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9 - 13 June 2014

Alf (RAY MEAGHER) surprises Jett (WILL MCDONALD) with the Diana

Alf (RAY MEAGHER) surprises Jett (WILL MCDONALD) with the Diana

Jett (WILL MCDONALD) decides to take the boat out

Jett (WILL MCDONALD) decides to take the boat out

John (SHANE WITHINGTON) asks Marilyn (EMILY SYMONS) to marry him

John (SHANE WITHINGTON) asks Marilyn (EMILY SYMONS) to marry him


Monday 9 June:

Not wanting to live her life in fear, Phoebe returns to the Bay, much to Kyle's frustration - she's not safe here.

Brax encourages Kyle to embrace Phoebe's bravery, and tells him that if Ricky can handle it, maybe Phoebe can too. Looking for Phoebe, Kyle arrives home to find the place trashed. He sees the intruder and chases him, but is pushed down into the storm water drain. Kyle is left unconscious, alone, and in the very trouble he feared for Phoebe&

Heath admits to Brax that he was thinking about ending his marriage to Bianca, but since she's found comfort with Harley, he hopes they can work things out.

Leah urges Bianca to give it a go with Heath but she doesn't want to jump back into a family situation, scared she will let him down.

Phoebe sees Bianca walking along and she has a rant to her about people ruining their lives by fear, giving her food for thought. Bianca tells Heath that she never stopped loving him and she wants him back, and overwhelmed with happiness, they kiss.

With his drinking problem under control, Zac asks Bianca if he can return to work - it would help him get his life back on track. Bianca is concerned at first but agrees, trusting him to do the right thing. However, there is still one thing that Zac can't sort out - his feelings for Hannah.

He tells her that it is always going to hurt, seeing her with Andy and he wants to move out. But Hannah is concerned about Oscar and Evie, and they agree to keep their relationship purely about business.

Casey admits to John he has feelings for Denny, but is trying to stay away so he doesn't ruin her relationship with Chris. But can he?

Tuesday 10 June:

Excited to be a family again, Heath and Bianca agree to stay at separate houses until they find out who trashed and shot at the house. But feeling like they need a break from the mayhem and to find a safer place to be together, Heath suggests going away for a weekend.

Bianca is excited about the idea at first but as she considers it, opens a letter from the education department, which says her request for a transfer has been approved. What will she do?

Trying but failing to avoid Denny, Casey's got it bad for her now, but Chris is hot on his tail, his jealousy growing stronger. Clearly concerned, Chris spies on them, and decides to confront Casey. But when he sees Casey and Denny on the beach together he gets angry and won't back down, even though Casey assures him there's nothing to worry about.

The argument gets heated and Casey hits Chris. Has Chris just ruined things with Denny?

On his way home, Casey finds Kyle unconscious in the storm water drain behind the house. Unable to wake him, he desperately calls an ambulance.

Kyle is taken to hospital where the family waits for answers. Phoebe is still missing but Bianca finds her at the pier, and they rush to join the family in hospital.

Frustrated and worried, Brax demands answers off Kyle as soon as he wakes up, but he admits that he didn't recognise the intruder. Kyle tells Phoebe he's still worried for her safety, but she refuses to run away from the fight.

Still struggling after losing Ricky to Brax, Nate is surprised when his wife, Sophie turns up in the Bay. But what does she want?

Wednesday 11 June:

Denny helps Chris recover after the fight, but she's annoyed at his jealous behaviour. She's also annoyed at Casey for throwing the punch, but this only makes her more concerned about his wellbeing and she's determined to see if he's ok.

Casey desperately tries to avoid Denny. Lying to her, he tells her that there are no hidden feelings, but they can't hang out any more because he is worried about how Chris will react. Casey is clearly avoiding telling her how he really feels, but is he willing to give up seeing her because of this?

Ricky sees Nate and Sophie talking on beach, and when Sophie introduces herself as Nate's wife, the mood grows quite awkward. Later, as Nate tries to explain to Ricky that they have been separated for years Ricky screams at him, hurt and confused that Nate never told her this when they were together. Could Ricky be jealous?

Sophie's arrival leaves Leah wondering why Nate never told anyone about her and why they never got divorced. He tells Leah that Sophie has come to the Bay to be the new school principal, but no-one has heard anything about Bianca leaving - will Bianca leave the Bay and end things with Heath?

