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What happened Tuesday on Home and Away?

Tuesday 28 March (6617) 

Brody consoles a grumpy Justin. He's sure that Justin and Phoebe will sort things out.

At Salt, Kat and Phoebe discuss the proposal and potential break up. Phoebe thinks of her parents' disastrous marriage. Kat reminds her Justin makes her happy.

Phoebe tells Brody she isn't  against marriage. But her and Justin had previously agreed that marriage was a long way away. Brody thinks they've already been through a lot, that counts for something.

Phoebe's angry because she wants their relationship to work. This has put a spanner in the works. Nothing has felt that right before.

Phoebe seeks out Justin. She asks if it still needs to be all or nothing? Justin wants the world to know that Phoebe is it for him, forever. He's never felt this way about anybody.

Phoebe ends up relenting. If Justin's that much of a fool, she can’t think of a reason to say no. It's a yes, Phoebe and Justin are engaged!


VJ tries to assure Alf and Irene that he has everything with Luc under control. But he's obviously under a lot of pressure and not coping at all.

Later, VJ's unable to calm a crying Luc. He loses it and shakes her cot, yelling at her to shut up.

Shocked at his own actions, VJ escapes the room. He's spaced out in the living room when Leah arrives home. Luc is still crying in the nursery. She throws questions at VJ but he doesn't answer, leaving Leah to rush to the baby.

Leah cradles Luc, settling her down quickly. Leah's obviously finding this all a strain too.

VJ tells Leah he tried everything. He couldn't go back into Luc's room, he was scared of losing his temper again. Leah tries telling him it's normal to feel frustrated. VJ doesn't think he can look after Luc, it's too hard. Leah says a lot of parents feel like this. She's proud of him.

VJ doesn’t feel like he is getting through to his mother. He's not coping, at all. Leah seems to be in denial about how much they're both struggling.

Irene stops by to drop off the Diner accounts. She notices that VJ looks miserable. VJ admits he lost his temper and shook Luc's cot, scaring himself. A worried Irene comforts him. They'll make sure it never happens again.

Leah drops by the Diner, feeling a bit down. Irene worries that Luc is home with VJ alone. She breaks the news about VJ shaking Luc's cot. Leah thanks Irene, but tells her she'll take it from here.

Irene offers to take Luc to relieve the pressure on the Pattersons. Leah thinks she means for the night but, Irene offers to take Luc permanently. How will Leah react?


Olivia and Hunter have been house hunting.

Irene is sad about her soon-to-be-empty nest. She'll miss Olivia.

Olivia and Hunter realise they will need to make sacrifices to afford their rental house. No new clothes or concert tickets.

Alf wonders if they've thought this through. Olivia is confident. After paying the rent they'll have $100 a week left, that's heaps! Alf reckons food and utilities might eat that $100 up pretty quickly. But Olivia and Hunter are confident they can sort it out.

They wait impatiently to hear back from the rentals they've applied for.

Later, Olivia and Hunter can't understand why they've been turned down for four properties. They tell Kat about their misfortune, but she hasn't had any trouble herself. Kat says she's had two offers, but is holding out for a water view. She carefully points out she is older, has had a steady job for ages, a good rental history and references.

Hunter wonders how they will get a start without anyone giving them a go? Kat advises they need to look good on paper first. With Hunter's criminal record it's going to be difficult from the get-go. She wishes them luck.

Alf reckons this the wake-up call the youngsters needed. But later, in bed in Hunter's van, they're still hoping they will be successful in their house hunt.




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