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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

18 - 22 August 2014

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) drives to work and discovers Andy (TAI HARA) on the road

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) delivers Andy (TAI HARA) some cash

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) drives to work and discovers Andy (TAI HARA) on the road

Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) drives to work and discovers Andy (TAI HARA) on the road

Oscar (JAKE SPEER) at the gym

Oscar (JAKE SPEER) at the gym

Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY) challenges Oscar (JAKE SPEER)

Phoebe (ISABELLA GIOVINAZZO) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) to give Kyle some respect

Spencer (ANDREW MORLEY) challenges Oscar (JAKE SPEER)

Monday 18 August:

Josh hasn’t heard from Andy, neither has Casey. Brax asks Casey about Andy, does he have anything to worry about?

A badly beaten Andy is pushed out of a car and left on the side of the road. Hannah finds him with broken ribs. Hannah admits to Nate that Andy has got caught up in a drug deal gone wrong and needs protection. Josh rushes to the hospital.

Hannah lets slip to Brax that Casey went against his wishes and tried to help Andy. Brax confronts Casey and breaks the news about Andy. Andy begs Casey to protect Josh – the drug dealers are coming for him. Andy tells Hannah to stay away from him to protect herself.

Maddy is excited about her first day at work at the gym, so Roo asks Maddy about paying rent now that she’s no longer a student. Maddy turns up at work; Casey is tense about the Andy situation so dismisses her ideas. Maddy is disheartened to find her job description is more ‘cleaner’ than glamorous fitness instructor.

Roo is upset to see Maddy cleaning up dirty towels instead of studying in school. Casey explains to Roo that he gave her the job to stop her from running away; he wants her to go back to school as well.

Marilyn is finding it difficult to make John excited about the wedding. She discovers that the mystery person John wanted to attend is Xavier, not his daughter Shandi! Marilyn downloads to Irene. When Xavier tells John he’d prefer not to go to the wedding, John decides it’s for the best that he just has Marilyn and Jett there. Marilyn gets a message from Shandi that she wants to talk – will she have to un-invite her now?


Tuesday 19 August:

Casey recruits Brax & Kyle to watch over Josh, but they're not happy to be involved. Hannah is followed in her car by what looks like one of the drug dealer thugs, trying to find out where she lives. She goes to Brax for help. Brax sends Casey, Josh, Hannah & Evelyn to the Farm House to wait with Denny until it's safe to return.

Evelyn finds out Hannah is seeing Andy again and goes off, blaming Hannah for the danger. Evelyn then confronts Josh, asking why he's always on Andy's side, but then realises she's just as defensive about Oscar when anyone criticises him. Josh offers to stay the night in Evelyn's room to make her feel safe. Hannah is shocked when she finds out the next morning.

Kyle finds a lot of money is missing at Angelo's. Brax gives Andy a loan of the $4000 he still owes the dealers, then he tells him once this is sorted to keep the Braxton family out of it. Andy does a runner from the hospital in the middle of the night. Kyle is pissed at Brax for taking the money from Angelo's - he was supposed to be keeping out of it and now Kyle, as Manager of Angelo's, has to fudge the books.

Marilyn tries to find an easy way to un-invite Shandi to the wedding. Roo is being the supportive bridesmaid but Irene tells her to bite the bullet. Marilyn can't bring herself to do it so she tells John that Shandi's coming - he walks off and doesn't come home. Marilyn is worried, but when John returns he reveals he's only concerned because he hasn't told Jett that Shandi even exists!

Wednesday 20 August:

Phoebe convinces Kyle to stand up to Brax, so Kyle decides to turn Angelo's into a music venue without telling him. Brax tries to lay down the law with Kyle but he's not budging. Phoebe gives Brax a reality check that all Kyle is after is respect. Brax, realising he needs to show Kyle he trusts him, reveals he & Ricky are trying for a baby.

Kyle appreciates the honesty but is still worried about not hearing from Andy - the brothers might never see that money again. Kyle tells Phoebe things are back on solid ground with Brax but they need to take the music equipment back. She's annoyed - what happened to standing up to Brax?!

