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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

8 - 12 September 2014

Andy (TAI HARA) meets with Cody (AARON GLENANE) who offers him more work and more cash

Andy (TAI HARA) meets with Cody (AARON GLENANE) who offers him more work and more cash

Andy (TAI HARA) meets his boss Jake Pirovic (FLETCHER HUMPHRYS)

Jake (FLETCHER HUMPHRYS) talks to Andy (TAI HARA) about the next job and history with the Braxton’s

Jake (FLETCHER HUMPHRYS) talks to Andy (TAI HARA) about the next job and history with the Braxton’s




Maddy (KASSANDRA CLEMENTI) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) become friends again

Maddy (KASSANDRA CLEMENTI) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) become friends again

Monday 8 September:

Casey worries as Andy's erratic behavior at the gym continues. He doesn't want to fire Andy, but he isn't leaving Casey any choice. When Andy meets with Cody and is paid double for his last job, he's encouraged to keep working at the gym as a cover to keep dealing drugs on the side.

Andy goes back to the gym and changes his attitude, impressing Casey, but Brax can't help feeling something's not quite right. Meanwhile, Andy meets his Cody's boss for the first time - Jake Pirovic. Looks like big trouble is approaching the Bay&

Phoebe's offered a gig up the coast, but with the current tension between her and Kyle, the timing couldn't be worse. Kyle's too busy to come with her, leaving Phoebe resigned to turning down the gig, putting her relationship first. But when Denny offers to chaperone, Phoebe changes her mind, and takes it, leaving Kyle concerned - does he really trust his girlfriend?

When Marilyn stresses over befriending Shandi, Roo and Irene offer her some advice - just be less, "Marilyny"! When this doesn't work, John assures her that Shandi's just talking her time to get to know her, and soon they'll all be getting along like a house on fire. But Marilyn's still far from convinced.


Tuesday 9 September:

As Andy gets closer to Jake, Brax can't help but feel that Andy's turned again, and warns Josh against putting himself back into his orbit. Josh meets with Andy anyway, but when Andy's elusive about what he's been up to, Josh exits, upset, and reveals Brax suggested to say away from him. This pushes Andy back to Jake, who tells him not to let Brax walk all over him.

Andy finds Brax on the beach and punches him, before Ricky breaks it up. Brax tells Ricky he's done with Andy, and makes it clear to Josh he's still there for him despite this. Meanwhile, Jake reels Andy deeper into his web - offering to help him take his brother back from Brax. But what does Jake really want?

With Maddy's feelings for Josh still obvious and making Evelyn feel uncomfortable, Roo takes Maddy aside and tells her it's time to move on. But when Maddy learns that Josh and Evelyn haven't slept together yet, she feels like she's back in the game, leaving Evelyn more insecure than ever.

When Oscar doesn't show up for dinner, Evelyn and Hannah fear he's still hiding his eating disorder. Oscar tries to sneak off to the gym the next morning without eating breakfast, but they catch him, and take him to the Diner to eat before his work out. Seeing that Oscar's made an effort, Hannah goes to the gym and asks Casey to reinstate his membership, but to keep an eye on him.


Wednesday 10 September:

Josh is struggling with his decision to block Andy from his life. When Ricky encourages Brax to reach out to him, Brax distracts Josh from his troubles by getting him to help with the General. He makes a promise to take Josh to get his Learners licence and teach him how to drive. However, Josh's tenous position in the Braxton household is revealed when Kyle - on edge with Phoebe away up the coast - blows up at him for making out with Evelyn on the couch.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is furious that Maddy would question the seriousness of her relationship with Josh based on her decision to not yet sleep with him. When she vents to Oscar about how Maddy got hold of this personal information, Oscar admits that he told Maddy they hadn't slept together yet.

The twins make up, and Oscar asks Evelyn whether Josh is pressuring her into taking things further. Evelyn reveals that Josh is the perfect gentleman, and that he's willing to wait for when she's ready.

