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20 - 24 July 2015

Monday 20 July

Still at the BBQ at Zac & Leah's, Charlotte makes excuses to leave after her run in with Matt. Andy quickly ushers her out and they escape further questions. Josh and Maddy arrive just as they leave and Josh asks Evie if they're together? Turns out even Josh didn't know about his brother's new "relationship". Evie goes to Matt to gauge his reaction to Ms. King leaving but Matt is giving nothing away. Heading home, Andy asks Charlotte what's really going on. Charlotte tells him about the racy photos Matt has of her and that he's threatening to use them against her. Charlotte is quite upset so Andy offers to go see Matt. Later in the afternoon, Andy swings by Leah's place and catches Matt out the front putting the bin out. Andy tells Matt he needs to delete those photos. So he got dumped - time to move on. Matt's annoyed at Andy's attitude. Andy softens and says that Charlotte does feel bad about how Matt is taking this. Matt decides to let it go and deletes the photos right there in front of Andy. As Andy leaves, Matt yells that Charlotte is only using him, knowing all too well what Andy's likely in for.

Billie turns up at the diner on her way to work, much to Chris's annoyance. She tries to apologise for manipulating him but he says she'd be better apologising to Nate & Kat. Billie pleads that she's trying to make amends but Chris is confident that no one can come back from what she did; at least not in his books. Billie later finds the gym car vandalised with "skank" written all over it. As she begins to try to scrub it off, Andy approaches and asks who did that to the car? And who's looking after the gym? Billie is upset and goes on the defensive, saying she doesn't need another lecture, she'll just go home. Obviously no one will come to the gym with her working there so she'll save Andy some trouble - she quits. Billie runs off, almost crying, leaving Andy wondering what just happened.

Meanwhile, Nate & Kat are discussing Nate's new living arrangements. Kat's excited about a less crowded house with a little more privacy. Chris soon interrupts that privacy and invites himself to join them kayaking - will this interruption become a common thing with Nate's new housemate? It doesn't take long for Chris to get on both of their nerves and Kat decides to bow out, leaving the boys to have the day to themselves. Andy is relaying to Charlotte that Matt has deleted the photos of her. Charlotte is relieved and a little surprised he agreed so easily. She thanks Andy and promises to make it up to him. They get talking and decide to get a drink together. Could this fake relationship turn into a real one? At the diner, Leah is lamenting to Roo about the housing situation Zac & herself now find themselves in. At the same time, Zac is unloading on Alf about the same thing. It seems both Leah & Zac are worried their lives will be taken up with caring for teenagers and it'll leave no time for each other. Back at home Leah & Zac come together and decide on a date night once a week to keep the romance alive.

The next day, Charlotte sees Matt at the Pier on her morning run and calls out to him. She apologises again how things ended between them. Matt is terse, saying he's surprised she sent such an idiot around yesterday to sort things out for her. Charlotte is immediately tense and asks if he really deleted the photos of her. Matt admits he's still got copies on his computer. He toys with Charlotte, telling her he's not sure what he'll do with them. Charlotte is reeling. She heads to the diner for a break whilst Leah, Zac and the teens are having breakfast. Charlotte overhears Leah mention that everyone will be out of the house for the first time in days, as they all head off to do errands.

Kat and Nate are walking along the beach when Chris barrels up. Kat decides to do the adult thing and tells him that her & Nate need some alone time. Chris says he's relieved. He was just trying to make it up to Nate after the whole Billie thing but thinks he may have gone overboard. They all have a chuckle and the boys agree to put that "waste of space" behind them, referring to Billie. Kat then stops them, seeing Billie not for from them up the beach. It's clear Billie's overheard and she scurries off. As she walks away from the beach she almost walks into VJ and the family on their way home. Billie tells him to get out of the way and VJ makes a throw away comment about her being a liar. It's the last straw for Billie and she presumes that VJ is the one who vandalised the gym car. She goes off, yelling at him and at Leah, Zac and Evie. She thinks they have a perfect life and they wouldn't know what its like to lose everything. Billie storms off, barely keeping it together. Leah , Zac, VJ & Evie are left bemused as to what's gotten into her. They all head home but as they approach Leah's house, they see smoke. As they rush to the house, Maddy rounds the corner. Leah asks why she's not at the library with Matt & Oscar studying? Maddy says they were meant to meet here - Leah and Zac look to the house. As Evie calls the fire brigade, Zac says to them all, no one come in after me. Zac runs into the burning house as Leah screams for him to come back.


