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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

20 - 24 April 2015

Ray Meagher plays Alf Stewart

Andy and Josh

Jessica Grace Smith as Denny in TV2's Home and Away

Nic Westaway plays Kyle Braxton

Isabella Giovinazzo as Phoebe on Home and Away

Monday 20 April

Leah finally catches up with a self pitying Matt, who continues to cover up his drinking. While making Matt a much needed coffee Irene witnesses the tension between him and Evie. Evie tells Josh that Matt's a mess, but chickens out of telling him that Matt kissed her. Leah makes some headway talking to Matt in a late night D&M, but despite considering it, he doesn't go through with pouring away his alcohol stash.

Josh and Evie talk about the Canberra War Memorial excursion, while John is putting everything into arranging a local Anzac Celebration. Evie drops off an excusion information pack for Maddy and inadvertently shows Alf that the younger generation think Anzac Day isn't important. While Alf hides his reaction from Evie, he is really hurt by her attitude. Josh looks for Matt, bringing his absence from school to Leah and Irenes' attention. Leah feels guilty for not being there for Matt when Sasha left and shows him that they all care. Matt swears he'll stop letting himself down.

Ricky is upset and confused that the gaol won't allow her to visit Brax. Ash offers to check up on it, diverting Ricky from contacting the lawyers. Kyle and Ash argue about telling Ricky that Brax is in solitary but Kyle insists they stick to the plan. Phoebe is cooking up a messy storm and inadvertently furthers Ricky's worries about Brax. Ricky has had enough of sharing with Phoebe and asks her to move out; whilst also telling her that she thinks it's high time she and Kyle talked. Phoebe apologises to Kyle but he still wants to marry her, and takes it one step further by talking about starting a family. Phoebe thinks he doesn't care about what she wants and walks away. Ricky thinks that Brax is trying to cut her off again, which forces Ash to finally confess to her that Brax is in solitary and has been hurt.


Tuesday 21 April:

Ash talks to Denny about how upset Ricky is after he told her that Brax is in solitary. Denny finds a frantic Ricky who thinks she's going into labour. Kat apologises to Nate about how they broke up but he is short with her, then rushes off to help Ricky. Nate reassures Ricky that false labour is not unusual at this stage in pregnancy and tries to encourage her to relax, despite her stressful situation.

Nate thinks Kat is over reacting to people finding out about their relationship but she won't tell him why. Phoebe tries to convince Kat and perhaps herself that she and Kyle can make their relationship work by compromising, but Kat doesn't buy it. Later on Kat digs out an engagement ring that she has hidden away, but who gave it to her? Phoebe is conflicted when she overhears Kyle comforting Ricky. She tells Kyle that she loves how caring he can be and doesn't want him to give up having a family for her. They break up, despite still being in love.

Alf expresses to Roo how angry he is over the younger generation's dismissive attitude to Anzac Day and all that it represents. Roo enlists Marilyn's help to calm Alf down, but he remains upset. Alf tells them he's the 3rd generation of servicemen in his family and has Roo's great-grandfather's ashes in a safety deposit box, entrusted to him by his father. Marilyn suggests Alf goes on the war memorial school excursion as a chaperone, she thinks the kids would benefit from his first hand experience but Alf's not convinced, he thinks the past should remain in the past.

Ash gets a call from the lawyer and finds out that Brax tangled with Gunno, an unwelcome familiar name from his own past in prison. Ash goes to see Ricky and apologises for keeping her in the dark. He tells her that Brax has had a run in with Gunno and came out of it with a broken rib. He breaks the bad news to Ricky that he himself angered Gunno by stopping him smuggling drugs in prison and that he's inside for murder.


Wednesday 22 April:

Leah is going stir crazy and tries to persuade Zac to let her go on the Canberra excursion, but he's having none of it. He volunteers to stay behind but Leah wants him to go and asks him to keep an eye on Matt. Leah persuades a reluctant Irene to let her cover her shift at the diner. Leah and Hannah see each other for the first time since the accident when Denny and Hannah go to the diner for breakfast.

During the shift Leah burns herself making coffee, and snaps at Chris when he tries to help. Hannah is worried about Leah, they talk about life after the accident. Denny wonders why Hannah and Andy aren't taking advantage of the empty house while the teens are all on their excursion. She volunteers to be out of the house later on to give Hannah and Andy some alone time after his assessment. Zac is concerned when he finds out from Chris that Leah seemed vague when she burned herself.

