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26 - 30 May 2014

Heath (DAN EWING) visits Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) at school

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) and Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) hide from the shots

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) and Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) hide from the shots

Heath (DAN EWING) visits Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) at school

Heath (DAN EWING) visits Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) at school

Monday 26 May:

Phoebe's father goes to great lengths to show Phoebe Kyle's 'true colours'. When his attempt to bribe Kyle to stay away from Phoebe backfires, Mark gets the police to raid the Braxton family home and businesses. Mark tells Phoebe that it was ridiculously easy to get the police to turn up at the Braxton's - the police are dying for an excuse to arrest the lot of them.

Phoebe admits to Ricky that when she saw the police, she still doubted Kyle. When Phoebe confesses this to Kyle, he is upset, especially since the police search did not recover anything suspect. Phoebe tells her dad that his scheme has not changed her mind about Kyle - but she has changed her mind about Mark.

In an emotional confrontation, she tells him not to come back to Summer Bay.
With Jett away at camp, John and Marilyn try to enjoy a week of teenager-free fun. The only problem is that all they can talk about is Jett! They both claim they aren't calling him, but when Alf discovers that they have both received text messages from Jett saying to stop contacting him, they are sprung.

Marilyn and John agree they need to be more upfront about their feelings. Marilyn tells John she thinks it's a good sign that they're thinking about Jett - they're just a tight-knit caring family.

Maddy makes a pact to Josh that she will stop whinging about her own problems and try being more supportive of others. She makes amends with Alf and listens to Josh's problems. Josh is struggling to get on with Andy.

After quitting his job at the gym and failing to get his position back, Andy can't find work. He goes back to the gym to beg, but when he sees the police raid, he taunts Casey instead of apologising. Josh despairs - can't he stop being a screw up for one minute?

For Josh's sake, Andy tries to heal things with Casey but it appears that only time will heal this wound.

Tuesday 27 May:

Phoebe tells Kyle that she's told her father to leave Summer Bay and not to return. Kyle sees that her decision is taking a toll. Phoebe admits that she misses her dad and Kyle tells her that she should make peace with Mark. Phoebe calls her dad but he doesn't answer. She leaves a voicemail apologising for her harsh words.

The Macguires are still dealing with the fallout of Tamara's hit-and-run. Oscar asks Sasha why she didn't print his confession in the local newspaper. He learns that she didn't believe his account - she thinks he is just covering for Zac.

Evelyn tells Oscar to stop trying to confess - she doesn't want him to ruin his life. However, Oscar secretly records the conversation and hands the sound file to Sasha in order to prove his own guilt. Oscar gets home to a family meeting. They all beg him not to take the blame.

Meanwhile, Tamara admits to Leah that there's still a chance that she won't make a full recovery. Nate turns up and tells her she'll need urgent surgery to prevent her from going blind. He's booked her in with a specialist in the city for the next day and she'll be in hospital and rehabilitation for a while after the operation.

Sasha and Matt decide to tell Tamara that they know Oscar was the one who hit her. Oscar finds Tamara sitting on the beach by the Diner. He learns that she knows he hit her. She asks him why he didn't tell her after she opened up to him about her prognosis.

Furious, Tamara breaks down. Matt comes to the rescue, giving Tamara a friendly hug. Traumatized by the whole ordeal, Tamara calls her mum and tells her she wants to come home.

Sasha tells Leah that she is thinking of writing an article about the accident for the Coastal Times. Leah tells her that she thinks it's a huge call to publish this information, but Sasha says she can't ignore the truth.

Oscar returns home and tells Zac and Hannah that Tamara knows the truth. Zac immediately goes to see Sasha and asks her to delete the recording. What will Sasha decide?

Wednesday 28 May:

Tamara decides it's time to leave Summer Bay for good. She comes clean to Casey about her upcoming surgery and long rehabilitation. He tries in vain to convince her to stay. Tamara says goodbye to her friends. But before she leaves, she decides she needs to hear Oscar's side of the story.

Supported by Casey, Tamara goes to the beach to find Oscar and Zac waiting for her. Oscar apologises, telling her that he thought he hit an animal, not a person. Tamara puts on a brave face and tells them that the way they hid his involvement made the whole ordeal more painful for her.

Sasha's article about the hit-and-run ripples through the small town. Hannah reads the headline in despair: ''Local youth admits to hit and run cover-up'. She suggests to Zac that maybe they can claim that Oscar and Evelyn fabricated the confession tape. Ultimately, they decide that the truth is now out there.

Oscar voluntarily goes to the police station with Zac to make a formal statement about the accident.

Meanwhile, Heath is struggling to look after Harley without the support of Bianca. Bianca is still heartbroken to be away from Heath. When she's at the Diner talking to Irene and sees Heath and Harley outside, Bianca runs off.

When she reappears, Bianca admits to Irene that it's hard to see him around town. When Irene admits that Heath is struggling with Harley, Bianca makes up her mind to go and help. However, when she turns up at the house she gets cold feet.

Later on, Heath can't settle Harley. He turns up at Leah's, waiting for Nate's help, and finds Bianca there. When Bianca tries to assist, Heath flips out: the whole reason they broke up was because she said she couldn't help with Harley.

