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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

27 - 1 May 2015

Monday 27 April:

The teens are continuing their excursion in Canberra learning about the Anzacs. There's still major tension between Matt and Josh after Josh found out that Matt kissed Evie. The boys get into a fight but it's quickly broken up by John & Zac. They all stay overnight in the trenches, but with the help of lights and sounds to re-create what is was like for young diggers during the war, Alf has another flashback. Jett wakes up in the night and realises that Alf is missing. Alf's clearly been affected by the surroundings and he's wandering aimlessly through the recreated battlefield. The teens & adults all search for Alf, finding him in the early morning, collapsed in a ditch. Disoriented and having chest pains, the teens all band together to get Alf out and onto a stretcher. Alf then has to be airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

Maddy and her mum, Tanya talk about Maddy moving back home. Maddy is reluctant but Tanya assures her it won't be like before, Tanya's changed. Maddy tells Roo about her mum's offer to go home. Roo is supportive but later reveals to Leah that she's devasted. Leah pushes her to tell Maddy how she feels but Roo insists that Maddy must decide for herself. After dinner with Tanya and Roo, Maddy admits that she's torn over what to do as she knows she may hurt Roo & Alf in the process. Roo wakes in the middle of the night to find Maddy outside - she's made a decision. Maddy's moving back home.

Ash tells Ricky about the deal with Gunno - Ash helps smuggle drugs into the prison or Brax's life is on the line. Ricky doesn't want Ash to go back to prison and decides that getting Brax transferred is their only option. Ricky gets their lawyer onto it but can't make it happened soon enough. Will Ash have to break the law to save Brax?

Leah is excited to finally have a night to herself in the house with Alf, Zac & the teens away and Nate working. She's all set with wine, cheese and a tv remote control when Nate walks in and starts going on about her recovery and how she shouldn't push it too much. Leah cracks it at Nate and tells him she's had enough of the hounding and just wants some alone time! Leah later apologises but admits to Nate she feels like she's being defined by the accident. Nate admits he still feels responsible for Sophie's involvement in the accident, but Leah reassures him that he saved her and Leah owes Nate her life.


Tuesday 28 April:

Roo rushes to the hospital after hearing about Alf collapsing. He's awake and talking, but the doctors aren't sure of the cause of the collapse. Alf tells Roo that the only reason he was outside sleeping in the trenches was to finally get through to the teens about the importance of Anzac Day. Alf tries to leave hospital saying he's fine but Roo insists he stays put.

Later the doctor reveals that Alf has an irregularity in his heartbeat so he needs to stay in hospital a little longer. Alf starts talking to the patient in the bed next to him, Tom, who turns out to be a war veteran too. When Jett comes to visit he hears about Tom's time in the air force. Jett talks to Alf about serving for your country, then admits he saw Alf being affected at the Vietnam exhibition. He kept an eye on Alf from then on and he was the one who found Alf in the ditch. Alf then finds out he has to stay in hospital for Anzac Day, which triggers Jett to get the teens to organise a special service for Alf.

Maddy tells Oscar that she's leaving the Bay with her mum - permenantly. But when Maddy goes to have breakfast with her mum & Oscar, she holds back her decision from Tanya. She tells Oscar it just doesn't feel right, not now with Alf in hospital. Oscar asks her why now that Alf's sick does she feel the need to stay? If she leaves when he's better she'll still be leaving a family & friends that love her. Family is not always just about blood, it's what you make of it. Maddy asks her mum to the house and tells her it's been one of the hardest decisions of her life, but she's decided to stay. After everything Roo & Mr Stewart have done to help her she can't leave; this is her home.

Ash tells Kyle that he's going ahead with helping Gunno smuggling drugs. Kyle tells him he's insane for doing it, but understands it's for Brax's benefit - He's thankful. Ash is at the caravan park when one of Gunno's guys just shows up early with a bag full of cash. He tells Ash the drop off is set for tomorrow. Does Ash know what he's getting himself into? He goes to Kyle and asks for help to hide the cash. Kyle doesn't want it anywhere near the house or Angelo's, so they settle on hiding it at the gym. Kyle's uneasy about the whole situation - Is Ash sure he's not being setup?


Wednesday 29 April:

Kyle runs into Phoebe whilst leaving Ash's van for the first time post-break up. Kyle asks why she just disappeared and didn't show up for her shifts at Angelo's and she admits she thought it would be weird. Kyle agrees it might be, but they're adults and they can get past it. Phoebe agrees to come back to work. At Angelo's, it doesn't take long before they're snapping at each other, which culminates in an argument over the Braxton family and their secrets.

Phoebe's had enough and quits. She then vents to Kat who agrees that the men of Summer Bay are hopeless. They toast their mutal frustration over men with wine and after several drinks, Phoebe decides she still loves Kyle. She's made a big mistake giving up on them. Kat is thinking about her own dalliance with Nate and realises she too may have jumped the gun on ending things with him. Kat turns up to Nate's place, drunk, and turns on the moves. Nate stops her - Is he over her already?

