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7 - 11 July 2014

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) make up at the Farmhouse

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) make up at the Farmhouse

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) in night attire gets Andy's (TAI HARA) attention

Andy (TAI HARA) sneaks out of Hannah's (CASSIE HOWARTH) room

Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) on their way to the Farmhouse

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) and Andy (TAI HARA) are finally on the same page

Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) find the neighbourâ??s horse that has got free

Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) and Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) find the neighbourâ??s horse that has got free

Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) takes Evelyn (PHILIPPA NORTHEAST) horse riding


Monday 7 July:

Nate and Sophie go on a second date, hoping that this time it won't be gate crashed by every resident in Summer Bay. Unfortunately, they bump into Hannah and Alf as soon as they sit down.

When Nate looks at his phone, Sophie playfully tries to grab his phone from him. Nate explains that he's on call so he can't turn off his phone. He puts his phone away and they continue their date.

Meanwhile, Alf wants to have a special welcome home dinner for Roo. Maddy turns down the idea - she doesn't want to spend time with Roo after she rejected her idea of moving out with Josh. Little do they know that Roo has collapsed at home, and is unconscious on the floor.

When Alf calls Roo and she doesn't pick up, he assumes that she is asleep with jetlag, and goes out fishing. Maddy finally gets home, and after discovering Roo on the floor, calls an ambulance.

Alf meets Maddy at the hospital, and the two wait for a doctor to arrive as Roo is hooked up to machines by nurses. However, Nate does not realise that he is being paged. He's in bed with Sophie, unaware that his phone was accidently switched to 'silent' in his earlier exchange with Sophie.

Brax and Ricky struggle to see eye to eye about what their future holds. Brax tells Ricky that he loves her and he wants to be with her. Ricky comes clean about why she's feeling strange - it's because their baby would have been due at this time and it's making her think about the future.

Casey tells Ricky to be straight with Brax about what she wants for the future. Following Casey's advice, Ricky tells Brax that she wants to have a baby. Brax's response is resoundingly negative. He tells her that a baby is not part of his future.

Andy is sick of following Hannah's relationship 'rules' - like not being in the house when her family are around. He turns up to talk, and then gets annoyed when she only invites him in because no one else is around. He goes to leave, but Hannah kisses him and persuades him to stay.

When he gets dressed in the middle of the night, ready to leave, Hannah confronts him. Andy tells her that he is only playing by her rules. Hannah agrees that her rules are stifling their relationship, and agrees that things should be in the open from now on.

Tuesday 8 July:

Nate wakes up in Sophie's motel room to discover that the hospital was paging him all night - but his phone was left on silent. He gets dressed in a rush, but not before giving Sophie a suspicious glance as he leaves.

He arrives to find Roo in an unconscious state. He runs some tests and an angry and worried Alf asks Nate what he thinks has happened. It's a complete mystery. Nate promises Alf that he will get to the bottom of things.

Maddy feels immensely guilty that she spent the evening at Angelo's with Josh when Roo was lying helpless at home. Maddy tells Josh to leave the hospital, shutting him out and making him feel like he can't help her.

Josh bumps into Evelyn at the surf club. Seeing that Josh is at a loose end, Evelyn invites Josh to the farm house for some fresh air. Josh and Evelyn bond, and when Josh finds the neighbour's horse in the wrong paddock, he decides they should ride it home together. Evelyn is reluctant, but Josh soon has her up on the horse, the two of them riding happily.

As Josh helps Evelyn dismount, they give into their passion and share an intense kiss. Meanwhile, Spencer turns up at the hospital. Maddy is grateful for Spencer's presence - he always seems to know the right thing to say. Little does Maddy know that she's pushed Josh straight into Evelyn's arms.

Sophie finds out from Leah that Nate was paged because Roo was sick. She offers to take a care package to the hospital for Alf, Maddy and Marilyn. When Sophie arrives at the hospital with the hamper, Nate accuses her of switching his phone to silent and tells her to leave. Sophie baulks at Nate jumping to conclusions.

Brax and Ricky's relationship is on tenterhooks - the two are at a stalemate about what the future holds. Ricky wants to know why Brax is so averse to having children, but Brax refuses to explain things to her.

When Sophie vents to Ricky about Nate judging her by her past behaviour, Ricky realises that it might be the past that's holding Brax back too. Ricky guesses that Brax is afraid of becoming his own father. She tells him that he was a great father figure to his brothers. However, this doesn't change things for Brax.

Ricky decides to go to the city for a few days to clear her head.

Wednesday 9 July:

Matt's lack of funds are making the summer holidays seem like a drag. Realising that a part-time job might be the answer, Matt goes to Angelo's to ask for a job. He encounters Kyle and tells him that he's the new pizza boy. Kyle reluctantly agrees to give him a trial shift.

When Matt delivers Sasha a pizza, she is thrilled that they will now have plenty of money for the holidays. At the end of his shift, Kyle tells Matt that he can't actually afford to take on another employee. When Sasha is full of enthusiasm for Matt's new job, he decides not to tell her about how it fell through.

