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6 - 10 July 2015

Monday 6 July

Andy confronts Hannah about Sean and she admits the affair. She apologises and begs him to listen but Andy leaves distraught. Andy's also furious with Evie for not having told him. Evie goes to Hannah but doesn't give her any comfort. Andy now hates Evie because of this. Hannah's only sorry for herself. When Hannah reteurns home and sees Evelyn packing a bag to stay elsewhere tonight, Hannah tells her to grow up and stop the dramatics. Evie's incredulous that Hannah is telling her to grow up. Hannah's a liar and a cheat! In the heat of the argument, Hannah slaps Evie. She immediately realises that she's crossed a line and apologises but Evie runs out.

Charlotte is finishing up dinner at Zac & Leah's house, continuing the awkward tension for Matt after their recent liaison. After Charlotte leaves, Matt follows her to the diner to talk to her. He asks her why she came to his house? Just to mess with his head? She assures Matt that she didn’t know he lived there and she'll keep her distance from now on, as he should too. They both agree, but it's clear Matt is a bit excited over the tension between them.

Josh is drinking with Andy at Angelo's trying to talk to him but Andy's shut down. He asks for a takeaway bottle but Josh says that won't help. Josh wants to take Andy home but instead Andy yells at Josh to get out of his face as Andy storms off with his booze.

The following morning, Andy wakes up on the beach, half hungover, half still drunk. Josh is calling him, but he ignores the call and walks into the water. He finally returns to the house to get the car and Josh tries to stop him driving, he knows Andy's still got alcohol in his system. Andy gets physical and throws Josh to the ground, then drives off. Josh fails to catch him on foot so he flags down the nearest driver, who happens to be Charlotte. They drive around until they find Andy's car, perched above the beach – thankfully he's okay, just a bit out of it.

Evie ended up staying the night at Leah & Zac's. After the kids leave for school, Leah asks what they're going to do. Zac decides to go and talk to Hannah. He finds Hannah not in a good way, beating herself up about hitting Evie and cheating on Andy. She thinks she's a bad person. Zac tries to talk her out of it but Hannah's adamant she deserves everything she gets.

Evie's telling Matt & VJ the whole story and she's worried that Josh won't forgive her either for not telling him or Andy about Hannah's infidelity. When Josh finally turns up at school Evie asks after Andy and Josh tells her the truth – he's not okay. Evie's glad at least that Josh isn't angry at her anymore but Josh says he's still disappointed that she lied to him. The future for the two of them is looking rocky.

Leah questions Matt about his quiet mood at the dinner last night and a look she's witnessed between him and Charlotte, the new teacher. She hands him an excuse about it being awkward having a teacher over for dinner so he grabs at it. She presses to check that it's not something else, but Matt leads her off the scent. Matt mentions to Charlotte that Leah has been asking questions so they argee to meet up at lunchtime to discuss.

Josh drops Andy off at Hannah's, then takes his keys before he leaves for school. Hannah wants to talk but Andy tells her to shut up – he's just here for his stuff. Hannah tries to get through to him as he gets his final few things. Andy says he changed his whole life because he thought she was worth it…turns out she's not. Hannah pleads for him to not hate her, but he says it’s too late. He leaves and Hannah is left devastated.


Tuesday 7 July:

Leah arrives at Hannah's to check on her and she begins to cry; she thinks she's ruined everything. After Leah calms her down Hannah reveals she thinks she only cheated because Sean reminded her of the life she was supposed to have. Instead she's here in Summer Bay, parenting two teenagers, in the same routine. Hannah doesn't know how to fix the situation. Leah suggests she thinks about what she really wants. At school, Zac asks how Leah went with Hannah. Leah explains that it's not just what happened with Andy that's upsetting her, Hannah resents the way her life has turned out. Having to take care of the twins when she's still in her twenties is a lot for Hannah to deal with. Zac agrees its difficult but until the twins are old enough to move out, Hannah doesn’t really have a choice. Leah has another idea – Why don't we ask the twins to move in with us? Zac is gobsmacked. Josh is checking up on Andy at the gym and discovers he's been crashing there at night. Josh offers up his room for Andy but Andy shuts him down. He doesn't want the help. Josh shares that he's still angry at Evie for lying as well. Andy reminds Josh that Hannah & Evie are family, and how many times has Josh lied for Andy? Andy suggests to stop taking it out on Evie when she hasn't done anything wrong.

