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4 - 8 July 2016

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Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 4 July (6456)

Evie is distressed in the wake Josh being taken into custody.

She comes clean to Hunter about how his mother died. Hunter is stunned into silence when she explains that Josh killed Charlotte, not Andy.

Zac later finds him at the beach, sullen. Zac tries to coax Hunter into talking about the latest revelation.

They cross with an angry Andy. Andy yells at Hunter that he better not try anything with Josh like he did with him.

Ash pulls Andy away as Zac checks that Hunter is okay. Hunter simply says he doesn't care anymore about anything. 

Zac is troubled by his attitude, but Hunter is sincere. He doesn't want to talk about it, he just wants to move on with his life. He knows Zac is worried he'll do something stupid – Hunter promises he won’t.


Kat attends Josh's police interview, anxious that he will reveal her role in concealing his crime.

Confronted by the reality of what lies before him – a life sentence in prison – Josh tries to remain passive as he relays what happened with Charlotte.

McCarthy questions why either he or Andy confessed – there weren't any leads so they could've gotten away with it. Josh, not able to give away Kat's involvement, says it was Andy's guilt over the explosion that drove him to come forward.

Later Josh and Andy cross between the holding cells and Andy is horrified to realise that Josh has confessed. He pledges to do whatever it takes to protect his little brother.


Kat reveals to Ash that Andy's now free of the charges over Charlotte's death. Bail is set at $50,000 and both have no idea how Andy could get the cash.

Kat is still very worried about her involvement in all of this. Even if Josh doesn't say anything it leaves a huge hole in his story.

She wonders if she should come clean on her own terms first. Ash is against this, reminding her that no one is going to drop her in it and she shouldn't throw in her career over this.


Ash ends up raising the cash for Andy's bail by putting up the garage as security. Ash tells Andy he'd better not stuff this up, or they lose the business.

Heading straight to Evelyn, Andy asks if she knew Josh was going to confess. Evelyn defends that Josh has made the right choice and she doesn't owe Andy anything.

Andy doesn’t disagree, but tells Evelyn how scared Josh looked at the station. He asks Evelyn to check on him.

When she tries to do just that, Josh refuses to see her. Evie wonders if he now regrets his choice. She's heartbroken that Josh would cut her out of his life, fearing that he blames her for confessing.

Leah and Zac try to comfort a struggling Evelyn, reminding her that she's not responsible for Josh's actions. He made the only decision he could live with.

Leah and Zac are overwhelmed and anxious, trying to support Evie and Hunter. They're determined to guide them through this dark time.


Kat has a private moment with Josh, telling him she's going to come forward for her part in all of this. Josh talks her out of it, saying she did the right thing by Evie,  and now he's facing up to what he did. Kat should move on with her life and he'll never tell.

Kat reluctantly accepts this but is still uncomfortable about compromising her role as a police officer.

She talks to Ash, but is unhappy to learn that he put the garage up as security for Andy's bail. Kat points out that she will lose her life savings if Andy breaks bail, not to mention that Ash did this behind her back. 

Ash assures her they can trust Andy, and he had to help his mate. Kat struggles to accept this and the tension remains between the couple.


Andy is tempted to pocket the garage's takings but covers when Ash fronts up. Ash presses home just how much is riding on him keeping clean.

Andy swears he won't put a foot wrong. His need for cash remains, so Andy contacts an old connection, and asks if he's still in the game. Andy is clearly cooking up a scheme to get his hands on some money, and he doesn’t want Ash or anyone else to know about it.

Is a desperate Andy about to land himself in a whole new world of trouble?


Nate is shaken to learn of Josh’s confession.

His day doesn't improve when Tori reminds him that he has agreed to supervise a new intake of medical students. She asks Nate to keep an eye on little brother Mason to which he agrees.

Nate and Mason get off to a less than rosy start – Nate pegs Mason as a joker who isn't taking his role seriously.

Alf, meanwhile, is frustrated at being stuck in hospital. He privately fears that he won't make a full recovery from his stroke.

He turns on Roo when he discovers that she's asked Justin to keep the Bait Shop open.

Angry and upset, Alf attempts to take charge, only to suffer a bit of a fall.

Mason comes to Roo's aid and they settle Alf back in bed. Mason's bedside manner is quite good in fact, and his jokes put Alf at ease.

