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Home and Away

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26 - 30 October 2015

Monday 26 October

As Zac explains to Oscar that things are improving with Evelyn, Maddy arrives, and tells a worried Alf that she hasn't spoken to Roo since she decided to keep seeing James.

Maddy goes to Evelyn's room and bumps into VJ, who's sympathetic that she had to move out.

Maddy opens Evelyn's door to find an empty bedroom.

Evelyn and Tank are in the bush, and Evelyn wonders if running away was the right decision.

Tank reassures her that her family made them do this.

Evelyn gets a text from Maddy, but Tank tells her not to answer it. Evelyn puts her phone away, trusting Tank's judgement.


Alf goes to Evelyn's room to get the girls for breakfast, and is disappointed that Evelyn isn't there.

He checks in on Maddy, who opens up – she can't believe Roo can't see she deserves better than James.

Alf agrees, hoping that Roo comes to her senses.

Roo and James arrive back in the Bay, and Roo finds that Maddy has moved out.

James tells her that it's going to take some time, but Roo's anxiety is building.


Unable to get in touch with Evelyn, Alf, Leah, Zac and the teens decide to get in touch with  anyone who might know where she is.

Meanwhile, Tank and Evelyn pull up at a secluded, run-down bush shack.

Inside, Evelyn finds it isn't any nicer, and lies to Tank, telling him she likes it.

But Evelyn’s niggling disquiet continues to rise – what has she done?


Maddy checks for Evelyn at the diner, but runs into Roo and James instead.

Roo tries to reconnect with Maddy, but she excuses herself to keep looking for Evelyn.

Roo can feel the gulf widening between them.

Maddy finds Oscar on the beach, but he hasn't had any luck tracking Evelyn down either.

With Oscar about to give up, Maddy reminds him that he never stopped caring for her, and it got her through her issues.

He can't stop trying when Evelyn needs him the most.

Oscar gets his phone out and texts Evelyn, reaching out one more time…


While Evelyn unpacks her things, she gets a caring message from Oscar.

Tank tries to convince her that her family are just trying to control her, and she agrees not to get sucked back in. But she's left more confused than ever.


As Roo continues to doubt if she's made the right choice, James tells her he's looking forward to her meeting his kids.

Roo suggests she should meet his parents first, and he makes an excuse to leave.

As Roo pays at the counter, Irene tells her she's worried for Roo.


Tank distracts Evelyn as she tries to study, leading her to reveal that she plans to go home after a few days to finish school and live with her family.

Tank can't believe it – he thought this was the start of their new life!

He tells her that if she wants to be with him, she'll have to put Summer Bay behind her.

Evelyn tells Tank she's going back, and he explodes, angry at how ungrateful she is. He stalks out, leaving Evelyn shaken.


Roo is confronted by Megan, who points out how hard the situation has been on her family, but Roo tells her that James said they were just staying together for the sake of their kids.

Megan admits that she had been putting her career first, but she's not going to do that anymore.

Roo thinks it has nothing to do with her, but Megan argues that if she stays with James, she'll be tearing their family apart.

As a final plea, she gives Roo some family photos. Roo flicks through them, and is gutted at the reality of the situation.


Tank apologises to Evelyn, admitting that the pressure got to him – he's been let down by so many people, and he didn't want her to let him down as well.

Evelyn's firm that Tank can't snap at her like that again, and he promises he won't.

Tank tells her he never wants to lose her, and their passion is reignited.


Alf sees Roo at the diner, and agrees not to give her another lecture.

He apologises for letting her down – he didn't teach her that it's wrong to let your partner treat you badly, and think it's okay.

He tells her she knows she deserves better, but it's her choice. Roo's mood sinks even lower.


With their relationship back on track, Tank heads out to get them something to eat.

Evelyn tries to get back to studying, but as she looks for a pen, she finds a balaclava and a flick knife.

Evelyn realises that this is how Tank got the money for them to run away, and the horror washes through her.


Zac reports that the police will get involved if Evelyn's still missing tomorrow, putting on a brave face in front of Oscar, Maddy and VJ.