Sasha pulls him into a kiss, and as Matt and Sasha get hot and heavy at the empty Diner, Irene unexpectedly arrives back from her holiday. Could Sasha's job now be in danger?

After sharing a passionate kiss, Evelyn and Josh are now feeling awkward and guilty. They agree to forget it ever happened but it's clear that the chemistry between them is still there.

Meanwhile, John realises he has a bus tour booked in. Marilyn leads the tour, while John drives and Jett looks on. As Evelyn and Josh wait at the bus stop together, they suddenly pull each other into a passionate kiss. As the tour bus drives past, Marilyn sees the two kissing.

Evelyn and Josh admit that they both have feelings for each other, and Josh decides he will come clean to Maddy about things. However, Marilyn confronts Josh, reminding him of how much Maddy has supported him, and of the vulnerable situation she is now in.

Josh turns up at the farm house and tells Evelyn the heartbreaking news - he can't break up with Maddy and he thinks he needs to stay away from Evelyn from now on.

Heath's kids are cramping Phoebe's style. She and Kyle keep getting lumped with babysitting, and Darcy is behaving like a brat. Kyle explains to Phoebe that Heath's plans of finding a larger place when he gets custody probably won't eventuate.

When Phoebe finds out that Darcy is staying for two weeks, Phoebe despairs. She likes living with Kyle - not his whole family and their kids. Desperate to find a solution, Phoebe proposes a different course of action. She suggests to Heath that it would be better if she and Kyle moved out, leaving the house to Heath and his kids, with Brax and Ricky taking the flat.

Thursday 9 July:

Sasha's job at the Diner is in jeopardy after Irene sprung Sasha and Matt 'making whoopee' on the bench after work hours. Sasha's attempt to apologise backfires when she misjudges how angry Irene is. When Irene tells Sasha she won't be needed for her shift, Sasha quits in a huff. Sasha tells Matt that at least he still has his new job at Angelo's; unaware that Matt actually didn't get the job.

Matt goes back to Kyle and unsuccessfully begs him for a job. After Zac puts in a good word for Matt, Kyle changes his mind. As Sasha arrives to see Matt in his pizza boy uniform, Matt is saved by Kyle, who asks him to come in to work the next day. Matt is saved from having to come clean with Sasha.

Sparks fly between Casey and Denny, when Denny signs up to do boot camp. Oscar watches on as Casey and Denny sneak glances at each other. Casey is completely flustered by Denny's presence. He's tripping over things, spilling his drink bottle, and worse is yet to come. As he wraps up the boot camp class, Casey turns around and walks straight into the surf buggy.

When Denny tells Oscar that she's trying to keep her feelings for Casey under wraps to spare Chris's feelings, Oscar tells her that she should grab happiness where she can find it. Meanwhile, Spencer lets Chris know that Denny and Casey have been flirting. Denny goes to find Casey, and the two lovebirds share a passionate kiss.

Phoebe puts her foot in it by telling Darcy that Heath is going for custody. Phoebe apologises to Heath, explaining that she was only trying to make Darcy feel better about not getting to spend much time with him.

Heath sits down with Darcy and tells her that he did not want to get her hopes up in case the custody bid failed. He asks her to keep the custody issue a secret from her grandmother while he tries to get his act together.

Phoebe also tells Heath that she hadn't actually asked Kyle whether he wanted to move out with her - and that she realises the importance of this to his impending custody bid. Kyle makes Phoebe's day when he tells her that he's thought about things - and he's decided that moving out together is a great idea.

Friday 11 July:

Hannah asks Andy over for a family dinner to prove to him that she no longer minds him being around her family. Andy agrees to come along, although he doesn't want to rock the boat with Zac.

When Hannah gives Zac the heads up, he claims to be fine with the idea. However, Zac gets cold feet when Andy turns up at the house. He claims he was supposed to go camping with Oscar, dragging Oscar to pitch a tent out on the farm with him.

Stuck in the tent, Oscar tells Zac that he can't just run away from Andy. Zac decides to go back to the farm house, getting a rude shock when he finds Hannah in a silky robe, Andy impatiently waiting for her to return to the bedroom.

Denny and Casey feel a pang of guilt when Chris sees them canoodling on the beach. Casey drives Denny back to the farm and she invites him to hang out. They are both acting like goofballs, completely smitten with each other. Casey joins the family dinner.

When the evening comes to an end, Denny and Casey resist sleeping together. They both want to try and take things slowly. When Casey accidently leaves his car keys inside the house, he decides to sleep in his car.

The next morning, Denny finds him and Casey admits that it would've been too difficult to leave if he knocked on the door and saw her again.

Meanwhile, Roo is still unconscious, the cause of her illness unknown. Alf is beside himself with worry - scared he will lose his little girl. He snaps at Marilyn when she asks him what she can do. Marilyn is deeply worried that he's being too stoic.

However, Irene and Leah are also worried about Marilyn. Maintaining a bedside vigil, Alf confesses to Roo's unconscious body that he is not ready to say goodbye yet, and urges her to wake up. The next morning, Alf is jolted awake as Roo's body starts to spasm. He calls for help but it is clear that things have taken a turn for the worst.