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24 - 28 August 2015

Monday 24 August:

Zac is pushing himself hard, running along the beach. When he arrives home he and Leah act as though there's nothing wrong but Matt noticed that Zac slept on the couch. As soon as he covertly points out Leah and Zac's over exaggerated effort to act normally, all the teens find it odd and want to know what's wrong. As they leave the house and walk VJ is sure it's something to do with Hunter. Matt tells everyone that they should make more of an effort with Hunter and Evie speculates that if they did, it might ease things for Leah and Zac. Back home, Zac confronts the issue telling Leah that he's prepared to get the paternity test done if it will make her feel better, which she appreciates. Evie bursts in suggesting they invite Hunter and Charlotte over for lunch, they can ask Denny too and it'll be a peacemaking meal. Leah's not convinced but Evie's enthusiasm and Zac's support of the idea overrule.

Chris tells Irene that he's sick but she thinks it's because John upset him with his blundering comments about Chris being a clown, and that he couldn't get Hannah if he tried. Down at the diner Irene chides John for his treatment of Chris and Marilyn and Alf join in. John protests that he was joking but he's firmly told to go and make it up to Chris. As they talk, Hunter has entered and rudely asks if anyone works there. As Marilyn rushes to serve him Alf pulls him up on his lack of manners but it has no effect.

Zac talks to Charlotte about getting the paternity test. She's not happy about it. Zac then invites her and Hunter to lunch. Charlotte says she can't imagine Hunter going but Zac tells her it shouldn't be up to him. Charlotte goes down to the beach and tells Hunter that they're going. He laughs at her, and gives her attitude.

Evie rushes around making sure everything is ready for the lunch, while Matt fools around and Oscar makes jokes. Denny arrives with a salad and Evie's really happy to see her. Leah and Zac come in and say how lovely everything looks, as VJ makes surly remarks, then Hunter and Charlotte arrive and introductions are made. As they eat the twins and Denny make an effort to connect with Hunter lightening the mood and Matt joins in. VJ continues to sulk and when the adults talk about Hunter starting at Summer Bay High, suggesting that VJ could show him around, VJ makes trouble and sparks fly. Hunter walks out. Zac has a go at VJ and Leah goes after Hunter. Hunter tries to walk off but Leah stops him and tries to make peace, saying that VJ may be jealous, he never got the chance to know his father. Hunter softens and Leah says she wants to make the crazy family work.

Leah returns with Hunter and VJ says sorry to him which Hunter accepts. Rather than staying for dessert though Charlotte hustles out with Hunter saying he needs to get ready to start school tomorrow. At home the mood is good and they decide to watch a movie after Charlotte has showered. While she's out of the room Hunter finds the paperwork for the paternity test… He pushes Charlotte to tell him who asked for the test, finding out that it was Leah. He goes and confronts Leah accusing her of wanting to rip him and Zac apart, grabbing her arm roughly and making threats. As Leah escapes his grasp and he walks off, he stops and looks back at her car…

John apologises to Chris who isn't having any of it, he pushes John out of the house and shuts the door on him. Back at the diner John tells Marilyn and Irene what happened and that he's worried about Chris. At home Irene tries to talk to Chris but he just wants to be left alone.

Leah has told Zac what happened with Hunter, he really scared her and she's concerned about his behaviour. Zac placates her saying he'll talk to Hunter. Leah leaves to go shopping with Evie, puzzled to find the car open thinking she locked it, but shrugs it off. In the car Evie shrewdly observes that Leah is relieved to be away from the tension at home for a while.

Charlotte finds Hunter out near the water and apologises for him seeing the paternity test. He says he couldn't care less about Leah now, she could die and it wouldn't bother him.

Zac calls on Charlotte, explaining that Leah felt shaken by her encounter with Hunter. Charlotte apologies, Hunter wasn't supposed to find the paperwork, he was angry but at the end of the day, he's harmless. 

As Leah drives along she realises the brakes aren't working. As she desperately pumps the pedal Evie realises something's wrong and they both start to panic. As the car hurtles unchecked down the road Leah yanks up the handbrake in the hope that it will stop the car, causing it to swerve and they both scream as the car flies towards a tree. Will they survive?


Tuesday 25 August:

Zac tells Charlotte how threatening Hunter was to Leah but she shrugs it off. Zac gets a call from Leah and they both rush to the accident site. Leah and Evie are fine but they came extremely close to hitting a tree and Leah suggests that it might not have been an accident.

