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14 - 18 October 2013

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) is lead to his cell

Debbie Barrett (OLIVIA PIGEOT) seeks revenge on Brax

Andy (TAI HARA) and Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) rush to a wounded Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER)

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) is lead off after a gun shoot goes off

Brax (STEVE PEACOCKE) is lead to his cell

Indi (SAMARA WEAVING) receives Romeo’s ashes – Dex (CHARLES COTTIER) Sasha (DEMI HARMAN) and Chirs (JOHNNY RUFFO) are there to support her

Indi (SAMARA WEAVING) takes off her wedding ring

Dex and April

Dex and April

Monday 14 October:

Indi's under stress organising Romeo's remains to be returned to her.

She lies to Chris about what's bothering her and pushes him away.

Dex realises something is terribly wrong, and Indi reveals Romeo has died.

Chris, worried about Indi's attitude, goes to Sasha for advice. Robyn overhears and tells Chris he deserves better. Chris is convinced Robyn's behind Indi's cold attitude and yells at her to leave him alone, humiliating her.

Irene tells Chris not to bully Robyn, and he apologises. Chris seeks out Indi who reveals that Romeo has died, and that she needs Chris to give her time and space.

Chris wants to be there for her, but Indi angrily asks him to go. Robyn sees this and sympathises. She knows all about rejection.

Spencer has a positive attitude about ways for him to handle his Bipolar Disorder. Sasha is sceptical, but stands by him.

After hearing of Romeo's death, Sasha seeks comfort from Spencer. But Spencer's distracted and is insensitive. Sasha tells Spencer to get out, hurt that he's so seemingly indifferent to her grief.

Spencer, spun out by his faux-pas goes to Alf, and inadvertently reveals Romeo has died. Alf warns Spencer not to take life for granted. Sasha tells Spencer she loves him, but she needs help to support him.

Spencer reveals he's found that support Sanctuary Lodge. He found it online and believes they can help him. Little do either of them know that it is Murray's cult.

Casey's concerned about what they can do to help Brax. Heath feels the pressure of looking after the family in his absence.

Casey feels abandoned by Brax, and leans on Tamara for support. Tamara realises she's falling deep for Casey and realises she can't just be friends with Casey.

She needs to put aside her feelings to be there for him. Leah's concerned that Tamara isn't looking after herself. Heath tells Casey they can no longer rely on Brax.

Tamara, feeling she's too close to Casey, says she's leaving. Casey wants her with him, and kisses her.


Tuesday 15 October:

Dex grieves for Romeo he was his brother in law and his best friend. Both he and April worry how Indi's dealing with the news of his death. Dex comes up with a plan to keep an eye on Indi.

Chris is unhappy with the distance Indi has put between them.

Dex joins Indi at her gym class, and Indi cottons on very quickly that Dex is there to babysit her.

When Robyn arrives Indi warns that this will be an intense session. Very intense. Dex is right to be scared, and ends up limping away from the class. Robyn, however, is super pumped.

After the class, she asks Indi if she's planning to end things with Chris. Indi, offended, says that even if she was going to break up with Chris, Robyn wouldn't have a hope in hell of being with him.

Robyn antagonises Indi, telling her she's the kind of girl who never can never really love someone. Still raw from news of Romeo's death, Indi slaps Robyn.

April and Dex see this and realise Indi isn't coping at all. Robyn goes to Chris asking him to make her apologise. He wimps out and asks her to get over it. Robyn hits him where it hurts, calling him gutless he didn't even have the back bone to tell her it was over between them.

Realising he has been cowardly, Chris visits Indi. He wants to know why Indi's pushing him away. Indi tearfully reveals that it's like she's been cheating on Romeo with Chris. He's been alive this whole time. She should have been there for him and now he's gone. Her grief spills over and she falls into Chris' embrace.

Heath is feeling the stress in the lead-up to Brax's hearing.

When Casey arrives late with Tamara tension ignites in the household, with Cheryl bitterly amused at Tamara's switch.

Ricky visits Brax at the courthouse and is hurt that Brax did not tell her he was turning himself in. What will happen to them now? With the proceedings underway, it's clear there's a strong case against Brax.

The brothers are unsettled when Debbie Barrett arrives and she and Cheryl butt heads. When Ricky asks Cheryl to calm down she points out Ricky is not part of the family.

Kyle overhears Tamara and Casey talking about their relationship. He's still hurt about his breakup with Tamara. Alone with Tamara, Casey reveals he understands why Brax confessed. Casey knows what it's like to be in prison and worries about how Brax will handle it.

Meanwhile, Andy has his own kind of punishment lined up for Brax, as he puts a gun in his glove box.


Wednesday 16 October:

The day of sentencing has arrived, and Ricky is worried. Kyle asks Casey and Tamara if they can all drop the awkwardness and act like a family.

The court sentences Brax to 15 years with a non-parole period of 10 years. The Braxton's are devastated by the long sentence.

Maddy and Josh are still living rough, and Maddy feels guilty about leaving Roo.

Andy's been trying to contact Josh He reveals that Brax is being sentenced today for killing their dad, Johnny. Josh tells Maddy he needs to go.

When Josh meets Andy he's angry to find their mother in the car, and is shocked to hear Andy's plan to kill Brax.

John asks Jett to help him with a web designer at Yabbie Creek. Jett makes excuses not to come, feeling bad about John's obvious loneliness.

