheer up Matt (ALEC SNOW) but the chemistry between them is undeniable

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Demi Harman and Alec Snow who play on-screen couple Sasha and Matt, have confirmed that they are in fact an item off-screen as well.

The pair told TV Week that they have been dating for a few months.

"It's definitely happened over a period of working together," Snow revealed. "We just clicked."

On Harman, Snow described her as a "very creative girl" who is "really fun to work with".

"Demi and I have been trying to make Sasha and Matt's relationship evolve. I think Sasha has definitely matured Matt. He's gone from being a bully from Mangrove River to being more grown up, which is nice."

While rumours have been swirling for a while, this is the first time that they have confirmed their relationship.

And they're not the only Home and Away duo to be in a relationship- Steve Peacocke (Brax) is engaged to Bridgette Sneddon (Sophie).