Concerned there is more to Sophie's arrival than just a job in Summer Bay, Nate confronts Sophie. She admits that she is still in love with him and wants to be his wife again. Nate tells her that he still loves her too but that wasn't the reason things ended so badly. He is guilt ridden and he tells her he can never go back to that again.

What happened between them that is too painful for Nate to reconcile the relationship?

Oscar's court hearing is today and he is preparing for the worst. Evelyn, Zac and Denny are supportive and want to be there with him. However, Oscar feels so guilty about the hit and run that he doesn't want his family around him - he couldn't stand having to say goodbye to them in court.

The trial result is positive but this doesn't change Oscar's mood. The guilt starts to get to him as he believes he was given too light a sentence, and he has a panic attack, leaving Evelyn to go find help.

Thursday 12 June:

Just as Spencer lets slip that he has feelings for Evie, she runs into the Surf Club to get help for Oscar. John recognises that Oscar's having a panic attack and sends him to hospital.

Hannah informs Evie that's it's not the first panic attack Oscar has had, and it probably won't be the last.

Evelyn desperately wants to help her brother get through this, but Oscar cannot make sense of his situation, and he pushes Evie away. Evie blames herself for her brother's reaction to her help and she confides in Spencer, who's caring and supportive. Is Evie developing feelings for Spencer too?

Josh is hesitant to tell Maddy that he wants to do well in school and spend more time studying because he thinks Maddy will make him feel bad about it. To avoid telling Maddy how he feels, Josh makes up excuses to leave Maddy's house.

Initially, Maddy believes him but later finds out that he has been lying to her. Feeling hurt that Josh would rather study than hang out with her, Maddy storms off.

Later, back at the house, Maddy continues to ridicule Josh about the study. Annoyed by this, Josh tells Maddy that all she cares about is herself, and he leaves. Can Maddy understand Josh's situation?

John wants to take Marilyn for a romantic weekend away to get a break from work. Unbeknownst to John, when he is booking the hotel, Marilyn is standing right behind him and she over hears him call her his wife on the phone. Marilyn freaks out about this and cancels their lunch date - she doesn't want him to propose again.

Later at home, John senses an awkward tension between Marilyn and himself. When he asks her what's wrong, she tells admits she overheard him. Embarrassed, John tells her that he feels uncomfortable calling Marilyn his girlfriend. He thinks he is too old not to be married or that people will think he is not man enough to commit to her. This swings Marilyn into action - is she going to propose to him instead?

Friday 13 June:

Marilyn is excited and she plans to propose to John over lunch. She is nervous but with some encouragement from Alf she asks Jett for his permission to marry John. Jett is overwhelmed with happiness. She puts on a huge feast for the two of them, and tells him she couldn't imagine life without him and asks him to marry her.

To her surprise, John declines. He can hardly speak and he walks out on her. Later, John finds Marilyn, still embarrassed, on the pier.

John announces that he has figured it out, and that he couldn't say yes because he had always imagined that he would be the one to propose to her. Before Marilyn can even speak he puts her on the spot and gets down on one knee. Marilyn accepts.

Things are still rocky with Josh and Maddy - she can't understand why he feels like he needs to study so much. She tries to smooth things over, but it gets worse when she suggests taking a break from the study.

Confiding in Sasha, Josh tells her that he feels dumber than Maddy. Feeling for Josh, Sasha offers to be his tutor. But just as the two of them are making progress, Maddy busts them and gets angry at Josh for lying to her again.

Seeing the problem clearly now, Sasha decides to give Maddy a wake up call and tells her how Josh really feels. Maddy is taken aback by this and suggests that Spencer, Josh, Evie and herself start a study group so they can all help each other.

Jett is dumbfounded to hear that John said no to Marilyn's proposal. He tries to convince him to call her and accept, but John is angry and confused and says that he just can't. Jett is left feeling hurt and upset, he feels like his family will be torn apart because of this.

Angry and alone, Jett takes the dingy out, even though he knows Alf still needs to give it a once over safety check. He is in tears, when he suddenly realises there's water sloshing beneath his feet. The boat is sinking and he is a long way off the shore. What has he done?