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17 - 21 March 2014

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) meet up

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) meet up



Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) confronts Jess (GEORGIA CHARA)

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) confronts Jess (GEORGIA CHARA)

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) confronts Jess (GEORGIA CHARA)

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) returns home

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) wakes up after spending the night at Angelo’s

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) wakes up after spending the night at Angelo’s

Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) returns home

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) that she has moved on

Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) tells Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) that she has moved on

Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) asks Heath (DAN EWING) where Brax is

Heath (DAN EWING) runs to the surf

Jess (GEORGIA CHARA) goes into labour with only Heath (DAN EWING) there to help her

Jess (GEORGIA CHARA) goes into labour with only Heath (DAN EWING) there to help her

Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) asks Heath (DAN EWING) where Brax is

Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) considers moving to Melbourne with Phoebe

Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) considers moving to Melbourne with Phoebe

Nate (KYLE PRYOR) goes to see Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) at his house

Nate (KYLE PRYOR) goes to see Brax (STEPHEN PEACOCKE) at his house

Monday 17 March:

Things are cold between Bianca and Heath - each one wants to reach out to the other, but the presence of Jess and the baby proves too large an obstacle.

Bianca confronts Jess about her reasons for staying in the Bay now that she's told Heath about her pregnancy. Jess has her reasons, but can't tell Bianca.

Jess asks Heath if he's thought anymore about being a part of their baby's life.

Meanwhile, Bianca admits to Kyle that she can't begrudge Heath wanting to be a father again, but she can't imagine having another baby after Rocco, and she can't accept Heath's baby from another woman. Heath tells Bianca that he doesn't want to lose her and will do anything to keep her in his life.

Heath regretfully tells Jess she needs to go home. He promises to support her and the baby financially.

Jess is upset until she feels a kick from the baby. She reveals that their baby is a boy. Heath touches Jess's belly and feels the baby kicking. Suddenly, he feels a strong connection to his unborn son.

Bianca witnesses this and is heartbroken. She decides she needs to leave town for a while to have a break. The news that he's having a son is a knife to her heart. She wants time apart to decide what they really want.

Chris has thrown himself into reinventing the Diner after admitting his loneliness to Irene. He creates a monstrosity called 'The Chris Burger' that he desperately wants Irene to sell at the Diner.

Irene's focusing on her own project: setting Chris up with the perfect girl. Irene has her sights set on Tamara, and convinces an extremely reluctant Leah to help her set Chris and Tamara up. When Tamara arrives at the Diner for lunch with Leah, Irene tells her that Leah's been called away. She also tells Chris that Tamara has the hots for him.

Now believing Tamara is 'Team Chris', he lays on the moves, offending Tamara. She storms out, leaving Irene feeling terrible. She admits to Tamara that she and Leah were behind the disastrous date, much to Leah's dismay.

Chris wants to find out what happened with Tamara and Irene comes clean about being the matchmaker. Chris tells her not to worry, he can handle rejection. But Irene's still determined to find a girl for Chris.

Phoebe wants Kyle to come to Melbourne with her. Kyle struggles to choose between his family and responsibilities in Summer Bay, and the love of his life.

Phoebe gives Kyle an ultimatum - she's going to drive back to Melbourne tomorrow morning at 9, she'll be waiting for him outside the diner until then. He can meet her there, or they're over and she'll go home alone. Kyle begins packing his belongings - he's chosen Phoebe.

In the midst of all the chaos, a familiar figure appears in Angelo's. Brax is finally home.


Tuesday 18 March:

Brax wakes up after spending the night in Angelo's. He looks out at Summer Bay - a free man.

He arrives at the house in time to hear his brother's trademark bickering. This time they're arguing about Kyle's decision to leave the Bay with Phoebe. Brax's return floors all of them, with Kyle revising his decision to leave, much to Phoebe's disappointment.

Casey's overjoyed to have his big brother back, but Heath can't hide his resentment. Brax explains that Adam went to the cops and told them he and not Brax killed Johnny Barrett. When Brax went to Adam for help after injuring Johnny Barrett, they found him alive. Adam finished the job. But Adam's guilty conscience pushed him to go forward with the truth. Now Brax is free.

