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15 - 19 February 2016

Monday 15 February (6356)

Olivia tells Hunter that he can't skip his mother's funeral, and offers to go with him. He gets a call from Lindsay and covers, saying that he's helping with the service.

Hunter arrives home and learns that Billie's arson trial starts today. Feeling guilty, Hunter hopes that the judge will let her off, but Zac and Leah think that if she did it, she needs to suffer the consequences.

Ready to go to the funeral, Hunter's agitation escalates as Zac, Leah and VJ provide some heartfelt love and support.

At Charlotte's service, Hunter is brave as he tips dirt onto the coffin, but saying goodbye to his mother is clearly starting to overwhelm him.

With the ceremony over, Hunter asks his loved ones for a bit of space. Zac catches up with him on the pier, and tells him it's okay to let his emotions out. But Hunter shuts down and they head home, Zac's fears for his son is growing.

Later, Andy finds Hunter on the beach, and reveals that he knows Hunter started the fire. He offers to help him pin it on Charlotte, pointing out how unfair it is for Billie to go down for something she didn't do. Unable to live with his silence any longer, Hunter admits he burnt Zac and Leah's house down, rocking Olivia to the core. Hunter explains that he didn't mean to hurt anyone – the fire took off a lot faster than he thought it would, and then he freaked out and framed Billie. Hunter tells her about Andy's idea and Olivia agrees, figuring that Charlotte wouldn't want Hunter to throw his future away over a mistake.

As Billie waits nervously for her trial to begin, Ash admits that Phoebe broke up with him because she couldn't trust him to be honest with her. The trial starts, and the prosecutor presents a strong opening argument, leaving Billie, Ash and Phoebe worried about her chances of being found not guilty. Back at the beach, the disheartened trio tell Andy that things aren't looking good. He's torn inside, questioning whether he can let Billie go to gaol knowing that Hunter was responsible for the fire.

Ash and Billie accept Phoebe's offer to stay the night at her place, giving Ash hope that things are slowly getting better between them. Back at Phoebe's, Ash is thrown when she reveals that despite everything, she still loves him. As Billie heads off to bed, Phoebe orders her to stay up and enjoy her last night of freedom. Billie cracks open a beer and as they start to have fun, Ash's feelings for Phoebe continue to grow. The next morning, Ash tells Phoebe that he still loves her too, and asks if she wants to get back together. Phoebe warns him that she needs to be able to trust him again first, and he's up for the challenge.

Leah's anxious as she gets ready to go to court, but Zac thinks all she can do is tell the truth. Zac and Leah agree to take Hunter with them, but they can sense something strange is going on. Leah testifies, and the prosecutor uses her answers to paint a damning picture of Billie. Hunter's mortified, and as the judge prepares to sentence her, he announces that Billie's innocent, admitting to the court that he lit the fire.


Tuesday 16 December (6357) 

Hunter tries to explain why he set fire to Zac and Leah's house, but they struggle to understand where he's coming from, leaving Hunter feeling shut out. Olivia texts Hunter to check in, but Irene encourages her to give him some space. Meanwhile, VJ arrives home with Leah and tells Alf the news about Hunter. When Hunter and Zac get back from the police station, VJ unleashes his fury, and decides to move out. Zac and Leah wonder if Hunter killed Charlotte, but as they're putting the pieces together, Hunter walks in, disappointed they think he could have done it. He exits hurt, making Zac feel even worse.

Olivia finds Hunter and he explains what's been going on. Olivia feels sorry for him and takes him to her place to see if Irene will let him stay. Hunter's story blows Irene away, and she goes to see Zac and Leah to ask if it's okay for her to take Hunter in. Zac and Leah thank Irene, relieved to have one less problem on their minds for now. That night, Zac apologises to Leah for bringing Hunter into their lives. Leah points out that nothing that has happened is his fault, and they'll get through it together.

As Dylan continues to suspect Hunter killed Charlotte, he knows they need some solid evidence to back up his theory. They receive a call informing them that Hunter confessed to arson. When Hunter's brought into the police station, Kat formally charges him for Arson with Malicious Intent, and Dylan questions him, now convinced he killed Charlotte to protect his secret. Kat and Dylan interrogate Hunter but he's uncooperative, increasing their suspicion. That evening, Kat and Dylan receive DNA evidence linking Irene to Charlotte's murder scene, and go to bring her in for questioning. Is she Charlotte’s killer?