Tuesday 21 July:

Leah is beside herself as she, VJ, Maddy and Evie watch the house burn, waiting fearfully for Zac to reappear. Inside, Zac is desperately trying to find Oscar and Matt. The boys are trapped in a bedroom, which is getting hotter by the minute. They try opening the door but flames and smoke pour in so they quickly shut it again. When they try the window they find it locked and can't break it. They start stuffing clothes into the gap at the bottom of the door to stop smoke coming in, then they hear Zac. Zac can hear them too but he is stopped from opening the door by a beam which has fallen across the door. Suddenly, just as everyone outside becomes more desperate, Billie appears and runs straight towards the house. VJ has to hold Leah back. Billie runs inside the house and finds Zac collapsed on the ground. She shakes him, he coughs and when she asks where the boys are he points to the door. Billie finds some blankets and together they manage to clear the door and Billie kicks it open. They grab more blankets from the beds and draped in them they urgently follow Zac. In the smoke and panic no-one notices as a ceiling collapses on Billie who's at the back& Zac and the boys stumble to safety outside as the firetrucks arrive. VJ quickly realises that Billie isn't with the guys.

Nate and Hannah are on duty at the hospital as the fire victims are brought in. They start to treat the guys then Nate sees Billie being brought in. She's in the worst condition and they lock eyes as she's wheeled past. Oscar and Matt are treated for smoke inhalation. When they're left alone they discuss how much worse it could have been if Oscar hadn't remembered what to do, and if Matt hadn't stayed so calm. The 'Firebrothers' shake on it.

Roo finds Alf enjoying the peace and quiet in the lounge room. They laugh about how rarely they get that opportunity, just as the phone rings and Maddy gives Roo the news of the fire.

At the hospital Leah apologises to VJ for losing it and reassures him that she's okay while Maddy tries to calm Evie who's worried that perhaps they did something to cause the fire. Roo and Alf arrive to find them but when they ask about Zac no-one knows yet how he is. In a hospital room Nate is examining Zac, he tells him that his chest is fine and that the burns he has, while painful, aren't too bad. They joke lightly and when Nate tells Zac that he was very heroic, Zac corrects him saying that Billie was the real hero. Nate is conflicted with this news. Elsewhere Hannah tends to Billie who is sullen, then starts to struggle to breathe. The boys are discharged and reunited with everyone else, but as they prepare to go home they hear alarms and look back to see Nate and nurses rushing to Billie's room. Nate realises that Billie's airways are swelling up and instructs immediate intubation.

Kat comes in to see Nate who tells her what Billie did running into the blaze and rescuing everyone, that she's not in a good way and they've had to put her into an induced coma. Leah and Zac ready to leave and say that they're going to see what's left of the house. Kat is concerned and strongly suggests that they prepare themselves for how bad it is.

Alf, Roo and Maddy rally around finding blankets, clothes and room for everyone to sleep at their house.

Nate and Hannah quietly discuss Billie's state, which Nate admits is not looking good. Hannah goes to try again to get hold of Ash, not having been able to contact him earlier, needing to let him know that his sister is fighting for her life&

Leah and Zac go to see the remains of their house and try to cope with how destroyed it is. Leah is doing well until she she's the burnt tatters of a photo album with one of VJ's baby photos sticking out, the sight of which pushes her over the edge and she cries and cries in Zac's arms. Just as they are preparing to leave Kat arrives and breaks the awful news that the fire was deliberately lit.


Wednesday 22 July:

Ash and Kyle come face to face for the first time since Kyle learned that Phoebe and Ash have feelings for each other. Ash is just in to collect his phone but tells Kyle that they should talk. Kyle puts up a wall, saying that he doesn't care, they can do what they want. Ash's phone beeps with missed calls and he rushes off after realising that Billie is in hospital. Ash charges into the hospital, and Nate has to tell him how serious Billie's condition is.