At the diner Greg Snelgrove and Irene try to plan their date, Greg isn't keen on going local and Irene invites him to have dinner at her place, as John smirks nearby. Greg accepts gladly and as soon as he leaves John says he'd be wearing his best undies if he was invited to a lady's house for a first date. Josh and Andy are nearby talking about Josh getting his trial HSC results and whether Principal Snelgrove knows about the study drugs that Josh has been taking.

As Hunter arrives home Charlotte tells him about Leah and Evie's accident. Charlotte implies that Hunter was involved and they have words but Hunter admits to nothing. Leah and Evie are back home and everyone discusses whether it's possible that Hunter caused the accident. When questioned, Leah just says that the mechanics will work it out but once left alone with Zac she asks him whether he believes that it was an accident. Zac is upset and refuses to believe that Hunter could do such a thing.

Hannah walks in to the diner and has a stilted conversation with Andy and Josh before Irene asks her whether she's seen Chris. John chimes in and when Hannah says she hasn't seen him Irene lets slip that Hannah kissed Chris which gets a reaction from Andy. She awkwardly protests to Andy and Josh that there's nothing going on with her and Chris.

Charlotte and Hunter walk through school on Hunter's first day. Zac checks in with Charlotte after Hunter leaves, and Charlotte tells him that she talked to Hunter who denies doing anything to Leah's car, and that she believes him. The teens walk by talking about Hunter and stop abruptly as they see him. He asks if they were talking about him and Evie comes clean, admitting that they were. She asks whether he tampered with Leah's brakes and he says he did, aggressively pushing their buttons. Matt tells him that he shouldn't joke about it and VJ gets worked up, aggressively stepping up to Hunter. Before anything can happen Principal Snelgrove intervenes. Josh asks Evie if she's okay after the accident, she says she is and walks off leaving Josh thinking about her.

Charlotte teaches a lesson as VJ stirs Hunter. They're soon in a physical fight and as Charlotte goes to break it up, Zac rushes in and helps pull them apart. They all get called to Principal Snelgrove's office. VJ and Hunter get told off, then after the boys are sent out, Snelgrove has a go at Zac and Charlotte telling them to take the day off to sort the boys out.

Hannah drops in to see Chris who's morosely sitting on the couch. She tries to persuade him to go bodyboarding with her but he's reticent. Later at the diner Irene tells Marilyn and John that Hannahs managed to get Chris out of the house and Marilyn hints that Irene and Greg can have the house to themselves for their date. Irene looks worried and tells them she's afraid that John might be right and says she's going to cancel the date. Marilyn quickly jumps in and suggests that she and John join them, making it more like a dinner party than a date, to take the pressure off.

Charlotte asks Andy whether he got her message, and suggests they hang out& Andy makes excuses not to see her and after she leaves Andy tells Josh not to ask why. Outside Josh quizzes Andy about fobbing Charlotte off, suggesting that he's still hung up on Hannah. Andy admits that may be so but insists that he's with Charlotte.

Hannah and Chris have been in the water but Chris is still out of sorts. Hannah puts her foot in it saying that they're all worried about him, he's angry and thinks she's only there out of pity. When she says he's not being himself he lashes out saying that she doesn't know him, that no one does. Later Hannah apologises to Chris for pushing him into the bodyboarding. Chris tells her that he puts on the outgoing personality, that he hasn't always been that way. Hannah tells him that he only has to be himself with her and as they hug Andy sees them.

Leah finds out that her car wasn't tampered with. Zac tells Charlotte and Hunter, and is sorry that people doubted Hunter. Hunter isn't placated and when Zac tells him that he needs to control his temper Hunter pushes back defiantly and walks off. When Zac arrives home he tells Leah that Hunter thinks everyone is against him. Leah ends up telling Zac that Hunter frightens her and that she won't have anything to do with him anymore.

Principal Snelgrove gives out the exam results, Matt's happy with his despite still being beaten by Oscar. Josh also did well, but before there's time to celebrate Principal Snelgrove calls him into his office. He tells Josh that he can't tolerate drug taking in his school and expels Josh, dashing his hopes of studying architecture and everything that he's worked so hard for.


Wednesday 26 August:

Josh arrives home in a terrible mood, ignoring Andy and shoving past Ricky. Andy follows Josh inside and finds out that he's been expelled. Andy tries to think of options for Josh but he's angry and not open to suggestions.

