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25 - 29 May 2015

Monday 25 May

Roo asks Marilyn if she's spoken to Jett yet about his decision to go to military school, but Marilyn has been putting it off. When Jett turns up at the diner to talk to Marilyn she's listening to a voicemail from John - there's someone talking in the background of the message. After Roo & Marilyn listen carefully, they can tell it's Ricky and that she's in labour. Denny overhears and immediately rushes off to the hospital. John later turns up and forces Marilyn to talk to Jett, acting as mediator and giving each of them a turn to speak. Marilyn brings up the two children she's lost before and tells Jett that she's never been happier than she is now, having him and John as her family. This raw honesty from Marilyn makes Jett have doubts. He goes looking for Mr Stewart to talk but finds Roo instead. He assures Roo that the last thing he wants is to hurt Marilyn and John but this is something he really wants. Roo says she can't tell him what to do but he should realise that it's not just about what he's willing to sacrifice, he'll be asking his family to make sacrifices too. Jett goes home and tells John & Marilyn that he's decided not to join the army. They're so relieved over his decision but Jett is hiding his disappointment.

Ricky's having contractions so she goes to the share house to find someone to help her, but there's no one around. She's having trouble standing, then her water breaks. Ricky gets her bags and goes outside, where John is on the phone. He rushes over to see if she's alright and she immediately tells him to take her to the hospital. John starts to drive her and after a short delay from a flat tyre, he manages to get her there where Nate is waiting. Denny soon arrives to take over from John just as Ash calls her to find out if she knows where Ricky is. Ash & Kyle rush to the hosptial and while Kyle goes in to see Ricky, Ash & Denny make awkward small talk. Ricky's scared and angry to be doing this alone, without Brax - he should be here. Kyle reassures her that Brax isn't her only family and that Kyle and all her friends are here to support her, she can't get rid of them. Ricky decides to ask Kyle to stay in the room with her.

Meanwhile Brax is disappointed that Ricky is a no show for their scheduled visit today. He's completely unaware that Ricky is in labour and he's soon to become a father.

Kyle pops out to the corridor to update Ash & Denny. He tells them how Ricky's really missing Brax's presence and mentions how stuff like this really puts things into perspective. Kyle can't help but bring up the unfinished business between Ash & Denny. He knows that they still like each other and they never would have broken up if it wasn't for him. Denny warns this is not the time to discuss this but Kyle insists it's the perfect time, then leaves the two of them alone to head back in to Ricky. Ricky starts to push, the baby's coming. Kyle is right beside her, encouraging her, while Nate delivers the baby. Finally the baby has arrived! The boy is healthy and crying. The nurse goes out to give Ash & Denny the good news and they share a close moment.


Tuesday 26 May:

Ricky introduces the new baby to Kyle, Ash & Denny - the gang are ecstatic to meet the new adition to the Braxton clan. But as Ash & Denny leave the hospital they find themselves alone together in the elevator. Ash takes the time to tell Denny that when he lied to her it wasn't just about protecting her, he was protecting himself. He didn't want Denny to think he was slipping back into his criminal lifestyle, he doesn't want to be a part of that anymore. She is the most important thing to him. Denny doesn't want to accept his reasoning so quickly leaves. The next morning, Denny tells Hannah about her chat with Ash and that he's keen to get back together. Hannah asks why Denny isn't interested? She says she is, but she's unsure she can get past the fact that Ash lied to her. Hannah reminds Denny that getting through tough times can make a couple stronger, take a look at her and Andy! Denny is just worried about being hurt again but Hannah warns, she may risking getting hurt but regrets stay with you for a lifetime.

Hannah & Phoebe are at the diner when they find out from Roo that Ricky's had the baby. They're both exicted but Phoebe's also worried how Ricky's handling it all without Brax. Hannah suggests they go see her but Phoebe is reluctant. Hannah asks why? Phoebe still isn't ready to run into Kyle. She can't understand how he moved on so fast with Billie. The next morning Phoebe runs into Hannah and Denny who are going to go see Ricky & the baby. Roo also mentions that Ricky needs some stuff from home, would Phoebe get it? Phoebe agrees, seems like she can't avoid running into Kyle forever. But when Phoebe turns up at the share house to grab stuff for Ricky, she sees what she thinks is Kyle & Billie being cosy, rubbing salt in the wound. She quickly makes excuses and heads into the flat. Billie suggests maybe it's time Kyle talks to Phoebe.

