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Bonnie's new role

Home and Away actress Bonnie Sveen (who plays Ricky Sharpe) recently won the Logie for 'Most Popular New Talent', and she used her time at the podium to highlight the need for more realistic female role models on our screens.

"I think it says something really progressive about Australia and about the commercial industry that viewers have so warmly embraced such a natural and healthy young woman on their screens," the 25 year-old said in her speech.

She later elaborated on her speech during an interview with MailOnline saying, "I think it is [important] for a lot of female performers and it is important to differentiate storytellers from models and that people at home are able to turn on the television and see someone with an achievable look or something that is at least more of a mirror of themselves.

"I think it does a lot of good to the attitudes of young women to see someone so comfortable in themselves and play such a wonderful fun role and get to be the love interest of such a big tele icon."

Having been told to lose weight for television roles in the past, the healthy size 10-12 star insists on remaining true to herself and her fans in order to retain her body confidence and her role as a role model to women everywhere. 

"And I'm lucky and wise enough to know it's about being happy."