Hannah helps Kat get ready to leave the hospital. Hannah notices Kat's face fall as she catches sight of Ricky following Nate. Kat covers and Nate takes Kat home. Kat suggests they order take out and relax together but Nate has promised to meet Ricky back at the hospital while they discuss Kyle's condition. Nate leaves a frustrated Kat at home. Later Kat vents to Hannah who reassures Kat but lets slip that Ricky left Nate for Brax, not knowing Nate hadn't told her.

Marilyn and John quiz Irene after she gets a call from James Fraser. James has asked Irene to go to England to look after Olivia while he goes to a conference. Marilyn and John think it's a no brainer – go to London, take the free holiday! Irene is persuaded, but then Marilyn stops her when she tries to use it an excuse to get out of her date. Before dinner Marilyn reassures a nervous Irene. When Greg arrives he tells Irene how good she looks and things seem to get off to a good start. Over dinner Greg talks about his work, and expelling a student which John quickly realises was Josh. Greg says he has to set an example but John think he might be being too harsh. Irene cuts in stopping the debate from going any further but then puts her own foot in it by laughing out loud when Greg mentions that he's considered retiring early to put more time into his passion of maintaining fish tanks. After an awkward moment Marilyn covers for Irene who recovers well and tells Greg that she thinks if something's worth doing it's worth doing well and they toast to that. In the kitchen John tries to get Marilyn to admit that Greg is incredibly boring but she won't, saying that Irene's happiness is all that matters. Irene comes in laughing at something Greg has said then tells Marilyn and John she can't stand him. Later, as Greg leaves he tries to make future plans with Irene but she fobs him off, using the trip to the UK to be vague. Nate arrives home giving Irene a welcome interruption and she quickly sees Greg out. Marilyn apologises for pushing Irene into the date but Irene says she's glad, she’s been shown that dating really isn't that scary and that maybe she'll try again sometime.

Nate comforts Ricky who feels helpless, she's struggling to hold it together. Nate tells her that she doesn't always have to be the strong one but she says she does. Nate receives a text from Kat asking when he'll be done but he ignores it, telling Ricky that he can stay longer. When he gets to Kat she asks where he's been. She's upset that he stayed out with Ricky, and tells him that she only just found out how he and Ricky broke up. She tells him that it's not normal to be best mates with a woman who broke his heart. Nate promises that his and Ricky's relationship is in the past. He leaves, telling Kat that he understands trusting isn't easy for her but that she needs to find a way otherwise they are not going to work.

Josh is still stomping around and Andy tries a more subtle tactic but Josh is only taken in for a moment before he sees through Andy and has a go at him. Unperturbed Andy insists that he does think Josh's education is important, telling him that he doesn't want him to end up like himself – he wanted to be a mechanic, he never dreamed of working in a gym but his lack of schooling left him with few choices. Josh is given food for thought. Later things are calmer and Josh tells Andy that he shouldn't let go of his dream of being a mechanic but Andy thinks it's too late, reassuring Josh that he's happy doing what he does. Josh hesitantly tells Andy that he's going to find a way to finish his HSC. Andy promptly gets up and slaps Josh on the back of the head for worrying him. The brothers are getting back to normal.

The next day Ricky walks along the beach with Casey, bumping into Nate coming in from a paddle. Ricky can tell there's something wrong and as Nate tries to downtalk Kat's worries the folder that Ricky’s holding is blown open and papers fly everywhere. Nate collects them up, both of them laughing and Nate doesn't notice Kat trying to call him. We cut to Kat, who leaves a message apologising. Hannah comes in and asks if Kat spoke to Nate about Ricky. Kat says she did, and that she really stuffed it up, that's why she’s trying to call and talk to him. Meanwhile Nate's gathered up all of Ricky's papers and offers to hold Casey while she organises them. Once she's done, Ricky watches Nate with Casey for a moment, and things become a little charged between them. Ricky breaks the moment saying she should go and Nate hurriedly agrees, handing Casey back and leaving. Is there something between these two?


Thursday 27 August

Phoebe's coping with morning sickness as her and Ash chat about the baby. He is getting used to talking about the fact that it might be Kyle's, even making jokes about it. Phoebe takes this opportunity to talk him into dropping off some music to Kyle.