But when the kids move off to bed, he shares his fears with Leah, who tries to be positive.


Back at the shack, Evelyn can't get any phone reception to call for help, as Tank arrives with food.

Evelyn promises to cook while he has a shower.

But as he turns the water on, she grabs the car keys and slips out.

Evelyn gets the car started, but Tank stops her.

He admits he robbed a shop, but they needed money – he did it for them.

Tank forces Evelyn back inside, and takes her phone off her and throws it away.

Evelyn just wants to go home, but Tank dead bolts the door – she's not going anywhere…


Tuesday 27 October (6307)

Tank locks Evelyn in the bush shack with him. She apologises for trying to leave him, and tries to convince him that she's not going anywhere.

Tank believes her and they hug, but dread is written across Evelyn's face.


Roo's unease grows as she tells James that his wife confronted her – she's worried that she's destroying his family. James tells her that it would be worse if he stayed in an unhappy marriage, and they will get through it in time. He thinks his kids will eventually understand, but Roo's still not so sure.

Meanwhile, Maddy vents her frustration to Oscar, but he tries to get her to see that she can't make Roo do what she doesn't want to.


Zac worries that they've lost Evelyn for good, but Leah doesn't think she’d throw her future away that easily.

In the morning, Evelyn makes Tank breakfast, and when he goes to have a shower, she sneaks Tank's phone out of his jeans, and tries to call Josh, but there's no service.

She desperately tries to get a signal while she still has the chance.


At the diner, James receives a call from his daughter. As Roo observes James in father mode, her guilt spikes as the actual consequences of her actions play out in front of her.


Oscar, Josh, Maddy & VJ reconvene after another unsuccessful search for Evelyn.

Oscar and Josh know Tank's the problem, and their fears for Evelyn rise by the second.

Evelyn finds a signal for Tank's phone, and sends a map of her location to Josh.

Tank finds her and is furious when he figures out what's going on, grabbing Evelyn's shoulders with a firm grip.

Evelyn knees him in the groin she hurries to unbolt the deadlock and flees.


Oscar finds out that Principal Snelgrove hasn't been able to get onto Tank, and as Josh's worry increases, Oscar reads him – Josh still loves Evelyn.

Josh gets Evelyn's map message from Tank's phone, and as he moves off to find her, he tells Oscar to fill the others in, and he'll send him the map.


Tank chases her through the bush, apologising, as Evelyn scrambles over some rocks.

Tank grows frustrated, menacingly calling out that he'll find her, as she hides behind the rocks.


Roo visits Alf, and tells him that the reason she's with James isn't his fault.

Zac gets a call, and reports to the others that Josh thinks he knows where Evelyn is.

Josh pulls up at the bush shack, but Evelyn isn't there.

He hears Tank calling out Evelyn's name, and bolts off in that direction.


As Maddy and Oscar debrief about Evelyn, James approaches, and tells Maddy that she's being a little harsh on Roo.

But Maddy doesn't want anything to do with him, pointing out that no-one can believe a word he says. If he wants a future with Roo, he'd better be telling the whole truth now.

Maddy and Oscar leave James to mull over her words.


Evelyn's lost and struggling to keep running, as Tank is getting closer to catching her.

Evelyn hears someone approaching, and starts to run, thinking it's Tank. But she's caught by someone – it's Josh. She clings to him, relieved and safe.


Roo tells James that Evelyn's on the way back to Summer Bay, but he's distracted by Maddy's earlier outburst.

It's prompted him to come clean about his parents, revealing they died a few years ago. Roo's stunned, and walks out devastated.

James tries to make a final plea but Roo's done with him. She tells him he needs professional help and to leave her alone as she leaves him for good, finally realising that she deserves better than this.


Finally back home, Evelyn's interviewed by Constable Stevenson, who commends Josh on his bravery.

Evelyn thanks Josh, and he promises to come back later and see how she's doing. As he goes, Evelyn admits to Zac and Leah that she was wrong about Tank, and that she'll never scare them like that again.


James finds Roo on the pier, and tells her that he's going to get help, and hopes that one day he'll be the man she fell in love with.