Denny is furious that Sasha has written an article that could tear apart her family, but Chris comes to Sasha's defence, pointing out that it's a huge deal for budding writer, Sasha.

Denny storms off, angry that Chris did not back her up. She shows the article to Casey, whose heart breaks for Tamara when he reads the news. He makes Denny see that there is no simple way to see this situation.

Irene, meanwhile, tells Chris that he needs to stand by his views and not be spineless. Chris goes to Sasha and shows that he is supportive of her decision to publish. When he sees Denny, they make amends. Denny can see where he's coming from, and apologises for snapping at him earlier

Thursday 29 May:

Maddy decides to keep Tamara's idea of having a mid-year dance alive. She pitches the idea to Bianca - who tells her to organise a dance committee. With only three people signed up for the committee, Maddy pleads with Josh to come along. He caves, and she tells him of her grand plans for an "Under the Sea" themed dance with elaborate decorations.

The meeting is a disaster. Bianca, struggling with her failing marriage, slams Maddy's budget and cancels the dance. Maddy is disheartened but not deterred. She starts thinking about less expensive options with Josh: how about a school house party?

Nate checks out Harley for Heath. He's fine: he's just running a slight fever. Seeing how Heath is struggling, Nate tells him that there are people who can help him. Nate also suggests that he and Bianca start setting boundaries so that they can both live happily in a small town.

Heath visits Bianca at school and the couple try to work out where they stand. He tells her that they can't keep dragging this out. In an emotionally charged moment, Heath tells Bianca he thinks they should get a divorce.

Leah overhears the exchange, and witnesses a distraught Bianca telling Heath to leave. Bianca admits to Leah that she's sad because she thinks Heath is right and tells her that she's applied for a transfer to leave Summer Bay.

John wants to hear all of Jett's stories from camp, but Jett is acting cagily. As Jett walks out the door, John gets a call from Bianca. Jett bolts& Something bad must have happened at camp.

When John and Jett go to talk to Bianca, she presents John with a damages bill for $500 to pay for Jett's hijinks at camp. His punishment from the principal is a week of lunchtime detentions. John and Marilyn discuss the option of grounding Jett.

However, when Marilyn sees Jett at the Diner, she tries to comfort him rather than chide him. Marilyn tells Jett that they're thinking of grounding him for a month, but Jett convinces Marilyn that no one has heard his side of the story: he didn't mean to damage the hall - he and his mates glued some basket balls to the floor as a joke.

A big softie, Marilyn tells Jett to go and play at the skate park. When Marilyn arrives home alone, John is furious to learn that Jett went off to the skate park. Jett returns and finds John and Marilyn fighting over the proper way to discipline him.

Friday 30 May:

Irene and Alf are bemused by Summer Bay's newest love birds, Denny and Chris. Working at the Diner, Chris is pining for Denny instead of serving customers. He's so distracted that he overstays his shift. He runs to the Surf Club where he finds Denny chatting to Casey about Tamara.

Denny senses that Casey is feeling down since returning to the Bay without his friend, and invites him to hang out with her and Chris. When Chris asks Denny why she's bringing a third wheel along, Denny tells Chris that Casey needs company - plus they'll have plenty of alone time later.

Evelyn has gone into hiding since news of Oscar's hit-and-run has spread around the town. Spencer visits her at the farm house and Evie tries to slam the door in his face. She accuses him of being a creepy stalker, but Spencer convinces her that he just wants to support her. He convinces her to come into town and Evelyn makes a confession: she wanted Oscar to lie because she was scared of being alone if he goes to jail.

Meanwhile, John and Marilyn struggle to see eye to eye about how to punish Jett for his bad behaviour at camp. Casey advises John not to shut out Marilyn's opinions on how to treat Jett. While Marilyn admits to John that it's not in her nature to be mean, she understands that she can't just be Jett's 'bestie'.

John suggests that next time Jett acts up, Marilyn can decide the punishment. Marilyn goes one further - what if she is the one to punish Jett now?

Marilyn sits Jett down and tries to discipline him. But at the crucial moment her good nature gets the better of her! Instead of dolling out a punishment, she gives him a piece of cake.

Her second attempt is more successful: Jett expects her to be a pushover but Marilyn tells Jett he will have to pay the $500 damages bill himself. Jett is astounded and storms off to his room angrily.

Kyle tries to lift Phoebe's spirits by taking her to Yabbie Creek, as she's upset that she still hasn't heard from her dad since their argument. As they leave the house, Mark arrives. He tells Phoebe that he was thrilled to receive her apology and he wants to start again. Kyle reluctantly agrees to have lunch at Angelo's with them.

Mark tells Kyle that he owes him and his brothers an apology. As they eat lunch, Mark witnesses a heated confrontation between Andy and Brax.

Brax tries to resist Andy's taunts - but when he mentions Casey, Brax nearly loses it. Ricky urges Brax to ignore Andy and his idle threats. However, as they return home from Angelo's, shots are fired through their window. Brax runs outside and sees a car drive off - who could be responsible?