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2 - 6 June 2014

Things get heated between Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) and Denny (JESSICA GRACE SMITH)

Things get heated between Chris (JOHNNY RUFFO) and Denny (JESSICA GRACE SMITH)

Oscar (JAKE SPEER) is charged and processed

Oscar (JAKE SPEER) is charged and processed

Monday 2 June

Convinced that Andy is behind the drive by shooting at the house, Brax heads off with Casey to find him.

When Brax confronts Andy, he neither confirms nor denies the allegation. But later, Casey gets Andy to admit that he didn't do the drive by, and tells him to stay out of Brax's way until he can prove it; he also gives Andy his job at the gym back. Casey finally gets Brax to see the truth - but if it wasn't Andy, who fired the shot?

After finally earning Mark's approval and trust, Kyle comes clean to Phoebe about the drive by shooting at the house. Phoebe's scared, so Kyle offers her out, suggesting she go on a holiday with Mark - but Phoebe won't leave Kyle's side. Kyle organises to meet Mark alone, and asks him to get Phoebe out of Summer Bay.

When the police arrive at the Farm House, Oscar goes to the station with them and explains the details of the hit and run. Hannah watches on as they take Oscar's mug shot and fingerprint him.

Back at home, Hannah apologises to Oscar for not being there for him, and tells Zac she's worried about him. Zac finds Oscar, who admits that confessing hasn't helped him.

Then at school, Oscar can't cope with everyone staring and whispering about him. He goes home and snaps at Zac and Hannah - nothing they do will change the fact that he destroyed Tamara's life, and destroyed his own. He just wants to be left alone.

Hannah tells Andy that they need to take a break - she's been using him as an escape, and needs to make some changes. Andy thinks she's been influenced by Zac and offers to help her, but Hannah turns him down. She needs to prioritise Oscar and get her life together - maybe this is his chance to do the same thing?

Tuesday 3 June:

Brax has no idea who shot at their house so he encourages Heath to keep away for Harley's safety. Despite this, Heath believes he'll be safer there, and decides to move back in.

Bianca's shocked to hear about the drive by, and tells Heath to stay safe. Still uncomfortable with the situation, Bianca visits Heath again, and offers to take Harley until things have died down. But will he take her up on it?

Wanting to protect Phoebe, Kyle tries to convince Mark to take her out of the Bay. As Mark tries to find out more, Phoebe overhears them and storms off. She tells Kyle she's angry that the two most important men in her life are trying to control her.

Mark suggests Kyle make Phoebe understand how worried he is about her safety. Kyle takes Mark's advice, and tells Phoebe he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her. Phoebe realises she has to leave for him, and heads off with Mark, finally putting Kyle's fears to rest.

As they search for Oscar, Hannah lashes out at Zac - if he hadn't gotten drunk to avoid his problems, this wouldn't have happened. On top of this, Andy blames Zac for his break up with Hannah. But he pushes Zac too far and they start fighting, before Brax diffuses the situation. Zac warns Andy to stay away from his family.

When Oscar turns up at the Diner, he has a panic attack, Luckily Andy's there, and looks after him while they wait for Hannah. After collecting Oscar, Zac argues with Andy again - didn't he hear what he said?

Later, Zac tries to apologise to Andy, and thank him for helping Oscar. But Andy gives Zac a reality check - his family shouldn't have to suffer from anymore of his stuff-ups, so quit blaming him and do something about it.

Wednesday 4 June:

Unable to take Bianca up on her offer to look after Harley, Heath seeks Ricky's counsel. Ricky points out that she wouldn't have offered to help if she didn't think she was up to it.

Heath takes a chance and drops Harley around, thanking Bianca for the support. But now Harley's there, Bianca seems reluctant to follow through.

Heath's angry when he finds out Brax went to Mangrove River without him, but Ricky orders him to rest.