At school, Oscar & Maddy run into Matt who starts ribbing them about their PDAs. Maddy surmises that Matt is all uptight because he hasn't had any action since Sasha. Little does she know of Matt's recent rumble with the new teacher. Maddy suggests she sets Matt up with his dream girl, but Matt is not enthused. Later at lunch, Matt meets up with Charlotte to tell her he believes Leah is onto them. Matt asks should they lay low? But Charlotte has a better idea. Charlotte approaches Leah at school. Leah mentions she’s noticed some tension between her and Matt. Charlotte makes up a story about Matt being put out after getting some bad feedback on a biology test. Leah instantly becomes worried about Matt's grades and asks Charlotte if she'd be able to give Matt some extra tutoring? Charlotte tries to back pedal but Leah insists until Charlotte caves under the pressure. As Leah excidedly rushes off to set it up with Matt, Charlotte realises that just backfired big time. Further along the corridor, it's Jett's last day at Summer Bay High before transferring to his new school. Jett asks VJ if everyone is playing down the fact that he’s leaving because there's a big surprise party planned later? VJ says no; John & Marilyn said he didn’t want a fuss. Jett seems a little disappointed.

Josh finds Evie after school. She quickly starts explaining how she felt so awful keeping Hannah's secret from him and how she was torn between her loyalty to both of them. Josh tells her she doesn’t need to apologise, Josh is the one who’s sorry. He was angry and took it out on her. They make up. Meanwhile, Matt is walking home with Oscar & Maddy discussing his impending set up. Maddy raves about the girl she's picked for him and tells Matt to be at Angelo's tonight, dressed well. Leah catches sight of Matt and pulls him aside to tell him that Ms. King has offered to give him extra tuition. Matt is caught off guard but when Leah asks him to do this for her, he concedes.

Zac runs into Andy coming out of the surf. He points out to Andy that the fall out of his situation is now affecting the twins. He asks Andy to try and lessen the impact to them. And how is he supposed to do that? Zac says he can start by not hating Hannah – no one hates her more than herself right now. Sean shows up on Hannah's doorstep. She tries to stop him from coming in but Sean wants 5 minutes to talk. He reveals he's left his wife for good; Hannah's the one for him. Hannah is incredulous – it wasn't even about him! She was just looking for a way out of her life. He says then they should run away together; head overseas. Andy walks in at this moment, suspecting this is some kind of romantic reunion. Hannah pauses at the sight of Andy but he quickly leaves; Hannah pleading after him that this is not what it looks like. After Andy's left, Hannah throws Sean out and tells him to get out of her life for good. Andy heads to Angelo's where he finds Emma, Sean's wife, drinking alone. She not sullen, more celebrating her new freedom from Sean. She invites Andy to join her and pours him a drink. Emma points out that Andy shouldn't worry, he won't be single for long. He's a good looking guy. Is she making a play for him? Soon enough they're in the closed gym, ripping each other's clothes off. But suddenly, Andy stops, he can't do this. He asks Emma to leave. Soon after, Andy is punching away at the gym, his back turned, when Hannah comes to talk. She insists he misinterpreted the situation at her house. Andy turns to reveal he's been crying. Hannah is shocked at his raw emotions, realising he's truly a broken man. He yells at her to get out and Hannah retreats, also shattered.

Jett is walking home with John & Marilyn and can't believe no one made a big deal of his last day. VJ texts Jett to meet him at the diner but Jett's not really in the mood. John and Marilyn give him a push, almost insisting he go. Once they all turn up at the diner, everyone is there for a surprise party! Jett is ecstatic. All the teens says good luck and Jett has a heartfelt goodbye with VJ, saying they'll always be best mates. Then Maddy asks Leah where Matt is…

Back at school, Matt and Charlotte are having great banter at his “fake” tutoring session when Matt gets a text. He mentions he's meant to meet Maddy & Oscar for this double date. Charlotte says she's happy to wrap up if he's got somewhere to be, but Matt says he doesn't want to go. He makes a joke that she's ruined him and now younger girls just aren't his thing. The tension between them is palpable, and even though Charlotte verbalises that she shouldn't be doing this, she's soon drawn in as Matt kisses her. Looks like it's on again between these two.


