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In her sights

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) and Ms Montgomery (TASMA WALTON) discuss the merge of schools

Mrs Montgomery, (TASMA WALTON) Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) watch as Mangrove River High merges with Summer Bay High

Tasma Walton guest stars in Home and Away - TV2

When the high school in Mangrove River burns down and the students are forced to join Summer Bay High, there is one person in particular who is less-than-impressed with the restructure, Mangrove River principal Ms Montgomery, AKA ‘The Sniper’.

After assuming that she would be joining Summer Bay High as its new principal, Ms Montgomery (played by Tasma Walton) is irate after discovering that Bianca Scott will keep her position as principal, leaving Montgomery to be demoted to vice principal.

Because of this, Montgomery has it out for Bianca, and will do anything to take her job.

Heath Braxton is an ex-pupil of Montgomery’s and knows first-hand how vicious she can be after she had him sent to juvenile detention as a teenager for a crime he didn’t commit.

He warns his wife that once The Sniper has you in her sights, she won’t rest until she’s destroyed you.

So what has The Sniper got in store for Bianca? Well whatever it is, it was enough for actress Tasma Walton to say “Please don’t send me hate mail, I’m just acting!”


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