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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

16 - 20 June 2014

Monday 16 June

Upset that John has rejected Marilyn's marriage proposal, Jett decides to take out his small boat before Alf has finished its repairs. It's not long before the boat starts taking on water, leaving Jett helpless as the boat finally sinks beneath him.

Treading water, Jett looks towards the distant shore. Struggling to stay afloat, Jett swims towards the pier.

Meanwhile, Marilyn has accepted John's marriage proposal. When they fail to locate Jett, eager to share their happy news, Alf calls to say Jett's boat is missing. Standing at the end of the pier, Marilyn uses a pair of binoculars to locate Jett.

While Alf and John drag a boat out to rescue Jett, Brax dives into the water and begins to freestyle towards Jett. Just as Jett gives up, Brax reaches him and keeps his head above water.

Jett apologises to Alf for taking the boat out before it was seaworthy. John is livid at Jett but Marilyn tells John to leave it - today was supposed to be a happy day after all!

The River boys are still troubled by the recent spate of mysterious acts of violence occurring at their house - first the drive-by shooting and now Kyle's been attacked. Phoebe decides to enlist her father's sleuthing help, a fact which sits uncomfortably with Brax.

Walking towards Angelo's, Kyle sees Mark get into a silver car. Kyle watches in shock: Mark is meeting with his attacker.

Not mentioning what he witnessed earlier, Kyle invites Mark over to the share house to see whether he will come clean. However, Mark does not mention the meeting and continues to tell Kyle to wait patiently while he tracks down some leads. When Kyle confides in Brax, he is given an ultimatum: either Kyle tells Phoebe about her father's involvement or Brax will.

Evelyn is revising for history when Maddy gate crashes with Josh and Spencer to have a group study session. Maddy keeps encouraging Spencer to try to chat up Evelyn but nothing seems to work. Maddy suggests they should pair off, giving Spencer a chance to spend time with Evelyn alone.

While Spencer and Maddy squabble over how to study, sparks fly between Josh and Evelyn. Could Evie be getting a big crush on Maddy's boyfriend?


Tuesday 17 June:

Oscar is full of optimism after his meeting with a psychologist but Zac is worried that Oscar is putting up a front. Hannah accuses Zac of being a killjoy - she's relieved to see Oscar in better spirits.

However, doubts creep in when Hannah finds Oscar asleep on her floor after sleepwalking during the night. Oscar continues to conceal his true state of mind, but when Hannah suggests Oscar should consider going back to school, his fears rise to the surface.

Hannah and Zac are distressed to find Oscar in the middle of another panic attack - his self-esteem and guilt at rock bottom.

John and Marilyn return home with Jett, after getting the 'all clear' from the hospital. John's anger has not subsided - Jett could have drowned. Marilyn tries to discover why Jett - a responsible and smart child - would put himself in danger.

Jett admits that he went out because he was worried John and Marilyn would split up after John refused Marilyn's marriage proposal.

When John bumps into Marilyn, on her way home to prepare a delicious engagement dinner for the family, John mentions that Jett should not be rewarded after behaving so irresponsibly. However, when John realises how bad Jett feels, John decides they should all make a pact to speak more to each other.

Kyle still hasn't told Phoebe that her father is the mystery man terrorising the Braxton household. Brax confronts Kyle but he is unwilling to tell Phoebe - he doesn't want to hurt her. Meanwhile, Mark begs Phoebe to come back to Melbourne, telling her she is the most important person in his life. Mark's passionate plea is interrupted by a phone call from Kyle.

Kyle braces himself to tell her the bad news, but Phoebe's enthusiasm for her father knocks Kyle's resolve. Ricky mentions that Mark doesn't know that Kyle is reluctant to reveal his true identity to Phoebe.

Kyle meets up with Mark to tell him to leave the family alone, but Mark calls Kyle's bluff and refuses to return to Melbourne. Brax takes matters into his own hands, tracking down the man Mark hired to trash the house.

He meets up with Mark and tells him that the man is happy to go to the police if Mark does not leave town. Brax's ultimatum works - Mark tells Kyle and Phoebe that he must return to Melbourne. 

Wednesday 18 June:

Nate returns from his kayak to find Sophie waiting on the shore for him with a coffee. He takes it reluctantly - didn't he tell her it was best if they stay away from each other? Sophie is undeterred: she wants his forgiveness.

When Leah gives Sophie a tour of Summer Bay High, Leah learns that Sophie met Nate when she was in hospital recovering from a bad car accident. Nate later tries to work out how Leah knows about his history with Sophie. He finds out that Sophie is at the school and Nate goes to talk to her. Nate says his issues with her are not about forgiveness, they are about trust. Unable to ignore their chemistry with each other, Nate pulls Sophie into a passionate embrace.

Heath, Bianca and Harley return from their weekend getaway refreshed and positive about the future. Bianca still has not told Heath that she's successfully applied for a transfer, causing her to act cagily when Heath suggests she gather her things from Leah's to move back in.