Kyle puts the pressure on Andy just before the assessment, they'll lose their licence unless he gets qualified. Spencer, acting as the client, keeps showing Andy up in front of the assessor. Afterwards a simmering Kyle gives Andy the bad news that he's borderline so will have to get at least 90% in his written exam. While Spencer boasts to Chris that he also has the skills to be a personal trainer Chris gets a call with the bad news that their father has been in a car accident.

Ash tells Kyle that Gunno is after Brax and tries to enlist Kat's help but she says there's nothing she can do. Kyle has another idea, and with help from Zac's contacts, Ash gets into the prison and visits Gunno who makes him an offer - Brax's safety in exchange for smuggling drugs.

Kat and Nate meet while jogging on the beach and they make peace when he offers friendship. Kat confesses that she's a control freak because when she was personally involved with a former colleague, an operation went wrong and her reputation was ruined. So now she feels like she's been given a second chance. Nate is drawn in by Kat's confession and tries to kiss her but she pulls away and asks him to leave.


Thursday 23 April:

Marilyn pops round to let Alf know when the excursion bus is leaving but Alf tells her he hasn't changed his mind. Chris tries unsuccessfully to persuade Spencer to go with him to visit their dad in hospital. Spencer talks to Roo and Alf about his worries and as soon as Spencer leaves, Roo turns the tables on Alf, challenging him to face his own fears by going on the excursion. Maddy has a good talk to Spencer, who then turns up just in time to go with Chris. Alone, Maddy decides it's time to tell her mum about the cancer.

Andy needs help with his exam study but plays it down to let Josh go on the excursion. Eventually Andy despairs with his revision and finally allows Hannah to help him, but he's not really concentrating. All work and no play sucks! Hannah has an idea& Strip study! In a serious moment Andy thanks Hannah and she tells him she admires him for pushing himself beyond his comfort zone.

As everyone prepares to leave for Canberra, Zac asks Matt whether he's got any alcohol with him? Matt cockily offers to let him check his bag but Zac declines. Evie realises that she may have put her foot in it when Zac tells them that Alf is a veteran himself and is coming along. Catching Matt taking snacks from Angelo's, Evie thanks him for keeping the kiss to himself but Josh overhears and Evie chases after him to fix things. Evie tells Matt he has to come and face the music. He swipes a bottle&

In Canberra Alf stands alone at the top of the steps to the war memorial, filled with trepidation, as Zac and John struggle to quieten the teens down. Marilyn whistles loudly and finally there is silence. Zac instructs the students on their work and to be respectful inside. Marilyn goes up to Alf and lends him a supportive arm to lean on as he enters the war memorial for the first time.


Friday 24 April:

Maddy is nervous about calling her mum Tanya to tell her that she has cancer, Roo suggests telling her face to face so Maddy finally makes the call and is excited when her mum accepts her invitation to visit immediately.

The teens walk around the Canberra war museum, making flippant remarks. Alf is upset when he overhears them and makes his feelings known. Jett sees Alf walking around the museum and realises that all is not well, as Alf experiences flashbacks. When the teens are having a break, reflecting on how bored they are, Zac tells them they are supposed to be learning and John tries to pull them up on their attitude but Alf interrupts saying he's wasting his breath. Marilyn has had enough and has a go at the teens, telling them that it's about respect for the sacrifices that were made so that they can live their lives freely and easily.

The teens go back inside and start to really see what the exibits are about. Jett is particularly affected, seeing how the young soldiers were just like the teens themselves, how it could have been them. Evie becomes tearful as it all starts to impact her. She puts a comforting hand on Alf's shoulder as he places a poppy on the wall. The teens leave the war memorial changed, having started to understand. Back on the bus, there's a surprise in store for them - they'll be sleeping in a trench for the night! Alf is short with John when he asks if he's up for the night in the trench but despite his denial he continues to have flashbacks as he walks around.

Back in Summer Bay, Roo reassures Maddy as they wait for Tanya in the diner. Maddy and Tanya go for a walk to talk. Tanya is shocked and comforts Maddy when she finally tells her. Irene calms an anxious Roo while she waits for Maddy and Tanya to return. Tanya comes back alone and has a go at Roo for keeping Maddy's cancer from her. Tanya goes back to Maddy and tells her that she wants her to move back home