Roo tells him she's not going to wait for him – she's finally found the strength to stand on her own again.


Evelyn apologises to Oscar, and he comforts her – no-one will let Tank come near her anymore.

Evelyn tells Oscar that when Josh found her, she'd never been more relieved to see anyone in her life. Oscar smiles, and reveals that Josh still loves her. Evelyn's overwhelmed.

Outside, Josh sees Tank near the house, checking the coast is clear. Josh sneaks around to confront him, but Tank's not there.

Suddenly, Tank comes and hits Josh from behind.

Tank disappears when he realises how badly Josh is hurt, leaving him unconscious, and with no help in sight.


Wednesday 28 October

Leah checks on Evie who's still in bed, feeling terrible about what she put everyone through by running away with Tank, and how she treated Josh.

Unbeknownst to them, Josh lies unconscious on the ground in the caravan park after being punched by Tank…


Nearby, Phoebe leaves after staying with Ash, both oblivious to Josh lying so close.

Phoebe stops in to collect keys from Ricky, who tentatively asks whether Phoebe's heard from Kat.

Phoebe asks about Nate and Ricky explains that she and Nate want to be together.

Phoebe doesn't want Kat to get hurt and asks Ricky to think hard on whether she's sure before doing anything.


Hannah's on the beach with Chris, having spoken to Evie on the phone.

They talk about teenage love and Chris drops the 'L bomb.'

Hannah is taken by surprise and awkwardly replies with a ‘thank you’ and then rushes off to work, leaving Chris wondering if he's put his foot in it.

Later, Hannah confides in Phoebe about Chris telling her he loves her. Phoebe thinks that's a good thing but as Hannah recounts her reply, Phoebe can't hold back her laughter, and they talk about how Hannah isn't ready to say those three words…


Returning from the shower block Ash hears Josh's phone ringing, and going to investigate he finds Josh out cold.

He tries unsuccessfully to revive him and calls Andy who's at the diner, having just bumped awkwardly into Hannah.

Andy rushes to the caravan park to find Leah and Evie amongst a crowd around Josh who's being loaded into an ambulance.

Andy rides with him and at the hospital is told by Dr Griffin that Josh's situation is very serious, she speculates that he was punched from behind.

Josh needs surgery but there are no guarantees that he'll be okay even then…


Ricky is at Angelo's and gets an update from Andy.

After she hangs up the phone Ash tells her that Phoebe told him about her and Nate. He asks how serious she is about Nate, and does everything he can to put her off.


Leah and Evie arrive at the hospital and Andy takes his fear out on Evie, blaming her for Josh's condition.

As Evie runs off in tears, Leah tells Andy to stop and goes after Evie, telling her that Andy's just scared and he doesn't really blame her.

Dr Griffin updates Andy – Josh is out of surgery having had the pressure on his brain relieved, but he's still unconscious and may never recover.

She starts to ask Andy whether Josh has thought about organ donation and Andy loses it, telling her it's her job to keep Josh alive and storms out.

Hannah finds Andy in the hallway, and tries to reassure him. Andy feels helpless and breaks down.

Later on Andy apologises to Hannah who says she'll always be there for him and Josh.

Andy also apologises to Dr Griffin who is understanding. She tells Andy that he can go and see Josh in ICU.

Andy goes in, finding Josh hooked up to all the machines is very confronting, but he takes Josh's hand and tells him to hold on.


Chris tells Irene that he told Hannah that he loves her and that she didn't respond.

Irene tries to reassure him but isn't convinced when he wonders if there's a way to take it back.


Later that night Ricky tells Phoebe that Ash talked to her about Nate.

Phoebe apologises for telling Ash, but Ricky says he made some good points and that it's okay. And while it felt as though Ash was trying to plant doubts in her head, it actually made Ricky feel as though it's time to move on.

Back at his caravan we see a worried Ash tap out an email ‘Brax we need to talk about Ricky’…


Thursday 29 October:

Nate and Kat return to find Phoebe arranging some flowers which came for Kat.

When she reads out the sender as ‘Dylan Carter’ Kat freezes, then explains he's her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Phoebe heads out, taking the flowers to throw away.