Phoebe turns up at the hospital with Ricky's things and meets the baby. Ricky asks how Phoebe is? She appreciates her getting the stuff from the flat as she knows it's probably still weird around Kyle. Little do they know that Kyle just turned up at the hospital, He stops just outside the door to Ricky's room, listening in. Phoebe tells Ricky she saw Billie and Kyle at the share house sitting together, and she knows they slept together. Ricky is apologetic but Phoebe swears she's fine, atleast she knows its really over. Kyle hears it all.

Billie runs into Denny at the diner and asks her if there's any jobs going around the Bay. She suggests she tries Andy at the gym and then starts to ask Billie how she's settling into town. Billie knows she's fishing to ask about Ash so Billie lays in out for her - she thinks Denny should give him another shot. He can be an idiot sometimes but he's loyal and he gave Billie a second chance. Maybe he deserves a little forgiveness himself. Denny sends a text to Ash asking to talk. When Ash gets to the diner he reiterates that he wants to give their relationship another try. He knows he stuffed this up but he will make it up to her. Denny, after a long silence, finally tells him not to make her regret this - so that's a yes? They kiss.

Meanwhile, Kyle chases down Phoebe at the beach to try and explain what happened with Billie. She doesn't understand why Kyle didn't tell her and how it could've happened. He lead her to believe they might be able to work things out. Kyle hopes that maybe they still can. But Phoebe's hurt, she says they're over. And it doesn't matter about Billie because he doesn't owe her anything.


Wednesday 27 May:

Leah, Zac & VJ are moving on after Leah's decision not to go ahead with the operation. She's decided to go back to work. VJ is positive she seems like her old self again but Zac is unsure if she's ready. When Zac finds Leah not sleeping he questions her again. Leah gets angry that he's not supporting her, he's the only one causing her to lose confidence! She blows up, saying she won't go back to work then, just as VJ overhears. The next morning as Zac & VJ are discussing Leah's wellbeing, Leah turns up at school. What happened to her deciding not to come to work? It seems Leah's forgotten all about her outburst. VJ & Zac worry at what this means.

Phoebe's debriefing to Hannah about her confrontation with Kyle. She's not really up to doing this gig she has tonight. Hannah reminds Phoebe that it's her first professional gig in ages, then offers to come along and be her "no.1 groupie". She promises a night free from guy troubles for both of them - Phoebe thought things were settled with Hannah & Andy? Hannah quickly dismisses the subject. Meanwhile, Denny arrives at the share house for her first date with Ash since they got back together. She mentions Phoebe's gig to Ash, which Kyle overhears. He asks where it is then, deciding he needs to clear the air with Phoebe, Kyle rushes out - this could be disastorous. Ash & Denny decide to go to the gig to support Phoebe. Billie, feeling left out, decides to tag along as well.

Andy & Oscar are hanging out at home, having a boys night. Oscar asks why Andy didn't go with Hannah to the gig. Andy explains he's trying to give Hannah space, to let her hair down a bit. But Oscar can't understand why she needs to do that without Andy. He suggests Andy go to the gig and surprise her.

At the gig Hannah welcomes Ash, Denny & Billie. She takes Denny aside and tells her how thrilled she is that her & Ash are back together. Denny clocks Hannah's great mood and suspects she's had a few drinks already. Soon Kyle turns up as well and heads straight for Phoebe. She can't believe he's here, now, when she's about to go on to sing. Phoebe's soon killing it with the crowd and decides to introduce a new song, singing about too much pressure too soon. The song seems to be directed at Kyle.