When they visit the diner, Marilyn tells them she has a bad feeling about today. John and Jett tells her about Brax's sentencing. They all hope she's wrong.

Marilyn's fuzziness is driving Irene to distraction.

Jett has a go at John for not being clear with Marilyn about his feelings. Alf, on his 'life is too short' wavelength, tells Marilyn to be honest with John about her feelings.

Marilyn asks John not to go to Yabbie Creek her bad feeling is persisting and she doesn't want anything to happen to him.

Unfortunately John starts to choke in the diner, and is saved by Marilyn. John's grateful, and Jett urges John to take the opportunity to be honest about his feelings.

Maddy shows up at the Diner and Roo is over the moon to have her back. Roo urges Maddy to mend things with Alf, and Maddy goes to apologise.

Alf's more than happy to mend things he's still dealing with his grief over Romeo, and realises life is too short.

Roo takes the opportunity of Alf's warm attitude to make a place for Josh to stay while he goes to visit Pippa and Sally. Maddy is excited to tell Josh the news.

As Brax is led outside the court Josh tries to stop Andy from shooting Brax. They're both shocked to discover the gun is missing.

Debbie Barrett had lifted the gun from them and goes to shoot her husband's killer. As she prepares to fire, Josh jumps in her way, saving Brax.

Debbie is devastated she has shot her son, and Brax tersely orders Ricky to look after Josh, before being manhandled into the police truck, unable to help.

Thursday 17 October:

Hannah's job interview at the hospital gets off to a turbulent start as she and Nate prep Josh for surgery. They're shocked to discover that Josh's mother shot him.

Andy blames Maddy and the Braxtons for Josh's serious condition. Heath tells Andy the blame lays squarely at the feet of their fathers.

Ricky realises that Andy was the one who brought the gun into the situation.

Meanwhile, Brax is processed into prison, knowing any control or privacy he ever had has slipped away.

After Heath and Ricky talk to Andy, he apologises to Maddy. She tells him she knows the cops are after him, and she appreciates him risking that to be with Josh.

A frantic Bianca comes in after hearing about the shooting. She embraces Heath, and Ricky can't help but draw comparisons between the couples. She has no one to comfort her. Bianca's Heath's wife, and she wants to be there for him. He allows himself to lean on her.

Josh has pulled through his surgery and Andy sits by his side until the police arrive and take him in for questioning.

Jett puts pressure on John to be honest about the way he feels about Marilyn. After all, Jett bared his soul to Nina in front of the Braxton's.

He works his mischief and threatens to tell Marilyn if John doesn't. He reluctantly tries to start the conversation, but they're interrupted by the news of the shooting.

John tells Jett it's not fair to Marilyn to admit his feelings if he's not prepared to act on them. He's not ready to cut those final ties with Gina, and can't move on. Jett doesn't want to see John be lonely.

Zac tells Leah he knows he's been too intense with Hannah. Zac tries to get Oscar interested in preparing for school, but Oscar's disinterested. Leah thinks it's not unusual for Oscar to be acting out after leaving the cult.

Zac's amazed to hear about Hannah's day, and Hannah reveals she really wants to work at the hospital. She really hopes she gets the job so they can all move in together.

Friday 18 October:

Romeo's loss has hit the Walkers hard.

April goes to work, even though she feels like she should be there for Dex.

Nate knows April's distracted, while she tries to shrug it off. When he gets the truth out of her that Romeo's ashes are arriving today he urges her to go home. If Romeo was alive he'd do anything to be with his family, she should go. April is grateful.

Spencer is psyched to start a seminar at Sanctuary Lodge. Sasha wishes him well, keeping her apprehension hidden.

Murray is charming and charismatic when Spencer arrives Evelyn discovers he's a Summer Bay resident. She tries to warn him without blowing her cover Murray must believe she's still dedicated to the cult or she'll never see her father.

However, Spencer quickly succumbs to Murray's ideologies and wants to be a member of the lodge. Evelyn sneaks a letter into pamphlets Murray asks her to give to Spencer, and pleads with Spencer to pass the letter on to Oscar.

Indi's putting on a brave face while she waits for Romeo's ashes to arrive.

When his ashes and belongings arrive, Indi disassociates herself. There is a note for Indi in his bag. Indi says she needs fresh air, and Chris follows her with the note.

Indi takes Dex, Chris, April and Sasha to the lighthouse the last place she was with Romeo to scatter his ashes. Dex reads Romeo's note, an emotional farewell to Indi. Everyone is touched by Romeo's last words.

Indi tells Chris that she's had closure but she has to do one more thing. She has Romeo's wedding ring which came with his letter. She puts it in the drawer with her ring, where it belongs, and embraces Chris.

Reflecting on Romeo's love letter to Indi, April is prompted to ask Dex to propose to her again.

Hannah feels bad leaving Oscar to go on her first shift at the hospital. She knows he's suffering without his twin. Leah promises to look out for him.

Oscar is suspicious, thinking Leah wants to study him for her youth work course. She convinces him to join her for a tour of the bay.

Leah asks Oscar why he stays up late drawing. Oscar reveals he feels connected to Evie when he draws.

Leah tells Zac that Oscar's been brought to Summer Bay without having a choice and has been struggling after being separated from the person he loves most in the world.