Kat asks Leah and Zac who might have wanted to set the fire. Zac reluctantly suggests Billie after she asked them whether they knew what it was like to lose everything. Matt chimes in saying that it wouldn't make sense for her to light the fire and then run in to it. Matt then goes and confronts Charlotte, accusing her of having motive to light the fire, knowing that he had copies of the photos of her. Charlotte thinks he's being ridiculous.

Leah and Zac apologise for being in the way but Alf tells them they can stay as long as they need to. After Alf and Roo leave Zac and Leah talk about what they need to get done and how important they are to each other. Down at the diner there's discussion about how to help Leah and Zac. Chris suggests a charity drive, which everyone thinks this is a great idea and as John leaves to call up some contacts Phoebe walks in. Irene has to break the news to her about the fire, and Billie still being in hospital. Phoebe rushes to the hospital and tries to support Ash as they prepare to turn off the machines which are helping Billie to breathe, hoping she's able to do it without help. Phoebe gives Ash a big hug, just as Kyle walks in and he's not happy. Alarms sound, Ash and Phoebe are left fearing that Billie is in danger. Ash is close to losing it when Nate comes out and tells them that Billie is making good progress despite a hiccup when they initially turned the machines off. Ash goes in to see Billie who is now conscious.

Down at the diner donations are rolling in and Leah walks in to discover what everyone's doing. She's touched and tells them that they're looking for the person who started the fire. Everyone is shocked as they realise that it was lit deliberately. Back at the house, Zac finds out the terrible news that they are not insured. Just as he's about to tell Leah who's returned home, Charlotte walks in with some supplies for them. They thank her and she asks if they've found out who started the fire.

Kyle answers the door to urgent knocking, to find Kat and another police officer with a warrant to search Billie's room. Ash is in Billie's hospital room and she's more like her usual self when Kat arrives to arrest her. Billie tries to convince Ash that she didn't light the fire. Ash wants to believe her but thinks he'd be a idiot to do so after all the other lies. Billie protests that she's been framed but Ash hardens his heart and walks away.

Matt still can't believe that Billie would light the fire. Zac says she must have issues, Leah remains puzzled about why Billie would want to hurt them. Matt leaves in a hurry and taking the opportunity while they're alone, Zac tells Leah that the house insurance lapsed while she was in the coma. Leah looks stunned and they both try to control their fear, knowing how bad this could be. Meanwhile Matt finds Charlotte coming out of the water after a swim and apologises for accusing her of lighting the fire. He says he was angry and needed someone to blame. Charlotte softens and admits she could have handled things between them better. She asks if they could put everything behind them, which Matt says he'd really like. There's a palpable thawing between them and Matt says the photos are gone too, which brings relief to Charlotte.

Phoebe and Ash walk and talk, Ash is annoyed with himself for believing in Billie, Phoebe tells him that he shoudn't be upset about caring for his sister. She's up close and they lean in& before pulling away. Ash asks Phoebe whether she's had time to think about what she wants to happen between them, that he's really been given some perspective about who's important in his life, and that's Phoebe. As Ash continues to reason through the situation Phoebe reaches up and they kiss.

Zac comes back from the remains of their house with Leah's teapot, which he's fixed up despite hating it himself. Leah becomes tearful as she talks about her home and losing all that she's worked for. Zac gently reassures her that they can build a new future together.

Ash goes to Angelo's and tells Kyle that he and Phoebe are together, not wanting him to hear it from someone else. Kyle doesn't take it well, and Ash leaves. Kyle can't resist walking out onto the balcony, to see Ash and Phoebe embracing and as they walk off hand in hand he's is left feeling crushed.


Thursday 23 July:

Ricky pops into the diner with baby Casey and as John and Marilyn coo over the bub, an enthusiastic John offers to look after him. Ricky declines at first, then takes them up on it seeing how much John wants to. Talk gets on to the baby naming ceremony which Ricky is organising and John very obviously hints that she should be picking godparents.

In the background Phoebe and Ash are cuddling and kissing, which is the first thing that Denny sees when she walks in. She's incredulous at the sight and walks back out again. Phoebe runs after her feeling awful and trying to fix the situation, saying she shoud have told Denny but Denny is angry and tells Phoebe to just continue doing whatever she wants as she marches off.