Wednesday 8 July:

At the surf club, Billie approaches Nate and Kat and apologises for everything that happened last week, hoping they can all move on. The two of them are reluctant but agree to get past it. Has Billie convinced them? They all turn up at Jett's farewell and Billie says she can leave, but Nate & Kat insist it's fine. Billie gets chatting with Chris and it seems like they're hitting it off. Chris asks her on a date but Billie politely declines, saying she's been a bit of a mess lately and they would be better off as friends. Kat and Nate observe the interaction and think maybe Billie has changed. Meanwhile, Matt turns up at Jett's farewell party where Leah pulls him aside and checks how his tutoring with Ms. King went. He admits he's learnt a thing or two about anatomy. Maddy then asks Matt if he's ready for the blind date tonight. He tries every way he can think of to get out of it but Maddy isn’t having it.

As Jett, John & Marilyn return home after the party, Jett gives Marilyn a present. He gives her a purse with a framed picture inside of her, John & Jett. He expresses his gratitude for all she's done for him. They hug, both sad this time has come. Jett heads out the back where John is, with his present, but Jett insists John doesn't touch it until after he leaves. John starts rattling off life advice for Jett but Jett stops him, John's already taught Jett everything he needs to know.

Later at Angelo's, Matt turns up late to the double date and Maddy's annoyed. He introduces himself to Sandra, his date, but she points out they already know each other. Things go down hill from there. Maddy and Oscar try to salvage the conversation but Matt and Sandra have nothing in common. Matt apologises to Sandra and makes a hasty exit. Over at the diner, Charlotte is taking some time out when Leah arrives and asks if she wants some company. She thanks Charlotte for tutoring Matt, mentioning he seemed very pleased when she saw him after. Charlotte, knowing the real reason, admits she thinks Matt is actually quite a sensitive soul.

The next morning, looking out to sea, Jett is reflecting as Alf walks up. Jett is glad he's caught him before leaving. He admits to Mr. Stewart that he's a big part of why he's leaving for boarding school. After the trip to the war memorial and learning about Alf's sacrifices for his country, Jett was inspired. Alf admits that kids like Jett have restored his faith in young people; he's proud to have watched Jett grow up. He wishes Jett well as he says goodbye. Later at the bus stop, Jett finally makes his departure, saying his last goodbye to John & Marilyn. As he does, he calls Marilyn “mum”. As the bus pulls away, Marilyn is inconsolable. Back at home, John opens the present that Jett left for him. It turns out to be a joke gift but nevertheless, John begins to tear up and it's Marilyn's turn to be the strong one.

Maddy turns up at Matt's to grill him about the bombed date last night. You were such a tool! They argue over the lack of compatibility between the two and Matt blurts out that maybe he's just into someone else! Maddy wants to know who? Matt mumbles it's complicated and ends the conversation, leaving Maddy curious. Matt's riding his longboard to school when he passes Ms. King. He stops to chat and Charlotte asks about his date. Matt says he couldn’t stop thinking about someone else – then pulls out a flower for Charlotte. She recoils, asking what he's doing. She says he doesn’t understand the situation then hurries off. Further behind them, Maddy has witnessed the exchange.

Billie is working at the gym as Chris works out. There's friendly banter back and forth as Chris jokes about the appeal of his muscles. Nate walks in for a session, which Billie clocks. As Chris finishes up, Billie invites him to get a juice with her after her shift. Chris says not to blame him if he tries to push past the friend zone, making it clear he's into her. She laughs it off then asks him to meet her downstairs in 45 minutes.

At school, Maddy approaches Matt when no one is around. She jokes to Matt that she knows he has a crush on Ms. King. He tries to get her off his back, but she won't let up, continuing to tease him. Matt gets irritated and sharply tells her she knows nothing about it. Maddy's taken aback by his attitude, quickly asking if anything has actually happened between them. She pushes until Matt blurts out…they slept together. Maddy can't believe it, immediately saying how wrong that is. Matt doesn't want to hear it and storms off. Later, Matt finds Charlotte alone and apologises for offering the flower, he knows that was stupid. But Matt states he doesn’t want this to be over. Charlotte quietly admits… neither does she. Matt asks how they do this? She says they have to be smart about it, and no one can find out. Matt is so high with anticipation he ignores his earlier conversation with Maddy. Charlotte and Matt seal their agreement with a kiss.