While Billie and Phoebe are excited about Billie being cleared of her arson charges in the wake of Hunter's confession, Ash believes Hunter needs to pay. Ash is still fired up when they get home, but Billie thinks that holding a grudge is a waste of time. Ash tries to use her advice to get closer to Phoebe, who's tempted to forgive him, but dodges his advances. Later over pizza, Ash and Phoebe try to convince Billie to stay in the Bay, pointing out that she'll be seen as a hero now. Phoebe offers Billie the spare room at her place, and she accepts, happy to be staying in town. She moves outside and Ash kisses Phoebe, both giving in to their feelings. But afterwards Phoebe explains that they're going to have to take things slowly if he really wants her back.


Wednesday 17 February (6358)

Irene reassures a worried Olivia and Hunter as she is taken in for questioning over the Charlotte King murder. Dylan and Kat interview Irene, they have DNA evidence which places her at the crime scene. After giving Irene a grilling Dylan reluctantly lets her go but tells her not to leave town. 

Down at the diner John is cracking bad jokes to try and cheer Chris up after his breakup with Hannah. Andy comes in and runs into Evie. They try to work out how to stop Josh from leaving Summer Bay. At home Evie talks to Leah about Hunter's arson court case.

At home Andy finds out that Josh has had a local uni offer and he's stoked but Josh says he’s still going to move out. Andy tells him to stay, he'll move out instead. Andy hopes that Josh will relent but is disappointed when he just agrees to Andy going. That night Hannah sees Andy as he walks to the gym with his bags, intending to sleep there. She guesses that things are still strained between him and Josh.

Ash is grateful that Kat has agreed to Billie moving in, saying everyone deserves a second chance. They decide to sit down and eat together instead of having takeaway dinners. Dylan enters to see them sitting together chatting warmly and joking around, he sits and eats, clearly unhappy to see them so comfortable together. When he gets up to leave he glares at them causing Ash to ask Kat about him, her expression clouds as she explains that they have a messy past. Ash is shocked to learn that Dylan used to hit Kat. He tells her to let him know if she has any trouble with Dylan. The next morning Ash stops Dylan and tells him to stay away from Kat.  There's a stand off between the two men, which Ash walks away from leaving Dylan to scowl after him. When he arrives at work Dylan tells Kat about it, but Kat just tells him to focus on their jobs. They discuss the case and conclude that none of their suspects obviously fits the bill, they need to keep digging.

Alf and Leah talk about the murder case, wondering if Hunter could have killed his mother. Hunter is out walking with Olivia, who is supportive of him, their relationship stronger than ever.

Josh startles Chris, who's morosely lying on a bench. Josh sympathises about him and Hannah, but when he talks about Evie and remarking that things were getting better between them until he found out that she kissed Andy, Chris jumps up and angrily marches off. Chris finds Andy and punches him and as Andy goes to fight back John and Alf rush over and break it up.

At the diner Leah checks in with Irene, who tells her she hasn't been drinking but is angry with Charlotte for ruining everyone's lives. She tells Leah bluntly that she didn't kill her though, then John and Alf burst with Chris, who's still upset. As they argue over it Hannah approaches and turning to see her Chris lets her have it, telling her that she's selfish and only cares about herself before marching out, leaving everyone gaping at a humiliated and tearful Hannah.


Thursday 18 February

Nate pops in to see Ricky and asks whether they've found Brax yet. She tries to explain that she only wants to find him because she's angry with him. She tells him it's lovely to see him and they tentatively arrange to meet up.

After he leaves Nate sees Hannah and realising she's upset he sits down. She tells him that Chris just laid into her. They talk about their relationships, with Nate confessing that things are complicated with him and Ricky.

Matt and Maddy have just been to look at Charlotte's old apartment, Maddy wants them to rent it but Matt thinks it's a bad idea given the history, and that they can't afford it - but Maddy is very persuasive.

They go into the diner and join Oscar and Josh who have both been accepted at Northern Districts Uni so they may all be studying together, if Josh decides to stick around. Matt puts his foot in it when he comments that Josh should get over Evie kissing Andy. Then Louisa, a girl who Josh knows from the HSC course comes in. They arrange to hang out later and after she leaves Maddy tells Josh that Louisa is keen on him.