Alf is frustrated that he's going to miss Anzac Day at Summer Bay. Alf asks Tom, in the bed next to him, where his family is. Tom admits he hasn't seen his son in years. Tom breaks down when he remembers an incident from the war where he had to crash land in a field; he lost his whole crew that night. Alf can see how much Tom is still affected by the incident. Later Alf wakes up to hear that Tom has passed away. Alf offers to find Tom's son to pass on his belongings. When he goes through Tom's things he finds Tom's veteran medals and photos, which affects Alf deeply.

Ash goes to Denny to tell her about the deal with Gunno. She's furious that he's considering getting involved and risking his own life. But after Denny is reminded by Nate what Ricky has been through lately, Denny understands that this is the only way to help both Brax & Ricky. She tells Ash she'll be here for him after the job. Kyle realises Ash is putting Denny in the same position she was in when Casey was killed. Kyle tells Ash he's doing the drop - not Ash. Kyle's got no one to lose anymore. Kyle prepares to make the drop as Ash & Denny see him off. Soon after Phoebe turns up looking for Kyle and when she sees Ash & Denny's evasive looks, demands to know what's going on. They tell Phoebe that Kyle is doing a job for Gunno to save Brax.


Thursday 30 April

Right after Kat has thrown herself at Nate, he returns her safely to her caravan. Kat's wondering why he's not taking advantage but Nate is adamant this is not the way he wants to be with her. Later, Kat and Phoebe console each other after their wine bender but Kat is still tight lipped about her romantic rollercoaster with Nate. When they run into Nate on the beach, Phoebe notices the weird vibe between them and forces Kat to spill. Phoebe asks Kat why she's so worried about what other people think? After last night's events Kat clearly still wants something between her and Nate. Kat decides it's time to be honest so goes up to Nate at the Diner and loudly declares she wants to give this thing another go. Sealing it with a kiss she asks "So what do you say?"

Chris and Spencer return from visiting their dad. Spencer is barely saying a word to anyone, including Irene, even when she presses him about how it was seeing his father. Irene shares her concern that he's bottling up his feelings with Roo & Leah, so Roo decides to pry it out of him. Spencer tells Roo that after seeing his father in hospital, he realised just how much unfinished business there is between them. Spencer is worried that because he's never had closure with his dad, he's held himself back in other relationships. Roo assures him that it's never too late to repair the relationship with his father, and hers wouldn't have been the same with Alf if she'd never moved back home. After much thought, Spencer later turns up at the Diner and tells Irene and Chris some shocking news - He's decided to move back home for good. Chris offers to go with him but Spencer refuses; Chris loves it in the Bay. But Spencer feels it's time to support his mum and reconnect with his dad. Chris has to say goodbye to Spencer but he's proud of Spencer's bravery in facing the past with their parents.

The teens come together with Marilyn & John to plan the Summer Bay Anzac Day ceremony. Everyone is chipping in with the planning and setup. Roo finds out that Alf's tests have been delayed but she refuses to let him miss Anzac Day when it's so important to him. She decides to hatch a plan to make sure he can attend the dawn service.

Hannah wants alone time with Andy now that she's got some movement back in her legs. After a quick call to him at work, he comes back to the house only to find Hannah walking! She's been practicing the last few days and wanted to surprise him. Oscar and Evelyn turn up just in time to see the results and they're ecstatic.


Friday 1 May:

Spencer shares his news with John & Marilyn - He's leaving the Bay. But he's forgotten to tell Roo, so Chris breaks the news. Roo and Spencer talk and Spencer tells her just how much she means to him. Spencer finally says a heartfelt goodbye to Maddy then departs.

VJ is heading off to help out Josh and the gang with Anzac Day preparations when he asks Matt to come. Matt is still in a mood over his tiff with Josh and the tension that remains over the Matt-Evie kiss. Matt is being stubborn but Evie tells him to make an effort - he needs to stop sulking and realise there are people that have been through much worse than him, including the veterans they are trying to honour with their dawn service. Matt runs into Spencer at the beach and asks why he wasn't told about Spencer leaving? Spencer admits he didn't want any conflict before he left which prompts Matt to apologise for being tough on him. Shortly after, Matt collects some things from home but before heading out leaves a note saying he'll be gone for a while&

Andy turns up at Angelo's to ask Ash if he's taking Brax's place out on the water, for the River boys' Anzac Day ritual - Ash says he's busy. So Andy asks Ricky if he can take Brax's place; Ricky would be honoured if he did. Denny mentions to Ash how grateful she is for Ash's honesty about the Gunno situation, then gently asks why he can't come to the dawn service. Ash reveals he had a brother that fought in Afghanistan. His brother died whilst Ash was in prison and since this is his first Anzac Day as a free man, he wants to visit his brother's grave.

Zac decides to surprise Leah with an impromptu carpet picnic after Nate lets slip she's in desparate need of some alone time. Leah is grateful and tells Zac she loves him very much. Zac points out, to her surprise, that it's the first time she's said the L-word to him.

Roo is adamant that Alf won't miss the Anzac Day service but Nate reminds her it's against medical advice for him to leave the hospital early. Roo insists she'll burden the responsibility so Nate agrees to help collect him. When they arrive, Alf is touched by the effort the teens have made to make the ceremony special and the whole Bay has turned up to pay their respects.