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Home and Away: 2013 in pictures (PART TWO)

Heath and Nate help a wounded Andy

A picture's worth a thousand words, so catch up on last year's drama with part two of our photo recap:

Brax confesses

It was the Big House for Brax after he confessed to killing Johnny Barrett when he was a teenager.

Josh is shot by his mother

Johnny's widow sought her revenge on Brax, but it was her son Josh who took the bullet.

Spencer stops taking his medication

Spencer got out of control when he stopped taking his bi-polar medication...

Spencer joins the cult

And instead of taking them, he decided to join a cult.

Andy gets out of jail but is badly hurt

Heath, Ricky and Nate saved Andy's life when he was attacked.

Final farewell to Romeo

Indi finally got her closure on Romeo when his ashes arrived.

Tamara and Casey reconcile and then breakup

Tamara and Casey rekindled their romance but it fizzled out not long after.

Spencer and Evie escape cult

Spencer and Evie finally realised that the cult wasn't all it cracked up to be and escaped.

Dex and April get married

Dex finally put a ring on it, and then he and April left Summer Bay for Paris. Oh and Indi left as well, so like many a homeless teen before her, Sasha moved into Irene's.

Ms Montgomery comes to Summer Bay

Mangrove River principal Ms Montgomery came to Summer Bay and she had some serious beef with Heath and Bianca...

Mangrove River joins Summer Bay High

She also brought her misfit students with her as the two schools tried to integrate following a fire at Mangrove River High.

Three's a crowd for Josh and Maddie

Three's a crowd for Maddie and Josh, and after Andy spiked her drink, Josh finally gave up on his brother.

The Sniper accuses Heath of assault

Ms Montgomery falsely accused Heath of assault, and with Tamara there to testify on Heath's behalf, Bianca finally got to fire her arch nemisis.

Ricky is pregnant

There's a baby on the way for Ricky and Brax but before she could tell him, Brax broke up with her. But don't worry, Nate was always waiting for her with open arms...

Phoebe comes to town

Tamara and Kyle reconnected. But will the arrival of his ex Phoebe put a stop to anything more?

Season finale of Home and Away for 2013

And finally- Harvey came back after being lost at sea, but something has changed; Ethan kidnapped the twins and an unconcious Kyle, and locked them in a container; and Ms Montgomery blew the hospital to smithereens with Bianca, Heath, Irene, Ricky, Ethan, and Nate inside. Who won't survive?!

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