Later in Angelo's Ash tries to calm Phoebe saying they knew the situation was a minefield and that Denny will get used to it, but Phoebe is adamant that she wants to make things right. Ricky walks over and asks how Billie's doing but a stonefaced Ash says he doesn't care after what she did. As Phoebe strokes Ash's arm comfortingly Ricky clocks their closeness. Ricky is happy for them but warns that others won't be. They tell Ricky that Kyle and Denny know, although they didn't take it well. Phoebe leaves heeding Ricky's warning that Kyle will be there soon. Kyle arrives at work, tells Ash he didn't expect him to be at there, that he'd be with Billie. When Ash responds negatively about her Kyle uses that to put Ash down too, saying being a dog must run in the family. Ash just turns and walks off. Ricky offers Kyle the night off trying to ease the tension but he wants to stay. Before long though Kyle picks a fight with Ash, pushing him and raising his voice, making a scene. Ricky suggests that Ash go home after all and tells Kyle it's not good for business. When he walks out to the balcony she follows him and makes him talk about how he's feeling but he's unwilling and surly. Ricky tells him she's there when he wants to talk.

Irene, Roo and Marilyn are having dinner at the diner, chatting about how much they've managed to collect for Leah and Zac. They talk about the things which are irreplaceable and then about Roo's new job at the university. They encourage her saying how great she'll be.

Denny stares out to sea as Phoebe approaches with coffees as a peace offering and tries to make amends. Denny is having none of it and they end up fighting verbally, then it turns physical when Denny accidentally knocks the coffees over Phoebe. Phoebe demands to know what's wrong with Denny, Denny shoves Phoebe and gets a slap in return, which leaves both girls feeling shocked.

Roo's first day at the uni gets off to a shaky start when she drops her things down some steps but James helps pick them up and is a friendly reassuring face. He tells her to show no fear. After a struggle with the microphone Roo starts her lecture with a bad joke which falls flat. Roo continues to struggle through her lecture, accidentally showing drunken photos of herself on holiday. Marilyn shows up afterwards, to wish Roo luck on her first day. She also meets James and asks about him with a cheeky grin.

Denny rushes into Angelo's telling Kyle what happened with Phoebe. Kyle can't believe it, but says you do stupid things when you're hurt. Denny persuades Kyle to go drinking with her, despite his reluctance. Meanwhile Phoebe unloads to Ash, she's upset that she's ruined her friendship with Denny. Ash is understanding but tells Phoebe that they should just get on with life, he's really happy with her. In a bar Kyle sits looking morose as Denny returns with shots. The drink is horrible and Kyle protests that he doesn't want to have too much as it's Casey's naming day tomorrow. After much persuasion Denny gets Kyle to agree to go and dance. Later they play pool and Denny tries unsuccessfully not to go on about Ash. Kyle notices a girl eyeing him up from the bar and after telling Denny she's a terrible wing-woman offers the girl a drink. Kyle ends up drunkenly trying to go with the girl to her place, but Denny stops him and takes him home. Once there, Kyle opens up about his heartbreak, telling Denny brokenly how he thought Phoebe was the one for him.

James finds Roo working late and tells her how anxious he was when he started lecturing. Roo thinks his experiences can't have been as bad as accidentally showing her students embarrassing holiday photos. As Roo tries to explain what she'd like to teach her students James is impressed and then asks her if she'd like to have coffee the following day. Ash and Phoebe are blissfully walking together when they bump into Denny. The girls tentatively make up and Denny quickly moves on to telling Phoebe that Kyle is in a seriously bad state. She leaves them feeling unsure about what to do. Ricky walks in to find a hungover Kyle on the couch. After reminding him that it's the naming ceremony today she asks him to be Casey's godfather, saying that he's the most stable thing in both her's and Casey's life. Kyle refuses and drops a bombshell: he's leaving the bay.


Friday 24 July:

Whilst Phoebe and Ash are discussing the fallout from their new relationship, at the share flat Kyle is talking to Ricky about leaving the Bay. He's decided it's too hard seeing Phoebe with Ash. He came to Summer Bay for his brothers and now they're not here, it's time for him to go. He reiterates that he'll stay if Ricky needs him but she tells him to do what's best for him. Kyle asks Ricky to keep his decision quiet for now.

