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Home and Away

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Chris Harrington

Johnny Ruffo plays Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington is played by Johnny Ruffo

When Chris first hits Summer Bay, it’s with a clear agenda in mind – to talk his younger brother into going back home. What Chris doesn’t count on is the strength of Spencer’s love for his girlfriend, or the support his little brother now has from Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker) and Harvey (Marcus Graham).

Nor does he expect to find the place inhabited by incredibly beautiful young women, like Indi Walker (Samara Weaving). So when his plan goes astray, and he realises that his brother won’t leave, Chris decides to spend a little more time in the Bay, enjoy the scenery and who knows? Maybe fall in love a little bit?

For almost ten years of his life, Chris was an only child, and all of his parents’ hopes, dreams and expectations were pinned on him. He came from high achieving stock and it was expected that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, become a Doctor and carry the family name forward with pride.

Unfortunately, Chris was not made of the right stuff. He was in no way academic, or driven, or goal oriented, or even responsible. The pressure on Chris to knuckle down was enormous and he was constantly at loggerheads with his father, who wanted him to excel in everything. But then Chris received the answer to all his prayers – the arrival of a baby brother, Spencer.

It wasn’t too long before Spencer proved that he was gifted and Chris was dropped by his parents like a hot potato. Chris could not have been happier. He had all the perks of coming from a rich family, including unlimited funds, but none of the responsibility. While his brother thrived on the challenges and opportunities afforded him, Chris embraced the notion of being the family mess up. But while the brothers were vastly different, they’re close and look out for each other.

When Spencer ran away from home, and was subsequently cut off by his father, Chris became the focus of his father’s attention again. He wants Chris to be a better son and Chris has therefore, been under enormous pressure to grow up and make something of himself. But Chris doesn’t want to grow up. He wants things back the way things were.