At Leah's house, Bianca learns that her replacement has already arrived in Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Heath learns of Bianca's transfer when he bumps into Sophie at Angelo's.

Bianca explains to Heath that she asked for the transfer back when he asked for a divorce. Leah tells Bianca that she should still consider taking the transfer, since it's a great school and a good career move. When Bianca tells Heath that she is going to refuse the offer, Heath steps in and tells her she must put herself first and accept the transfer.

Hannah tries to recruit Andy to help Oscar with the guilt of committing a crime. Andy is reluctant, but Hannah traps him by taking Oscar to the gym for a session with him. Andy is angry that Hannah would expressly ignore his desire to stay out of Oscar's problems.

He blows up at Oscar, saying he's sick of 'babysitting'. When Oscar storms out, Andy follows him and tells him he needs to learn his lesson and move on. Andy reveals to Heath that the cause of his frustration is the way Hannah treats him as the spokesperson for 'lost causes'.

When Hannah realises that spending time with Andy helped Oscar, she goes to thank him. Andy's response shocks Hannah: he is sick of Hannah bringing up his bad past decisions, and breaks up with her.

Thursday 19 June:

After Sophie and Nate sleep together in the principal's office, Nate immediately regrets his actions.

When Ricky finds Nate mopping at the beach, she takes him to Angelo's for a quiet place to chat. She tries to get him to open up, and Nate asks her how she moved on from the past in her relationships. Ricky gives him a piece of advice: let go of your baggage.

Nate continues to shrug off Sophie, making excuses when they bump into each other.

Leah asks Nate about their history and Nate tells Leah that Sophie was addicted to pain killers, and abused his trust in order to obtain drugs. Despite their rocky past, he has never stopped loving her.

The next time Sophie bumps into Nate, she tells him that she is no longer the person she was in the past, and asks for a fresh start. Nate is adamant - he cannot even be friends with her.

Meanwhile, the Braxton household is preoccupied with matters of the heart. Casey is sulking at home, his desire to be with Denny only growing, and Bianca and Heath are fighting over what Bianca's transfer will mean for their relationship.

Casey tries to stay at home to avoid Denny. When Brax asks him about it, Casey explains that Denny is taken. However, Brax tells him he should tell her he wants to be with her or he'll regret it.

Chris complicates things by visiting Casey in order to thank him for taking a step back from Denny. Taking Brax's advice on board, Casey asks Denny to meet him. He puts his heart on the line and tells her that he wants to be with her.

Heath tells Bianca that distance will not change the fact that they are back together. When Bianca clears out her office, Sophie gives her some food for thought: you only ever get a few great opportunities in life, so you have to take the ones offered to you.

Bianca returns home feeling better about leaving Summer Bay. Heath and the others farewell her and she drives herself to the city to start her new job. Later, Heath suddenly gets scared that he will lose her and goes to telephone her.

Leah asks Matt where he's staying - she's called his accommodation and knows he's no longer staying there. Matt does not confess to her that he has nowhere to go and is now secretly sleeping at school.

Friday 20 June:

Casey throws a spanner into Denny and Chris's relationship by admitting to Denny that he has feelings for her. It is clear that Denny is conflicted. Her frustrated mood is not lost on Alf, who finds her cleaning a boat motor with an intense enthusiasm.

Confused, Denny goes to ask Casey whether she was sending mixed signals. Casey is crestfallen when Denny tells him that she only likes him as a friend.

Sasha finds Matt sleeping on the floor of one of the classrooms. He tells her that he left his emergency accommodation after having an argument with the owner. Sasha encourages a reluctant Matt to ask Leah for help to find a new place.

Feeling like a charity case, Sasha has to push Matt to finally see Leah. To Matt's surprise, Leah proposes Matt move into Tamara's old room. She believes in him and wants him to have a chance to succeed at school.

Marilyn is acting a little strangely about her engagement to John. She feels like she and John need to make a few decisions - like the logistics of where they will live. However, she is soon distracted by John's elaborate ploy to give her an engagement ring.

Pretending to search for something of Jett's, John uses the metal detector out in the garden. He asks for Marilyn's help with the detector, and an unsuspecting Marilyn soon uncovers the ring hidden in the bushes. Marilyn realises that the specifics aren't important - what's important is that they're together.
Evelyn and Josh's friendship grows stronger, despite Maddy's attempts to push Spencer and Evelyn together. Maddy thinks Josh is taking his history exam too seriously, but studious Evelyn understands where he's coming from.

After the exam, Josh is disappointed with his performance but Evelyn tries to rally him with a pep talk. When Evelyn finds Denny on the couch eating ice cream - upset about Casey - Evelyn declares that she'd be thrilled if the guy she likes told her he liked her.

Spencer takes Evelyn on a stroll along the beach and Evelyn tells him that she doesn't want to get into anything serious with him because she has feelings for someone else. Spencer is left wondering - who is Evelyn's mystery crush?