John and Skye are settling into living together but when John brings up Skye visiting her mum at the hospital she's not interested. Later on John talks to Alf about it, then when Oscar comes in he ropes him in to talk to Skye.

Nate tries to talk Chris around after seeing Hannah so upset but he doesn't want to hear it. Meanwhile Evie talks to Hannah about it, passing on some useful advice that Leah gave her about not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

Kyle wants Ricky to go with him having heard where Brax might be. He asks Josh to babysit Casey while they go to see if they can find Brax. Josh says he can have his friends over at the house instead of going to meet them and goes to get the baby monitor so that he can hear Casey from next door.

Louisa and a couple of friends come round and they're playing music and having some drinks but Josh keeps having to go next door to tend to a crying Casey. While Josh is next door with Casey, Louisa turns the baby monitor down.

Maddy and Matt have their application for the apartment ready when Evie comes up to them. They break the news that Josh also got into uni. She's happy for him and after some encouragement from Matt and Maddy, goes round to congratulate him. But she finds him getting cosy with Louisa and he's dismissive, so Evie leaves.

Roo arrives and tells Matt and Maddy that she also applied for the apartment. Not long after, Roo finds out that she got the apartment and she asks if they'd like to move in with her.

Oscar goes to see Skye and asks how things are going. He offers to go with Skye if she wants to visit her mum.

Hannah goes to see Chris and apologises for treating him badly. Chris tells her that he wishes he'd never met her, leaving her stunned. Later on after Hannah's left, Nate tries to check in on Chris. But Chris explodes, telling him to stop interfering and stomps to his room slamming the door.

Evie and Oscar chat about uni and Evie tells him about Josh seeming to have moved on. He comforts her as she tells him that she still loves Josh. Meanwhile Josh and Louisa are kissing, oblivious to Casey crying next door.

They go to Josh's room, next thing they hear is Kyle coming home then Ricky shouting Casey's name… What has Josh done?


Friday 19 February:

Ricky brings Casey into the hospital and Nate immediately gets to work. Her fear increases, wracked with guilt for leaving him to search from Brax.

Josh arrives and explains to Kyle that the girl he was with must have turned the baby monitor off, so he didn't hear Casey crying. Enraged, Kyle tells Josh that it's his fault if anything happens to Casey, leaving Josh terrified. When Ricky returns Josh apologises, but she doesn't want to hear his excuses. 

Nate reports that Casey has viral meningitis, but he's going to be better soon. He takes Ricky to see Casey and she melts, relieved that her son is okay.

At home, Kyle tells Josh if he wants to make it up to Ricky he needs to pull his head in and stop taking his accident out on everyone around him.

Later at Angelo's, Oscar gives Josh the same advice, and he realises he's got to get his act together fast. Ricky admits that she left Casey with Josh to look for Brax, and Nate comforts her.

Later when Ricky returns to Casey's room with coffees, she catches Nate with Casey in his arms, and feels so lucky to have him in their lives. She asks him to marry her, and he happily accepts the offer. But when she gets home that night, she finds Brax waiting for her. Where do they go from here?

Maddy and Matt discuss the pros and cons of moving in with Roo, but Matt still isn't convinced that it's a good idea. Alf thinks Roo's crazy to offer them a room, but she explains that she's missed Maddy, and this could be their chance to get closer again. But Matt still can't be swayed, so Maddy decides that they'll stay in the caravan and keep looking until they find their own place.

Roo's disappointed, and still tries to convince Maddy to move in with her, but her mind is already made up. Roo bargains with Matt, pointing out that living with her is what Maddy wants, and promises to stay out of their business if they move in. Matt tells Maddy that they should move in with Roo and she's thrilled, more in love with him than ever.

Skye and Oscar vist Carol in the psych ward, and Skye's heart breaks when she sees how fragile her mother has become. Skye tries to speak to Carol, but she still can't make normal conversation. Skye tells Carol that she loves her, and leaves with Oscar.

Back at the beach, Skye thanks Oscar for his support, but is sad that she's lost the only family she's got. Oscar tells her she's going to fit in and have a great life in Summer Bay, making her feel positive about the future.

Oscar takes Skye back to John's, and she's touched when he reveals that he kept his bad news about missing out on his scholarship so he could be there for her. Is she starting to develop feelings for him?