Kat thanks Nate for being so supportive over the last few trying days. As they embrace, Nate struggles with the guilt of knowing he doesn't want to stay with Kat.


Matt bumps into Charlotte on his way in to the diner. He tries to suggest they get together but Charlotte's evasive and leaves saying she'll call him.


Inside the diner Marilyn and John are discussing the vow renewal while a distracted Chris delivers them their food the wrong way around.

Marilyn picks up on his downbeat mood but as he starts to confide in them, he talks himself out of it, saying that he says he loves lots of things, mostly trying to convince himself.


At the hospital Andy approaches Hannah who's trying to decipher an odd text message full of emoticons.

Hannah tells Andy that she's impressed with how he's dealing with everything.

After trying unsuccessfully to persuade Andy to go home, Hannah goes to get him some breakfast and their old familiarlity creeps in fondly.


Nate tries to persuade Kat not to go straight back to work but she insists she's fine.

She asks if he'll see Ricky today and for a moment Nate is struck with guilt, but Kat just wants Nate to thank Ricky for sending her a sweet message.

Nate goes to see Ricky and she asks how Kat is. Nate thinks she's asking whether he’s told her about them, yet but Ricky's just concerned about how Kat's coping.


Kat goes to the hospital and Andy bites her head off, asking why they haven't caught Tank yet.

Kat hurriedly leaves, only just keeping her emotions in check.

Ricky finds a tearful Kat sitting staring out at the waves.

Kat starts to talk about her brother and Ricky lets her, trying to be there for her.

Ash watches them, and checks his emails. There’s one from Brax ‘Do nothing. She deserves to be happy’.


John goes to get coffee from a less than stable Chris.

John tells him to go and fight for Hannah. Chris takes this advice to heart and sets up a romantic lunch at the hospital.

Hannah is horrified and tells Chris to go, leaving him feeling like he can't do anything right.

Later on Hannah apologises to Andy for Chris' insensitive behaviour but Andy shrugs it off, saying it was funny.

Hannah ends up telling him what happened with Chris saying the L word and Kyle comes back to see them talking warmly.

As they sit together at the hospital Kyle distracts Andy by asking about him and Hannah. Andy denies that there's anything going on.


On edge, Charlotte arrives home, looking for a place to put the bag of money demanded by Trystan.

She's startled by Matt appearing from the bedroom and quickly hides the money in a cupboard.

Matt's oblivious, and moves close to her. Charlotte hesitates, then kisses him, welcoming the distraction.


Ash is working when Ricky arrives for her shift, they're both a little cautious of each other.

Ash tells her that she should go for it with Nate, which is a big surprise. Tension broken, things start to get back to normal between them.


Nate goes to see an emotional Kat, having received a message from her. She tells him that he was right, she shouldn't have gone back to work so soon.

She says she talked to Ricky and has realised that life is short. She wants them to move in together. Nate's stunned, what will he say?


In the diner Chris takes out his frustration on John, saying he should never have taken his advice.

As John defends himself Hannah walks up behind Chris and asks to talk. She apologises for the way that she reacted to him saying he loves her.

They kiss and make up, things are back on track.


Matt emerges from Charlotte's bedroom and sees the bag of money while looking for something to eat.

Charlotte snatches it away from him and confesses that she's being blackmailed.

Matt tries to help, but Charlotte persuades him that she's handling it.

Later, Charlotte waits for Trystan in her car. He gets in and checks the money.

Charlotte thinks they're done but Trystan has other ideas, saying he owns her now.

As he leaves, Charlotte realises that she's still as trapped as ever…


Nate rocks up at Angelo's to tell Ricky that Kat wants him to move in with her.

Ricky's shocked but is hesitant and worried about Kat when Nate says he has to break up with Kat.

Nate is set though, he sees no alternative.

Nate goes to see Kat and when he tells her he can't move in with her, that they need to talk. Kat asks if it's Ricky and he just simply says yes…


Friday 30 October:

Kat's stunned as Nate finishes breaking up with her, confessing that he wants to be with Ricky.