But later when Nate learns that Mason did not call for a staff member to assess Alf's injuries in the wake of the fall, Nate confronts Mason. He seems casual in reply, and tries to apologise.

Nate is stern, saying he won't get special treatment just because his sister's head of ED, before storming off.

Tori has witnessed the tension. Will this cause issues between Tori and Nate?


Tuesday 5 July (6457) 

Andy meets up with old contact, Simmo.

Simmo is suspicious given past interactions, but Andy sells him on the idea of using the garage as a chop-shop.

At the garage, Andy lets Ash know how much he appreciates everything he has done for him lately.

Simmo shows up with a luxury car, and Ash is intrigued. Andy is quick to deal with it, encouraging Ash to take some time off.


Alf and Roo clash once again over the Bait Shop. He wants it closed now!

Roo gets an inkling of why this is so important to her dad.

She finds Justin and sheepishly apologises for having to let him go. She suspects Alf is fearful of losing control and becoming irrelevant.

Justin understands but is gutted to be out of work again.


Meanwhle Brody has closed up Angelo's for the day, making plans to give the restaurant a makeover.

Phoebe is excited to help and they playfully toss around ideas.

Justin shows up looking for a free feed. After learning about his work situation Phoebe encourages him to try again at the garage.

Justin is reluctant, given his previous clashes with Ash but Brody says he's got to suck it up – he needs the work.

Justin relents and as he leaves, throws out a potential name for the restaurant – Salt. Phoebe and Brody are surprised but they don't hate it.

Later, the pair continue to tease one another into the afternoon. Kat witnesses it, and is left to wonder if there's an attraction there.


Simmo is impressed with the work Andy performs on the car and they make a deal to continue the arrangement.

Justin turns up at the garage to follow up on Phoebe's advice, and witnesses Simmo handing Andy an envelope stuffed with cash. Justin can tell something's dodgy.

Later, Ash finds Justin and makes it clear he will never employ him, regardless of Phoebe's vouch for him. Justin no longer cares – he doesn't work anywhere that isn't legit.

Justin shares what he saw at the garage. Ash doesn't buy his claims about Andy, but is left unsettled.

Ash confronts Andy, who acts insulted. Part of Simmo's money is in the office, which appeases an apologetic Ash. But Andy is left increasingly guilty for putting the garage and Ash at risk.

At the diner, Ash is trying to apologise again to Kat about using the garage for Andy's bail but Kat is annoyed. He can't keep going behind her back and then grovelling after. Kat wants to remain strong in her position but Ash charms her.

Kat asks how Andy's going and Ash tells her how he's pulling extra hours and working hard. Kat decides that if Ash trusts Andy, then she does too.

The couple make up and enjoy the afternoon together.


Tori confronts Nate over the way he spoke to Mason, accusing him of being too harsh.

Nate counters that Mason missed his ward round, kept making jokes and didn't report Alf's fall. Tori thinks none of that warrants Nate yelling at Mason, and suggests Nate is letting his personal life influence how he treats the interns. Nate is insulted at the comment and storms off.

Tori remains livid and tells Mason how Nate accused her of favoritism. But Mason points out she was using her influence for his benefit.

Mason's over what Nate said so why shouldn't she be?

Tori isn't convinced, but Mason performs much better as an intern after that, impressing Nate.


Mason is stunned when Lara shows up at the hospital.

Nate observes her kiss Mason, but he quickly makes it clear she needs to leave. Lara was expecting a warmer welcome.

Mason overhears Tori approaching and panics, practically manhandling Lara back into the elevators. She pouts, as he promises to meet up later.

Nate and Tori finally manage to see things from the others' perspective and clear the air. However, Tori has to cover her unease when Nate mentions that Mason's 'girlfriend' showed up at the hospital.


On his way to find Lara, Mason notices a tearful Evelyn. He puts off meeting Lara and offers a sympathetic ear.

Evelyn explains how she attempted to take up her studies again – desperate to take back some control of her life. Unfortunately, it only reminded her of how amazing her life once was.

Mason offers comforting words and they share an intimate but platonic moment... which is misread by a passing Lara.

Now believing she understands why things have been so weird between them, Lara accuses Mason of dating Evelyn. He tries to make her accept the truth but all Lara can see is someone who isn't committed to their relationship.