Heath is angry that Brax hasn't asked about Ricky. Brax is still unaware of Ricky's miscarriage and everything else that's happened since he went to gaol. Brax confronts Heath about what's happened with the unplanned pregnancy, but Heath is not going to be lectured. Brax needs to realise that things have changed.

Meanwhile, Kyle rushes to Phoebe. She's disappointed that he's arrived without his bags, and he tells her he just needs a week - Brax has just arrived home. But Phoebe made it clear that she was leaving, and so it's over.

Brax finally reveals that he cut Ricky loose because he was facing ten years in prison. He couldn't foresee he would be freed before then. Casey breaks the news that Ricky's seeing someone.

Ricky's over the moon when she receives a possible job offer to go to London and photograph a band on tour. Nate put in a good word for her, and now she's being considered. The only downside is that if she goes, she'll miss Nate. Nate says he can wrangle time off to come and be with her.

They're both shocked when Heath arrives to tell them Brax has returned. Ricky tries to hide how much this news has affected her, but Nate sees through it and tells her to visit Brax. She confronts Brax about dumping her when he was in prison, and tells him she's moved on.

Denny has breakfast at the Diner, and it's clear she's attracted to Chris. Chris, however, is focused on 'The Chris' - his monstrous burger creation. He's still campaigning for Irene to put it on the menu.

Irene picks up Denny's interest in Chris and brokers a deal with him - she'll put 'The Chris' burger on the menu if he goes on a date with Denny. Chris asks her out, and they get on a small tinny and head out to a secluded beach. Chris tries to be manly with the boat, but it's clear he has no idea about boats. Denny reveals she's somewhat of a mechanical genius.

The two really enjoy their date, until Chris reveals he only asked her out to get his burger on the menu. Upset, Denny leaves Chris stranded at the beach.

Meanwhile, at the Diner, Irene is congratulating herself on a plan well executed. Alf's not so sure they should be meddling in people's love lives when Denny shows up. She tells Irene she's not a charity case, and that she's dumped Chris on a secluded beach. Alf figures he better go and rescue Chris.

Wednesday 19 March:

Casey sympathises with Brax after learning Ricky is not interested in coming back to him. Casey explains that Ricky went through a really hard time while he was in prison. Brax is determined to get on with things. He doesn't deserve anything from Ricky, end of story.

Ricky comes home to Nate, feeling secure in her decision. Nate asks if she told him about the baby, but she thinks it is better left in the past. She's glad she has Nate as a support.

Andy's outraged when he hears Brax is out of gaol. He goes down to the beach where Brax is surfing. He punches Brax in the face, and Brax takes it - but now Andy needs to walk away.

Ricky and Nate have been walking by and see the hit. They run over to see if Brax is okay but he shrugs them off. It's an awkward situation.

Still fuming, Andy finds Casey where he finds out Brax did not murder his father.

Meanwhile, Nate goes to Brax and asks him to stay away from Ricky - she's had a really hard time and doesn't need the confusion. Later, Andy finds Brax and wants answers. Brax tells Andy what happened the night his father died.

Hannah's annoyed when Evelyn and Oscar force the issue of Denny moving in. She uses Andy as an escape from the stresses of home. Denny wants Zac and Hannah to bury the hatchet, especially with Zac still harbouring feelings for her.

He's confused when she rebuffs him to secretly meet up with Andy. After Andy blows up at Brax, Hannah is worried for him.

In the midst of this, Denny tracks her down and asks if she and Hannah have a problem. Hannah says it's best if Denny stays in the caravan park. Denny questions if the tension has anything to do with things being up in the air between Hannah and Zac. Hannah finds Andy upset and confused, not knowing how to break the news to Josh. She helps him see that he's been a good support for Josh, forcing Hannah to reflect on her own family.

She apologises to Denny about her behaviour and asks Denny to move in. The twins are over the moon when they relate that Hannah asked Denny to move in. Zac's confused and calls Hannah. Hannah rejects his call in favour of her favourite distraction, Andy and they kiss.

Alf's run off his feet at the Bait Shop - he hasn't advertised Harvey's position yet. Roo decides to have word with him about it. Despite missing Harvey, it's time to move on. Roo tells Alf he should offer Denny a job. Alf's not sure until Denny proves herself around the shop. Denny's pleased to accept the job. It's bittersweet for Roo, but she's happy to have helped.