Kat feels betrayed, and not wanting to hear his explanation, kicks him out.


Shaken after her encounter with Trystan, Charlotte lies to Matt, telling him the blackmail is over.

Matt offers her his support if she ever finds herself in trouble again, and she snuggles into him, knowing that her nightmare has really only just started.

Charlotte and Matt sit up together in bed when Hunter flies in, back a day early from the city.

He's horrified at the sight of Matt with his mother. Well and truly sprung, Charlotte knows this is going to cause more trouble.

Hunter explodes at Charlotte – she's sleeping with one of her students!

Matt tries to explain that they like each other, but Charlotte sends him away so she can handle it herself.

But Hunter doesn't want to hear it. Charlotte's firm – she’s going to keep seeing Matt, but not flaunt it around him.

She asks Hunter to stay quiet about it, but he just walks off.


As Kat drowns her sorrows about the break up with Nate, Ash arrives to visit Phoebe.

She's not there, and Kat asks Ash to have a drink with her.


Meanwhile Nate arrives at Ricky's place, and tells her that he's broken up with Kat – it was tough but he wasn't doing Kat any favours by keeping the truth from her.

As they embrace, they're interrupted by Kyle in the doorway with an expectant look on his face.

Ricky explains the situation to Kyle, who thinks it's messy. Ricky agrees, and asks him to keep it low profile.

He's unimpressed, and Ricky realises that not everyone is going to be celebrating her new relationship.


Kat continues drinking as she tells Ash what happened with Nate.

Ash accidentally reveals that he and Phoebe knew about Nate's feelings for Ricky beforehand.

Kat's upset, but Ash argues that it wasn't their place to say anything.

Kat pours herself another glass of wine, well on the way to trouble…


Matt kisses Charlotte on his way out, as Hunter walks in, still mortified about their relationship.

After Matt exits, Hunter promises to keep Charlotte's secret to himself.

Charlotte’s relieved, and assures him that she'll be discreet.


John's excited to make plans ahead of his vow renewal ceremony with Marilyn, forcing her to hide that she doesn't want to go through with it.

Roo enters, and reveals that she's broken up with James, shocking everyone.

Roo admits that when she found out James was lying about his parents still being alive, she knew it was over.

Irene, John and Marilyn offer her support, as does Alf, who's sorry that he wasn't the man she wanted him to be.

Roo's feeling better after admitting she was wrong about James, revealing she knew deep down something was wrong, and that she should have followed her instincts.

Marilyn's uneasy, now feeling that she's ignoring hers – still not wanting to go through with the vow renewal, but unable to be honest with John.


Charlotte makes sure that Hunter knows he'll always be her number one priority, and Hunter agrees that they'll always be a team.

Charlotte heads off and Hunter goes to pay his phone bill, only to find his entire trust fund money is gone.


Ricky debriefs with Nate about her chat with Kyle before he heads off to the city.

She's worried about the rest of the community's reaction, but Nate thinks that as long as they both want to be together it'll all be okay.

Nate exits, and Ricky's gaze moves to a photo of Brax, making her grow thoughtful.


With Kat now very drunk and feeling sorry for herself, Ash tells her the best revenge is just to keep going and be happy.

But Kat passes out before she can take any more of his advice, clearly still not coping.


Charlotte's forced to admit that she had to use Hunter's trust fund money to pay her way out of trouble.

When she won’t tell him why, Hunter explodes, wondering how many other secrets she's keeping from him. He doesn't want to be a part of it anymore, and leaves out of the apartment – done with his mother.

Meanwhile Trystan calls Gunno, and tells him he's got the money from Charlotte. Gunno tells Trystan it’s time to put her into play – but what does he have planned?


Kyle visits Ricky to check everything is alright between them, and she tells him it is.

Kyle asks if Ricky's feeling weird about moving on from Brax, and she admits she is a bit – the photos don't help. She puts one in a drawer, that part of her life over.

But over at Charlotte's place, Trystan arrives, and tells her that he thinks Brax is still alive and on the run – and she's going to help them draw him out.

Charlotte is in way over her head.