Kyle is being checked on by James, who asks Kyle to clear up some discrepancies on his medical report. In Melbourne he got stitches but when he arrived here they were already removed. When James questions who took them out, Kyle feigns ignorance to cover Nate's ass. When Ash arrives at the hospital, he mentions Phoebe's taking it easy because she's been a bit sick. Kyle is a little worried but after Ash exlplains it's only morning sickness, Kyle says he's sorry Ash has to deal with that. Ash is very firm that Phoebe is his girlfriend and he doesn't mind.

Kat apologises to Nate for questioning his relationship with Ricky. Nate tries to dismiss it, maybe feeling slightly guilty, but he accepts her apology and they make up. Phoebe rolls in and recruits Kat for a lazy day on the couch as Nate heads off to work. But soon Phoebe gets a call about her first ultrasound – the hospital had a cancellation so they can fit her in today. Phoebe apologises to Kat and makes to get ready as Kat asks if she's going to tell Ash or Kyle? Phoebe says it's no big deal but Kat offers to go with Phoebe.

Denny goes to visit Ricky and finds her in a serious daze, taking a while to realise Denny is there. Denny pulls her up on it and asks what's up. After swearing Denny to secrecy, Ricky tells her about the moment she and Nate had. She's pretty sure Nate was aware of it too. Denny asks how Ricky feels about it but Ricky isn't sure. Her head's been all over the place lately so maybe she's just reading into things. Denny probes a bit more but Ricky's adamant she's still in love with Brax. Denny says that doesn't mean she can’t have feelings for someone else. Ricky says that’s not what this is; her and Nate are just mates. Ricky then asks if they can pretend she never said anything and Denny is left bewildered.

At the hospital, Phoebe's getting her ultrasound with Kat by her side. She's positive they won't see much more than a smudge on the screen but as the image of her baby comes up on the screen and the sonographer turns up the sound, Phoebe can hear her baby's heartbeat. She's overcome with emotion and breaks into a huge smile. On their way out, Phoebe asks if Kat minds if she pops in to see Kyle. Kat makes her own way home. As Phoebe enters Kyle's room he smiles, he thought she was sick? She says she's feeling better now. Then she tells him about the ultrasound and how amazing it was. Later, Phoebe has the DVD copy of the scan to show to Kyle. She sets it up on a laptop and as he watches, Kyle is elated and can't stop smiling. Phoebe reaches out and holds his hand as they watch. Just then Ash turns up, and sees them through the window. He comes in, saying he got Phoebe's text to come. Phoebe then tells Ash she had an ultrasound and shows him the video as well. Kyle and Phoebe are both so happy but Ash looks worried. When Phoebe asks him later why he's acting, he says it's just seeing Billie that's shaken him up a bit. 

Denny runs into Kat at the beach and she asks if Denny could head out tonight so Kat and Nate can have some alone time. She confides to Denny that her and Nate had a fight last night, over her accusing Nate of something going on between him and Ricky. Denny becomes silent, suddenly aware Kat's suspicions may have been founded.

Ricky goes to the hospital to visit Kyle but runs into Nate. They say hello but Ricky's quick to try and get away. Before she can, James walks up and asks if he can talk to Ricky about Kyle. He's trying to determine how his sepsis developed and his condition deteriorated so quickly. James says that Kyle doesn't seem to remember what happened but he left Melbourne in a stable condition. Ricky is a little defensive, not sure why this is important, but James insists it's very important since Kyle is now facing a life threatening condition. Before the conversation can escalate further Nate jumps in – He knows what happened. He tells James about taking Kyle's stitches out at home because the wound was infected. Nate admits that he should have done a full blood work up. He had no idea Kyle was turning septic. Ricky tries to defend Nate saying Kyle refused to come to hospital but Nate tells her it's ok. He looks James in the eye, admitting he didn’t follow protocol and that's the reason why Kyle is in this situation now. Later James chastises Nate for not coming forward earlier and reveals he has no choice but to report this to the board.

Ash catches up with Ricky to unload about his real concerns over Phoebe's baby. It’s a very weird situation watching an ultrasound with your girlfriend and her ex, not knowing who the father is! Ricky sympathises but reminds Ash that this is what he signed up for when he decided to stick by Phoebe. Ash just isn't sure how long he can pretend that this pregnancy is something he wants. He loves Phoebe and doesn't want to make things harder for her, so maybe he should just shut up and get on with it. Ricky says it'll get easier once they know who the father is. Ash hopes so.