Back at the gym, Nate has finished his work out and is heading to leave. Him and Billie are the only two left in the gym. Billie stops him to say thanks again, for being so understanding. He says it was big of her to apologise. She walks closer to him, saying he's such a gentleman. He's stern, unsure what she's doing. She cups Nate's cheek then rips her nails down his face and scratches him. What are you doing?! Billie starts screaming and ripping her own clothes, while Nate stands there, having no idea what's happening. Billie keeps screaming “stop!” until Chris runs in, having heard from downstairs. Billie says Nate attacked her…


Thursday 9 July:

Nate is hauled down to the police station after Billie's accusation of assault. Kat sees Nate and once she's caught up to speed, she immediately defends Nate - this is simply another of Billie's attempts to ruin her and Nate's relationship. In Nate's interview, he relays to Emerson exactly what happened in the gym. Emerson asks if Chris can back up his story? But Nate knows Billie's performance was convincing.

Phoebe and Kyle are taking care of Casey, as usual, when they run into Ash at the beach. There's still some residual tension between Phoebe and Ash but Kyle doesn't notice. Back at the flat, Ricky's woken up late, still taking it easy after saying goodbye to Brax. Phoebe & Kyle ask her about breastfeeding Casey but Ricky says she's decided to ween him off it completely. Before Phoebe can question the decision, Ash brings Billie home after the supposed attack. Billie is solemn and heads straight to her room. When Ricky asks Ash what's wrong he says he'll explain later and rushes out. Next thing Ash is at the police station as Nate is being released. Ash accosts him and they're very close to throwing punches. Emerson breaks it up and warns Ash to leave it if he doesn't want to end up in a cell. Ash leaves but Nate is quickly realising tings are not looking good for him.

Back at the share house, Ash has filled everyone in. Phoebe questions if Nate is really lying, which Ash jumps on - this is his sister. But Ricky stands up for Nate, saying there's no way he did this. Billie's either mistaken or lying. Ash goes to check on Billie and Ricky decides to head out and check on Nate. Phoebe says that her & Kyle were meant to meet a supplier at Angelo's, but Ricky quickly dismisses it; which is more important? She heads out, leaving her baby with Phoebe again. Phoebe & Kyle discuss why Ricky is barely even looking at her child anymore. Phoebe knows it's because he reminds Ricky of Brax.

Nate's debriefing with Kat at home and asks her, does she think Billie planned this all along? Kat's positive Billie thought this through - the gym being empty, Chris being right outside. Nate can't believe he's in this situation. As Kat heads back to work, Ricky arrives to see Nate and they go for a walk. She tries to rally Nate, saying it's only Billie's word against his, and the whole town will be on his side. Nate's not so confident of the outcome, saying the scandal alone could ruin his career.

Chris relays to Irene what happened at the gym. Chris is worried about his statement to the police, saying he's not sure what he saw; what if he says something that gets Nate in trouble? Irene's certainly struggling to think Nate would do such a thing. She accompanies Chris to the police station. In the interview room, Chris is quite nervous and starts rambling about his opinions of both Nate and Billie, not wanting to bad mouth either of them. Emerson pulls him up and makes it clear that all they want are the facts. As Chris departs the station, Kat arrives back and tries to make sure Chris knows Nate's innocent. Emerson quickly calls Kat over and tells her she's out of line talking to a witness. She needs to stay out of the case.

Later, in Billie's interview, she claims that Nate was watching her whilst he was working out. That he wanted to talk to her about how unhappy he was in his relationship. That Nate tried to pull her top, kiss her, and she told him no. She forces tears and it seems that Emerson might believe her. Meanwhile outside, Ash and Kat start having a heated discussion about who really took advantage of who. Their voices rise and it interrupts Billie's interview. Emerson storms out of the room and chastises Kat, telling her to clear out her belongings and leave. Kat's just put her job on the line.

Ricky returns from seeing Nate only just in time for Phoebe & Kyle to make their meeting. The pair are secretly watching to see her interaction with Casey as they go, but it seems Ricky is keen to have some time with him. But as soon as they leave, Ricky's happy façade drops, she places Casey in his chair, and you can see she's reluctant to be alone with him.