When Harley begins to cry, Bianca freaks out. Encouraged by Nate, Bianca picks Harley up, and he calms down. Finally, Bianca relaxes and enjoys looking after Harley, as Heath, unable to sleep, misses them more by the second.

Maddy's excited about her house party tomorrow night, until Josh points out she hasn't asked Alf yet. Alf flat refuses her, and no amount of bargaining will bring him around. Marilyn offers to try and get the Surf Club as a new venue, and when Maddy finds out that John's agreed, she's ecstatic.

It's going to be a perfect night, until Josh tells Maddy he's not going, confusing and disappointing her. She tells Spencer that after all the support she's given him, she didn't expect him to be so selfish. Josh overhears this, and leaves, angry at what Maddy thinks of him. Has she blown it?

In an attempt to cheer Evelyn up, Spencer invites her to Maddy's party. But she turns him down, still conflicted about Oscar's trial. When Josh checks in with her, Evelyn snaps, lashing out at him in front of the school.

After some advice from Leah, Evelyn apologises to Josh, and he encourages her to be there for Oscar. Josh also suggests she go to Maddy's party, but when she hesitates, Marilyn pushes her - Spencer will be there. Evelyn tells her they're just friends, but is there something more to it?

Thursday 5 June:

Still reeling from her fight with Josh, Maddy tries to get in the mood for the party. Alf asks Josh why he doesn't want to go, forcing Josh to reveal that he's embarrassed study isn't easy for him. Alf convinces Josh to tell her the truth, but he's intercepted by Matt, who tells him that Maddy doesn't want a lame bookworm for a boyfriend.

Disappointed that Josh hasn't shown up, Maddy goes home, and is surprised to find him at her door. She apologises, but Josh still can't find the courage to come clean. Alf's concerned, but Josh assures him he's got it all under control.

With their relationship in a good place, Sasha agrees to go to Maddy's party with Matt, even though he won't say she's his girlfriend. When Evelyn confronts Sasha about her article on Oscar, Matt defends Sasha, upsetting Evelyn and causing her to leave the party. Sasha's furious with him, but Matt's confused - he was just sticking up for her. Sasha tells him to leave her alone - he's just made things ten times worse.

Seeing how nervous Evelyn is about her party date with Spencer, Denny offers to come along for support, hijacking Chris' plans to spend the night alone with her. But when they see Evelyn having fun with Spencer, Chris steals Denny away to the Diner, and they reheat their relationship. This time, Chris promises not to stuff things up.

But when Evelyn sees Sasha, she blames her for making Oscar's situation worse with the article. Matt's reality check humiliates Evelyn and sends her fleeing from the party. Back at the farm, Evelyn thanks Spencer for his support, and they kiss. Is this the start of a new romance?

Determined to punish Jett, John orders him to work at Maddy's party. When Maddy thanks them for the night, John reveals that Jett won't be getting paid. Unable to stand how unfair John's being, Jett quits and heads home. John points out that Jett still owes him, but Jett doesn't care, he isn't scared of John any more.

Friday 6 June:

Still angry with Matt for upsetting Evelyn, Sasha tells him he needs to change to make a relationship between them work.

Off the back of Jett's advice that actions speak louder than words, Matt gets naked for Sasha, then covers himself with seaweed, totally humiliating himself. He explains that he understands he embarrassed Sasha and apologises. Sasha forgives him, and she agrees to be his "official" girlfriend.

Unable to forgive each other, Jett quits his job for John in search for fair-paying work. Alf hires Jett, but when Marilyn finds out, she organises an intervention. Marilyn lays down the law - Jett will go back to work at the Surf Club, and John will pay him fairly. Jett and John are too scared to disagree, and put an end to their fight.

Worried that Denny is growing too close to Casey, Chris tries to show Denny how committed he is to their relationship by giving his cruise prize to Irene so he can stay in the Bay. But with Irene gone, Chris is stuck working more shifts to cover for her. Has Chris opened the door for Casey?