Kat arrives at the hospital to invite Nate to dinner tonight, having the house to themselves, but Nate's despondent. He tells her he's been reported for medical negligence. Before she can respond, buzzers go off in Kyle's room and Nate rushes in. Kyle is having anyphilaxis and struggling to breathe. Once they stablise him Nate comes out and explains to Kat that he had an allergic reaction to the dialysis. Nate then gets some test results back for Kyle and makes a call to Ricky. They meet up outside the diner and Nate explains that Kyle is getting much worse. He's lost almost all of his kidney function. Phoebe and Ash see them talking from afar and walk up, asking what’s going on. Ricky says it's about Kyle. Nate lays it out for them – right now the only thing that will save Kyle's life is a kidney transplant.


Friday 28 August:

Ricky, Phoebe and Ash walk to the car, talking about getting tested to donate a kidney to Kyle. Ash has to tell Phoebe that she can't, she’s pregnant. Phoebe reluctantly agrees, she just hates feeling helpless.

Kat stops by to see Nate. Kat is caring but they end up arguing after she asks whether Kyle's deterioration will affect Nate's career. Nate leaves, saying he has to get back to the hospital. Ricky, Phoebe and Ash are gathered in Kyle's room reassuring him when Nate walks in. Nate asks how the dialysis is making Kyle feel, and then Ricky and Ash tell Kyle that they're going to get tested to see if they can be donors for him. Kyle refuses, saying he won't accept a kidney from them. Ricky and Phoebe try to persuade him but it takes Ricky bluntly telling him that he has to accept their help for him to back down.

In the diner James is flirting with Roo when Denny walks in. She orders and asks James if they've met before. James tells her that he has one of those faces and Denny seems to accept that and goes to sit at a table. After her coffee though she comes and sits with James, insisting that she's seen him before. She tries to guess where they might have met and James shuts her down abruptly. Denny leaves, a little taken aback and when Roo asks what happened, James tells her that he had to shut Denny down because she was asking about Kyle, citing patient confidentiality. His phone rings and he gets it, saying he should probably get back to the hospital.

Ricky follows James into Kyle's room trying to persuade him that Nate wasn't at fault, he just did what Ricky asked but James won't talk about it. He goes on to tell Kyle, Ricky, Phoebe and Ash that although Heath isn't a match, their brother Darryl is. Kyle tries to stop him but James is on a roll, telling him that it could save Kyle's life. Ricky has to speak up, saying Brax passed away. James apologises, saying they will just wait for the results.

Ricky bumps into Nate and thanks him for coming back for Kyle. Ricky's voice catches and Nate asks what's wrong. Ricky tells him that Brax could have been a donor and breaks down, saying it's cruel. Nate holds her and as he's comforting her Kat sees them. Nate and Kat exchange a loaded look. Back at the house Nate and Kat argue about Ricky, Nate accuses Kat of being jealous but Kat insists she's not, that his close relationship with Ricky is the problem. The conversation ends with Nate telling Kat to leave.

Denny finds Ricky at home, cleaning furiously. Denny makes Ricky tell her what's wrong. Ricky tells Denny about Kyle needing a kidney transplant and that Brax would have been a match. Denny insists that Ricky go and lie down, she'll do the cleaning. A shocked Denny finds a note addressed to Ricky, tucked behind the shelves: ‘Ash lied! Brax is still alive’. After her nap a grateful, refreshed Ricky finds Denny in the garden, but she acts oddly and leaves, taking the note with her.

Phoebe watches Ash surfing then they talk about waiting for the test results, Phoebe is impatient to find out if anyone's a match. When Phoebe mentions Brax being a match she asks Ash if he's okay, saying how he acts strangely whenever anyone mentions Brax.

James and Roo meet in the caravan park and James inadvertently almost tells Roo he loves her. She stops him and he won't say it again, but when he says maybe it's a bit soon she tells him she loves him too. They seal it with a kiss. Later in the diner Roo watches James as he eats breakfast, and takes her wedding ring off. She goes over to sit with him, and they talk about her meeting his family sometime. When Roo tries to pin down a date James is evasive. Denny then walks in and demands to speak to Ash, who's sitting at another table. Outside on the pier a distressed Denny confronts Ash about Brax still being alive. She's upset and demands that he contact Brax to tell him to come and save Kyle.

Kat tries to apologise to Nate again but he doesn't want to hear it, saying there's too much baggage and that they need some space.

Denny takes Ash to see Ricky and Phoebe but before he can be made to tell them about Brax, Ricky's phone rings. After the call Ricky tells them that she's not a match but that Ash is. Ash says he'll do it, ‘it’s what Brax would do’…