Back at the police station, Billie's putting on the waterworks for Emerson. Before he ends the interview, Emerson asks Billie if there's anything else he needs to know. Billie pulls out her phone and shows him something on it. Billie heads home and Chris is there waiting to check on her. Billie seems fragile and thanks Chris again for saving her. She gets emotional, saying that Nate is the town hero and no one is going to believe her. Chris pulls her into a hug and says he believes her; it's going to be ok. Billie clearly has Chris wrapped around her finger.

Kat and Nate are out walking hand in hand, at the beach. They're discussing Kat being sent home from work when Emerson approaches them. He tells them there's been a development in the case. Ms. Ashford received a text of a sexually eplicit nature from Dr. Cooper's phone last week - Kat immediately drops Nate's hand, which he notices. Then Emerson arrests Nate for the attempted sexual assault of Belinda Ashford.


Friday 10 July:

Nate is having a mugshot taken, he's fingers printed and put in a cell after having been arrested for attempted sexual assault of Billie.

Ricky tells a concerned Ash that she's sure Nate didn't do it. Ash continues to protect Billie, despite Ricky telling him that she thinks he's being played. Ash asks to stick around to support Billie, Ricky says that's fine and takes the opportunity to use Ash as a babysitter for Casey. Denny arrives to find Ash unsuccessfully trying to calm Casey. Denny is shocked when Ash tells her that Nate assaulted Billie. Denny says she's there for them if Billie and Ash need someone to talk to. Ash appreciates her offer. Phoebe and Kyle arrive and ask where Ricky is, Phoebe is really concerned about how Ricky is struggling with motherhood. The group make a plan to give her some time out.

Alf, Irene, Roo, Marilyn and John are having dinner at Angelo's and get onto the subject of the Nate / Billie incident and even though they believe in Nate, Ricky overhears them discussing the matter and loses her temper with them. Later on Irene goes home leaving Roo and Marilyn to chat while Alf and John go to pay the bill. Both groups end up talking about how much Marilyn and John miss Jett and are secretly worried they might get bored with just the two of them. John apologises to Ricky about upsetting her. After he leaves Alf gently asks Ricky how she is but she tells him that she's fine. Ricky gets home to find Phoebe with Casey. Phoebe invites Ricky to go to the beach the next day, saying the boys will look after Casey. Ricky admits that would be fun, but her tension surfaces again as Phoebe goes to hand Casey to her and she asks Phoebe to put him straight in his cot.

Kat comes home with Nate and tries to reassure him, saying the evidence isn't sound and says she will speak to Emerson. She makes him some food but he's not hungry and won't talk. When he finally does speak, he asks why Kat let go of his hand when Emerson told them about the text which was sent from his phone. She denies it meant anything but he accuses her of doubting him and tells her to go. The next day Kat comes back round and gently insists that she didn't doubt him, she was just shocked. Nate tells her they shouldn't be in a relationship if she thought he was capable of sexual assault, even for a second.

At the beach Denny and Phoebe finally manage to get Ricky to open up about things and she breaks down after admitting that she finds it hard to look at Casey because it makes her miss Brax more.

Back home, Kyle and Ash are trying to stop Casey crying with little success. Next door Marilyn and John look at the newspaper with Nate on the front page with sympathetic concern. Marilyn then confesses that she's feeling a bit lost without Jett, and John is relieved to hear he's not alone in feeling that way. No sooner than they've said it they hear the boys exclaiming over Casey vomiting on Kyle and they can't resist looking over the fence. They offer to help, and the boys eagerly accept.

Ricky comes home to find Marilyn enjoying entertaining Casey. Marilyn talks saying that motherhood is the hardest job in the world and enquires as to how Ricky's doing, but this leads to Ricky being upset that the boys told Marilyn that she's struggling. Marilyn gently reassures Ricky that it's ok to find it hard. She offers to take Casey for the night, which Ricky gratefully accepts. It's clear that she doesn't feel good about needing the help though.

Nate gets up in the night and upon seeing the paper with the assault headline smashes his glass.

The next morning Marilyn takes Casey home but instead of finding Ricky she finds a note saying Ricky's gone away for a while. Phoebe and Kyle come in and are very concerned about Ricky's state of mind, if she left her baby is she coping at all?