It breaks her heart but she has to end it. Desperate to keep hold of her, Mason is forced to blurt out the truth – his family are in witness protection.


Wednesday 6 July (6458)

After blurting out his family is in witness protection, Mason has to backpedal.

Lara wants to know what's going on but Mason is rattled. He says it's too dangerous. Lara presses that he's already opened the door now. She loves him and promises not to tell anyone.

Later arriving home, Mason is confronted by Tori. She heard, through Nate, that Mason was flirting with a girl and demands to know if it was Lara?

Aware that he has put his family in potential danger, a guilty Mason lies, telling Tori it was just an intern.

When Tori heads off for drinks Mason sneaks Lara into his bedroom.

The next day, Mason sends Lara off at the bus stop, reminding her that she can't tell anyone what he shared about his family.


Nate is concerned that Irene may be suffering post-traumatic stress as a result of her abduction.

When he gently suggests that she may benefit from counselling, Irene is quick to shut this down.

Later Irene turns up at the Diner, determined to distract herself with work. Leah expresses her concern that it's too soon, and Irene should be at home resting. Irene snaps at Leah, insisting that she knows what's best.

Later, a dripping tap triggers a traumatic flashback for Irene. She collapses, terrified and shaken. It's clear that despite her earlier protestations, she is anything but fine.


Tension is rising between Marilyn and John over the issue of fostering.


Alf insists on being allowed home from the hospital.

Roo is concerned about how they will manage to look after the physically impaired and cantankerous Alf, especially when she's not around.

Alf continues to be a pain, not only to Roo but also to Leah, Marilyn and John when they come to visit.

Despite Alf's protests, Roo makes the decision to move home to Summer Bay House to care for her father.


Brody suspects that he may be being followed.

He goes home and tells his siblings, and they try to decide what to do.

Mason is forced to reveal that not only did he lie to Tori's face, he also told Lara their secret. Horrified, the brothers lay into him. Justin is furious, asking Mason how much he told Lara?

Turns out he told her the Morgans' dad was involved in a drug syndicate and was killed for it. Their mum was caught in the cross fire too.

Brody points out they've been on the run for 7 years to keep that a secret!

Justin can't deal, and tells them all to pack – now.

Tori is just as angry but remains level-headed. She makes contact with their witness protection officer, Decker, and is assured that their whereabouts is still a secret.

Nevertheless, Tori insists that Mason break it off with Lara, as much for her sake as theirs.

Nate is approached by a mysterious man calling himself Tim, who has indeed been following the family.

Is Nate about to become the Morgan family's collateral damage?


Thursday 7 July (6459)

Chris and Olivia are concerned to discover Irene on the floor of the Diner. She's clearly still struggling in the wake of her abduction.

Opening up to them, Irene admits her frustration. She's worked so hard to be strong and now all she feels is powerless.

Sympathetic Chris suggests trying counselling again but Irene's not interested. She doesn’t want to talk about it, she just wants to fix it. This gives Chris an idea. 


Meanwhile Alf's pleased Marilyn and John have left. Roo reminds him they only wanted to make sure he was alright but Alf insists that's the last thing he needs.

When Matt comes over to check on Alf he can't help but notice the tension. Concerned, Matt questions if Alf’s been difficult since coming home from hospital.

Roo admits he's being stubborn about closing the Bait Shop. Roo wants to keep it open, hoping it will aid Alf's recovery. Matt tells her to do it but Roo's reluctant to go behind her father's back. Matt reminds her it's in Alf's best interest, insisting she has to put her foot down.


Returning home after Alf's outburst, Marilyn and John are still a little rattled.

Marilyn suggests they try again tomorrow but John thinks they should give Alf some space, and he'd prefer to focus on their own lives.

Marilyn agrees and proposes they discuss foster parenting. John's unsure there's any more to be said. Thinking she can turn him around, Marilyn pushes on, unable to find a good reason why they shouldn't.

Hurt by the mess with Skye, John's scared to try again, insisting he just wants to enjoy his life with Marilyn. She's always been enough for him, isn't he enough for her?

The next day Marilyn tells John that although she still thinks he'd make a wonderful foster parent, she respects his decision.


With a plan in mind, Chris approaches Billie and asks her to teach Irene some self-defence moves. He's hopeful the workout might help her regain some of her strength.