Alf sees Roo leave the house quite dressed up and he comments that she looks nice. Roo says she's just got a new dress for Casey's naming ceremony. Roo then heads to the diner to have coffee with a friend who turns out to be& the mystery man James. He's the one that's offered the lecturing job at the university and it's obvious Roo is nervous in his company. Irene and Marilyn are spying on Roo & James. Roo sees them and goes to the counter to get muffins. Irene & Marilyn enjoy teasing Roo, asking if she's on a date. Roo gets flustered and playfully fobs them off before heading back to James. The pair are having such a great time chatting that Roo loses track of time. She realises she's going to be late for Casey's naming ceremony and decides to invite James. He happily accepts, saying it's a date. Roo is flushed like a school girl.

Denny goes to Angelo's to check on Kyle after last night. She says she's worried about him; just wants to make sure he's not going to go off the rails or anything. He assures Denny he's not planning to do anything right now. Back at home, Kyle, Josh & Ricky are getting ready for the ceremony. Ricky has made Casey a shirt out of one of Brax's shirts. Kyle thinks it's a great touch and checks in that Ricky's going to be ok today. She smiles; she's ok.

As everyone gathers on the beach for the ceremony there's tension & excitement - Phoebe and Ash turn up together, and Irene clocks that Roo has brought James. Nate starts the proceedings with a great speech and then Ricky says a few words. They pull at the heart strings for Kyle, as he says his piece as well. He gives a nod to his brother, Casey's name sake, and to Brax. He then promises to always be there for Ricky and for Casey no matter where in the world he is. They all head back to Angelo's for some food & drinks. Phoebe tries to talk to Kyle but he rebuffs her.

Alf asks Roo about James& so that was who you were running off to see this morning? Roo is evasive. Alf can't understand why she's being so secretive so Roo introduces James to Alf. Then Marilyn & Irene barrel up to start giving James the third degree. Turns out James and Roo went to school together years ago, but in different years. Roo lightly says they have to go now to get him out of the questions and John suggests James should run while he can! As Roo and James walk alone on the beach Roo apologises for her friends, but James doesn't seem fazed. He suggests they continue their walk up to the headlands and Roo agrees with a huge smile on her face. This is going very well. Later when James drops Roo home, she tells him she's had a lovely day. James says they should do it again, then kisses Roo on the cheek. As he leaves, it's clear Roo is smitten.

Back at the party Kyle tells Ricky he's going to head home. She warns that he better not run out of town without saying goodbye but he promises to see her at home. Phoebe catches him as he heads out and makes a final plea for him to talk to her. She says Denny told her how messed up Kyle was last night. She apologises for everything she's put Kyle through and ask that he just tell her if he's not ok. He simple hugs her; holding her tight. He whispers for her to not worry about him. He tells her to take care of herself then he walks out. Is that the last time she'll see Kyle without knowing it?

Later at the diner, Phoebe is telling Ash about her talk with Kyle. She's worried that Kyle is acting weird, not himself. Ash decides it's time for them to sort this out once and for all - face to face. They'll go to Kyle's together and talk to him. Meanwhile, Kyle has the last of his stuff packed and is leaving the share house. Ricky asks if he has to go so soon but Kyle's look says it all. He says goodbye to Casey. He tells him he's got the coolest mum ever. Ricky asks Kyle to promise her that he'll look after himself. He does. Ricky will miss him. Then with one final look to Ricky & Casey, Kyle leaves. Soon after, Ash & Phoebe turn up at Ricky's and ask where Kyle is. She says he's out. Phoebe tells Ricky about him acting weird at the party and Ricky says its not all about the break up. Phoebe can tell she's holding something back so Ricky relents and tells them both that Kyle just left the Bay - for good.

Phoebe and Ash chase down Kyle in their car. They see him by the road and Phoebe jumps out to catch up with him. What is he doing leaving without saying good bye?! She's angry and upset and they finally have a proper conversation about them. Phoebe admits that she wouldn't even know who she was without her time with Kyle and Kyle agrees she was good for him too. They tried their best to make it work, it just wasn't meant to be. They have their heartfelt goodbye as Ash watches on. Kyle walks away from Phoebe, Ash and the Bay&forever