When Oscar sits down with Maddy to tell her she shouldn't have confronted Evelyn, he repeats the same mistake, letting slip that Evelyn and Josh won't be sleeping together for some time. Maddy turns away and smiles to herself. Could there still be a chance for her to win Josh back?

Sophie's insecurities flare when she sees Nate with Hannah. It's an innocent encounter: Nate offers to come back to the farm with Hannah to talk to Oscar about his diet and exercise. But when Sophie sees Hannah zoom off on the back of Nate's motorcycle, she begins to worry. When Nate ignores her calls, she despairs. Leah goes to her friend's aid and Sophie admits that Nate has cheated on her in the past, and she's worried he's about to repeat the same mistake now.

Thursday 11 September:

Matt breaks the news to Sasha that they've got 48 hours to pay for their Year 12 formal venue in full or they'll lose it. Sasha immediately begins to panic, but Matt assures her that they'll be able to raise the money by throwing together a fundraising Market Day. They enlist Sophie and Leah, who goes to the Diner to find some volunteers.

Leah is bemused when she has to coerce the reluctant trio of Irene, Marilyn and Roo to get involved. Marilyn offers to do tarot card readings, but when her cards blow off the table, Marilyn is convinced that this is a bad omen. Marilyn admits to John that she's worried about how things are going with Shandi. Meanwhile, Leah's growing crush on Zac is getting awkward - she's getting hot and flustered whenever he speaks to her.

Nate finds Sophie at Leah's house in full organisational mode. Sophie admits to him that she has suspicions that something is going on between him and Hannah. When Leah tells a disheartened Nate that actions speak louder than words, Nate decides he needs to work to win Sophie's trust. The next day, Sophie refuses Nate's offer to help her with the fete. The couple eventually have a heart to heart where Nate promises Sophie she has nothing to worry about.

Irene is delighted to find that Chris has installed her new spice rack. When she casually mentions that she'd love some new shelves to match, Chris decides to surprise her. The next morning, Irene wakes up to an ugly surprise: her kitchen is now a D.I.Y disaster. Chris promises he'll fix it in time for her to bake for the Market Day, but when Sasha, Matt and Irene return, the kitchen is looking even worse. Sasha breaks down in despair - but Matt promises her he'll pull it all together. The question is - can he really pull it off?

Friday 12 September:

The Market Day is in full swing. Phoebe and Denny return from Phoebe's gig up the coast and sign up to run a second-hand clothes stall, while Chris proposes a Kissing Booth. Chris is offended to find Denny has sold his old t-shirt - to Spencer none less - instead of returning it to him.

Meanwhile, Phoebe tests Kyle - who claims not to have been jealous while she was away - by lining up to kiss Matt at the Kissing Booth. This triggers Sasha's own jealousy, who claims Matt for herself. When Shandi boldly gives her number to a bemused Kyle, Phoebe's own green-eyed-monster rears its head - and Kyle finally admits that he went out of his mind while Phoebe was away.

Tensions continue to run high between Shandi and Marilyn. When Shandi turns up at the Market Day, she reluctantly agrees to have her tarot cards read by Marilyn. Shandi insults Marilyn by telling her bluntly that the cards mean nothing and anyone could read them. John apologises to Marilyn for Shandi's behaviour, but Marilyn wants him to do more. John goes to Shandi and tells her she must lose her negativity towards Marilyn as he will not be forced to chose between them. Shandi is undecided - she's absolutely convinced that Marilyn is a bad match for her father.

Leah's crush on Zac becomes public knowledge when a cheeky Matt tricks Leah into kissing Zac at the Market Day. Zac, minding the Kissing Booth's money box for Matt, stands alone staring into nowhere . Matt tells Leah that he hasn't sold any kisses and needs a morale boost- neglecting to mention to her that Zac is not actually manning the booth. When Leah refuses adamantly to kiss Zac, Matt teases her that this means she must like him. Leah falls for Matt's deception - and she marches up and stuns Zac by kissing him on the lips. Later, Roo finds a mortified Leah hiding outside. After Roo advises Leah to be honest with Zac, Leah finally tells him that she likes him.