Billie, reminded of her own attack, shuts the idea down, much to Chris's disappointment.

However when Billie hears Olivia talking about just how much Irene is struggling, her heart goes out to her and she relents.

Chris still has to work hard to convince Irene it's a good idea, especially when she learns he's not doing it with her. 


Matt worries Roo's becoming Alf's punching bag.

He takes matters into his own hands, making his concerns known to Alf. He's hopeful his appeal will help Alf see clearly but it seemingly has the opposite effect. Alf stubbornly refuses to admit he's wrong and instead kicks Matt out of his house.

Guilt-ridden Matt does his best to avoid Roo but is eventually forced to reveal his fears that he's only made things worse.

While Roo sees Matt had good intentions, she doesn't appreciate him going into bat for her.


Billie attempts to teach Irene some techniques but Irene struggles to grasp them.

Frustration boiling over, Irene cracks, insisting Billie has no idea what she's been through. Billie insists she does but Irene scoffs – yeah right.

Billie's tempted to walk away but instead decides to open up, revealing she knows what it's like to be a victim.

Irene softens, recognising a kindred spirit. Billie maintains they're both strong women who can choose to be defined by their experiences or instead choose to fight back.

Choosing the latter, Irene gets stuck into the training, helping Billie to make an unlikely breakthrough.

After her intense but fruitful session, Irene seems lighter – almost like a weight has been lifted. She wants to thank Billie for her help but when Billie emerges from the change rooms pale, Irene's face clouds with concern. She checks what's wrong and Billie can barely say the words – she's bleeding.


Friday 8 July (6460) 

After some harsh words from Matt, Alf realises what a pain in the neck he has been.

Instead of blasting Roo, he apologises for the way he's been treating her.

Justin rocks up, and Roo's pleased to hear Alf called him. He's there to collect the keys to re-open the Bait Shop.

Later on Matt comes over for dinner and things have mellowed, with Alf asking for help and a bit of warm banter.

When Matt goes outside to start the BBQ, Alf apologises again to Roo. He opens up, admitting he doesn't want to be a burden. Roo assures him she wants to help, it's her turn to support him.


Worried there is something wrong with her baby, Billie's at the hospital with Irene for support.

It's a long, tense wait but Billie's thrilled when she hears her baby's heartbeat.

VJ's relieved when he learns that everything is okay. The thought that something may have happened to his baby only makes him more determined to be there for Billie.

Leah is not impressed, however,  especially after learning VJ failed his English assessment. She insists VJ spend less time with Billie and more time studying, but VJ won't listen.

He's tired of his mum trying to control his life. How's he meant to be a father when his mum keeps treating him like a kid?

Determined to stand on his own two feet and sick of being told what to do, VJ makes a decision. He tells his mum he's moving out.


Marilyn supports John in his decision not to foster, but he knows that she is compromising for him and is desperate to make it up to her.

His plan is turn the spare room into her own personal yoga studio. He goes a little overboard.

While helping move furniture around, Chris asks what John's done wrong, assuming he's trying to make up for something.

When John explains they won't be fostering Chris expresses that it's a shame. John has been such a great role model for both him and Jett.

He asks how Marilyn feels about it. As John thinks on that, Marilyn's talking to Leah about the same issue.

Later on Leah tells John that Marilyn's devastated not to be fostering more children. She reminds him that he didn't let Skye down – he gave her a loving home. But by not fostering more kids, he's letting them down.

After a sleepless night John talks to Marilyn. He thinks that room could be put to better use... as a bedroom for their next foster child. Marilyn couldn't be happier.


Olivia is worried about Hunter.

He's skipping school, ignoring her texts and is acting as though there's nothing wrong.

She goes to get them some food and bumps into VJ at the diner. She finds out that Josh's hearing is the following day, and wonders why Hunter hasn't mentioned it.

Back outside with Hunter, she pleads with him to be honest with her. He can't be as fine as he claims, not after everything that's happened.

Tired of her relentless questions, Hunter snaps, telling her to stop.

Alone, Hunter takes the last photos he has of his mum, tosses them into a fire, and watches them burn.

After speaking to Olivia, Zac also tries to get through to Hunter. He's met with the same dismissive responses - he's fine, all good. He doesn't care about his mum or Josh or school. He doesn't care about anything.

Zac is understandably worried but he has no idea how to help.