Maddy and Oscar agree to remain friends, and Oscar confides in her that there's a bully at his Community Service program. After Maddy walks him to the Bus Stop and sees the bully (Mitch) waiting, she plants a kiss on Oscar - what's that about? Mitch later makes a few cracks about Oscar - he'd never be able to land a chick as hot as Maddy. Oscar gets hot headed and punches Mitch.

Sasha is still annoyed with Matt over the poem, and worried about the Enterprise Programme at school they're both leaders for. Matt leaves Jett to lead his group and ditches school. Evelyn & Spencer give great presentations for Sasha's team, then Matt waltzes in with pizza for the class - using bribery to win a shot at presenting to the local business leaders.

It works, with Spencer & Matt deemed the finalists. Sasha tells Matt he'll need her help with his final presentation, but Matt declines. Sasha makes sure Spencer is ready to crush Matt to prove you can't win on charm alone.


Thursday 21 August:

Oscar is letting off steam at the gym after his fight with Mitch. Zac asks Oscar what happened because he needs to know if Oscar was beaten up - Oscar brushes him off, saying he can defend himself. Oscar spends the next morning at the gym, skipping school. Zac's worry grows when he finds out and Oscar still won't tell him what's wrong.

Leah sees Zac's distress and thinks maybe a mediation session would help, but is she only meddling because she likes Zac? Back at the gym, Spencer warns Oscar not to overdo it with the training. Oscar tells him to butt out, then steals the gym roster. Leah reassures Zac that he'll find out what's going on with Oscar eventually.

Chris turns up at the Bait Shop looking for Denny. He confides in Alf that he kissed Denny and she slammed the door in his face. He thought she & Casey were on a break - turns out they weren't.

Ricky reminds Phoebe that the music equipment has to go back, but not before Matt shows he can mix tracks - much to Phoebe's surprise. She pushes Matt to get involved in bringing music back to Angelo's but he reacts aggressively. As a last ditch effort, Phoebe suggests Matt includes a music track in his Enterprise presentation. Phoebe is secretly trying to overuse the equipment so it can't be returned.

Spencer and Sasha prepare for their presentation, but Sasha is being very negative towards all Spencer's hard work - she's too focused on beating Matt. When Spencer is presenting, Sasha tries to take over, worried he's not going to win.

Matt is confident when he uses his newly mixed jingle and it kills with the audience! But in the end Sasha & Spencer's research wins out. Sasha's victory is short lived when she's finds out that the poem Matt submitted under her name is going to be published in a monthly university journal.

Friday 22 August:

John still hasn't told Jett about Shandi's existence - Marilyn puts the pressure on. Jett's concerned about John's odd behaviour and asks Marilyn for clues, but she keeps her lips sealed. John feels like he's let Jett down by lying to him for so long. Not to mention he's made little effort to build a relationship with Shandi. Will Jett be able to accept John's not-so-admirable past? Marilyn reassures him that regardless of previous discretions, he's a good man.

Casey still won't trust Maddy with any serious duties at the gym. Denny gives Casey a hard time about hiring Maddy with no qualifications. Casey asks if she's just a little jealous, which she denies, but then later finds out the two have history. Chris waits at Denny's house to apologise for kissing her, but she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Chris ends up coming clean to Casey before Denny can. When Casey confronts Denny about it he's much calmer than she expects. He shares a bit about his past with Maddy and they realise neither of them has anything to worry about. Their relationship is getting stronger, but is someone spying on them at the Farm House?

Sophie, still in recovery mode, has loads of school work to catch up on. Zac kindly offers to do it for her, prompting Sophie to play matchmaker and suggest Leah help him. When they're alone Leah mentions to Zac that Sophie intended to pair them up. He balks at the idea of a romance between them, leaving Leah visibly disappointed.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Nate are forging forward with their plans to find a house together. They find the perfect one on their first day of inspections, and both are keen to take the leap. When Leah mentions to Zac how fast Sophie & Nate's plans are progressing, he asks for his old room back. Leah's not sure that's a good idea.