Denny's a little worried about Hannah going all out tonight, dancing up a storm. She's only just recovered from her spinal injury. Ash tells her she's probably being overprotective but soon Hannah's being hit on by some bloke. She turns down the offer of a drink but later on is dancing flirtatiously with him, just as Andy walks in. Andy sees her and walks straight out again, crushed, without Hannah noticing. When the bloke gets a little handsy Hannah pulls away but Ash decides he needs to step in and warn the guy off. Testosterone pumping, it looks like there's going to be a fight, but just in the nik of time Chris swoops in and talks the random into meeting a pair of twins that Chris has been chatting up! Hannah apologises to Phoebe for almost causing a punch up at her gig but Phoebe is dismissive, Hannah was just having a bit of fun. Denny & Ash take Hannah home to Andy where she promptly falls asleep, not giving Andy a chance to ask her about the guy. The next morning Andy tells Oscar not to mention to Hannah he went to the gig last night, without saying why - he's decided to act as though he saw nothing.

At the end of the gig Kyle tries again to talk to Phoebe and apologise for hurting her. Phoebe is so furious but Kyle points out that it's not like she's never made any mistakes. Phoebe says she thought breaking up with him may have been one of those mistakes, but it's clear now it wasn't. She tells Kyle that they can't be in each other's lives anymore, not even as friends. It's really over and he needs to leave her alone.


Thursday 28 May:

Leah's back at work trying her hardest to get back to living her normal life. While Zac still believes she hasn't given herself enough time to adjust, he's trying to give her his support. During the day Leah struggles with a headache and can't focus. When Matt barges into Leah's office needing to vent about his situation with Maddy, Leah is distracted and Matt's words are all jumbled to her. Leah has another outburst and yells at Matt for wasting her time with trivial problems. She's yelling so much Matt rushes out in stunned silence. VJ catches the end of the interaction and follows Leah as she runs outside. Leah tries to cover and swears she's fine but seems scattered, so VJ simply pulls her in for a hug, trying to calm her. He takes Leah home and she makes him promise not to tell Zac about the episode.

Maddy finds Matt at the Diner and asks if he'd like to walk her to school. They discuss trying to organise a study session and Maddy suggests Matt accompanies her to her next chemo session - they can study then. Matt is reluctant. Unbeknownst to Maddy, he's acting awkward after finding out that Evie thinks Matt & Maddy would make a good couple. Maddy misreads his weirdness, thinking he's scared of hospitals. Later, Matt enrols Oscar's help to find out if Maddy likes him.

Forced by Matt, Oscar talks to Maddy about him, asking if she likes hanging out with Matt. Maddy freely admits she does and wonders if Oscar is jealous? Oscar quickly makes excuses and leaves. Matt then accosts Oscar and Oscar believes Maddy does have a thing for Matt. Later Oscar laments to Evie & Josh that it's strange seeing Maddy move on. Josh reminds Oscar that he broke up with Maddy so he doesn't really have a right to be jealous. Matt continues to avoid Maddy for the rest of the day. When Maddy asks the others if they've seen Matt, Oscars is quick to remark he's probably off starting a fire or something. Josh and Evie notice the slight jab at Matt's character and as soon as Maddy leaves, Evie tells Oscar it's obvious he still has feelings for Maddy.

Meanwhile Kat is getting several phone calls from work about a missing ATM and security footage. She's scrolling through photos at the station, presumably taken at a crime scene. She stops short, then tells the person on the phone that she knows one of the suspects.

Maddy finally catches up with Matt on the beach and asks him why he skipped afternoon classes. She lightly adds that if it's such a big deal he doesn't need to come to her chemo session. Sick of the awkwardness, Matt reveals he's been acting weird because he thinks Maddy has feelings for him. Maddy is surprised and laughs it off, assuring Matt there's nothing there. When Maddy asks where this is coming from, Matt goes on to explain that Evie & Josh made the suggestion that the two of them would be good together. Maddy slowly pieces together that this is the reason Evie organised the movie night and the camping&. Maddy asks if they've all been talking about this? Matt admits they have. Suddenly silent and visibly upset, Maddy walks off. Roo then runs into Maddy on the way home and asks how her day was. Maddy blurts out she thought she could trust her friends but apparently they've all been talking about her behind her back. She thinks they all see her as a charity case and are trying to find a boyfriend for her, like she can't take care of herself. Roo tries to suggest she may be overreacting but Maddy's too upset to listen.