Thursday 20 March:

Hannah takes Andy home for some intimate fun while no one is home, both escaping from their chaotic lives in each other's arms. But Hannah still views Andy as her dirty little secret, chucking Andy out of the house before Zac and the twins get home. However, Andy doesn't mind Hannah keeping him to herself.

She deflects from talking to Zac about their relationship when he says he doesn't want to give up on them. He wants them to try again. Hannah tells him she doesn't have feelings for him anymore. She's given up on them, and he should accept that.

With all the tension in the house, the twins are worried Zac and Hannah have restarted their romance, but when they see Hannah and Andy sharing lunch outside the surf club they realise Hannah's involved with him.

Tamara's excited for the new challenge of being school captain, but her biggest challenge so far is her co-captain Matt. He's happy to slack off and let Tamara do the work, but that's not his only past time. He concentrates most of his efforts in trying to upset Sasha. Spencer gets riled up by his teasing, but Sasha's ambivalent.

Seeing Matt being a dead weight for Tamara, Zac tasks him with appointing the new head of the student representative counsel. Matt wastes no time in appointing Sasha, much to Spencer's consternation.

Jett asks Sasha if he can be on the SRC, but she's already got somebody in mind for Year 10. She's still angry about the shenanigans he pulled when she was running for captain.

Matt is told the captains need to make a speech, and instead of telling Tamara, asks Sasha to help him write a speech.

While they're going through Matt's buttoned up speech, Sasha advises him to go off the cuff - he's a natural public speaker. In a charged moment, Matt leans over and kisses her.

John 'embellishes' slightly while retelling the Brax/Andy fight on the beach from the day before. The way he tells it, John was integral in breaking up the biffo. Marilyn's impressed with her hero John, but Jett smells a rat. Since when would Andy and Brax let John Palmer boss them about?

In an attempt to get the truth, Jett asks Josh if John really broke up a fight between Andy and Brax.

Josh is overwhelmed when he hears Brax is out of gaol. He felt he had closure when Brax confessed and went to gaol, but now his world's been turned upside down. When Andy kicks him out of the van so he can spend time with a chick he picked up (A.K.A. Hannah), Alf offers the couch for Josh.

Later, Marilyn sees Andy lounging at the beach and decides to give him a piece of her mind. Andy thinks she's mad and John is forced to admit that his story was not entirely true. She doesn't mind, though. She loves John because he's gentle, kind and sweet. He'll always be her hero.

Friday 21 March:

After hearing Sasha and Matt arguing over the kiss, Jett decides to blackmail Sasha into getting into the SRC. Sasha tries to hide what happened with Matt from Spencer, while Matt enjoys her discomfort.

Matt follows Spencer to the Diner and reveals he kissed Sasha, mocking Spencer by pretending he's cool with it. Spencer loses it and punches Matt, forcing Roo to intervene. Roo tells Sasha about the fight, and she blames Jett.

Jett protests that he's innocent and runs off before he can be questioned by Marilyn.

Sasha runs to Spencer, who's still angry. He points out this is not the first time that Sasha has been kissed or kissed someone else.

Jett feels bad and seeks out Sasha to apologise for even thinking about blackmailing her. Touched, Sasha makes him a student rep. When Marilyn presses him on what he knows about the blow up between Spencer and Matt, Jett admits he was blackmailing Sasha to get on student council. He's quickly forgiven when he admits he wants to be on the SRC so he can find a way to keep Gina's memory alive at the school.

Later, Sasha meets Spencer who tells her that things have not been right between them for a while. They have to break up.

Josh searches for Brax, wanting answers. Heath is no help as he has his own problems to deal with. Jess and Bianca, namely. He tells Josh that Brax is out of town.

Bianca returns home after some time away and tries to contact Heath, but he's left his phone in the gym office. Jess tracks Heath down, and he promises to talk to her. Bianca sees Heath and Jess together at the beach and it stings her.

Irene comforts Bianca. Bianca asks Irene how she's going to get past this. Irene is confident they can both get through this.

Heath is being pushed by Jess to tell her how much involvement he's going to have once the baby is born. Heath feels torn between his son and his wife. Bianca tells Heath he needs to make a choice. What does he want more?

The next day Heath sees Jess on the beach. She goes into labour, with only Heath there to help her.