Matt returns home, deflated after his talk with Maddy. Leah apologises for going off at Matt earlier but he dismisses it, reminding Leah how many times she's been there for him in the past. He suggests they both just chalk it up to a bad day. As they share a hug, Kat knocks on the door. Leah assumes she's here to see Nate but apparently it's Matt she's after. Kat tells Matt he needs to come to the station for some questioning. Leah immediately asks what it's about - the theft of an ATM in Mangrove River.


Friday 29 May:

Matt is at the station being questioned by Kat over the ATM theft. Turns out he is clearly visible in the photos that were taken right near the scene of the crime, just minutes before it happened. Kat asks him to give her names of the people he was hanging out with that night but Matt tells her he was drunk, he can't remember. Kat understands that Matt's been through a difficult time lately but says Matt must recognise the other guys in the photo. Matt is being stubborn and insists he can't tell her what he doesn't remember. Soon Leah turns up at the station to plead with Kat to consider that Matt's recent turmoil, but she's firm she can't ignore the evidence.

Back at home Leah is fuming to Nate, accusing Kat of targeting Matt because of his history. In her anger she decides to look for evidence of her own is Matt's room. She's stunned and disappointed when she finds a wad of cash under his mattress. Leah says she has to take it to the police but Nate warns if she does, Matt will have this on his record forever. Leah is adamant he broke the law and she has to set the right example. Nate asks that she talks to Matt first and find out the circumstances before she does anything, so they head to the station. Leah faces Matt and asks if he did it, to which Matt calmly admits he did. Leah is furious - Who else was involved? Was he forced to do it? Why did he do it? She knows Matt and he wouldn't do this just for the sake of it. Matt says maybe he did, keeping tight lipped about the real story. Leah leaves, deeply disappointed, but not before handing in the cash to Kat.

Maddy is still annoyed over the way the teens have been talking about her behind her back, so she ignores Evie when she invites Maddy to catch up. Later at the Diner, Roo mentions to Josh & Evie why Maddy's not responding to their texts and they insist it wasn't their intention to upset her. Meanwhile Alf has returned from his break on the Blaxland and he seems relaxed. He tells Maddy he's organised a visit with a counsellor tomorrow who specialises in PTSD. He shares that Maddy's the reason he's doing this and thanks her for the advice to tackle it head on. He then suggests she take some of her own advice to deal with her friends. Evie and Josh are trying to come up with ways of making things right as Maddy walks in. They plead their case to her but inadvertently keep saying the wrong thing. Maddy is clear she doesn't need them to take care of her love life, she just needs friends. She later admits to Roo that she knows what they did is not the end of the world, but she just wants her old life back, like before she was sick.

The next morning at breakfast, Evie & Josh are brainstorming ideas to get Maddy to forgive them when Roo walks up. She tells them that it's not about a grand gesture, Maddy just wants to be treated like a normal friend. Roo & Maddy drop Alf off for his conselling session on their way to Maddy's chemo. They give their support and Roo tells Alf that she's proud of him for doing this. Maddy then heads in for her Chemo and is surprised to see Josh & Evie already set up for a study session. The banter flows freely as Roo watches on and it seems like the group is gong to be ok.

Meanwhile Nate has just found out Matt's been charged. He challenges Leah - did she really think things through before she turned in the cash? Leah knows he's questioning her decision because of the aneurysm. She argues that Matt committed a crime and they can't keep protecting him! Nate counters that she could have handled it much better, wondering if she would have done the same if it was VJ. Nate departs angry, to go and talk to Kat. He catches up with Kat on the beach and asks her, is there's any chance she can look the other way about the money? Kat is incredulous that Nate would even ask. Nate thinks they could both help Matt right now but Kat warns Nate he can't use her like that, or Kat may have to rethink their relationship.