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12 - 16 October 2015

Monday 12 October

Charlotte confronts Josh at the beach, thinking he's the one who slipped the note under her door last night, assuming it's about her & Matt.

Josh tells her it wasn't him; he wouldn't risk getting Matt expelled. Clearly someone else knows her dirty little secret.

Josh later runs into Matt at the surf club and tells him about Charlotte getting a note under her door. Matt immediately goes to Charlotte's and asks her about it. She shows him the note and asks if Matt let it slip to someone else other than Josh? Matt swears he didn't.

Matt's pretty worried but Charlotte tells him not to be; she'll take care of it if anyone makes trouble.


There's a meeting at the farmhouse with Kat and Hannah ganging up on Ash. Can he put the toilet seat down, not leave dirty dishes in the sink...

Ash asks for Phoebe’s help but she's the one that called the meeting. Phoebe promises to make some room for Ash in her closet if he cleans up his stuff.

As she finishes cleaning out her clothes, Ash wants to run off for a surf. Phoebe is annoyed; he needs to clean up his mess first!

Phoebe wants him to make more effort, starting with the bedroom. Ash takes this cheekily and leans in for a kiss. It's hot and cold with these two!


Hannah goes to pick up Ricky for Boot Camp but she’s forgot, distracted by constant texts.

She rushes to get ready as Kyle comments she's been glued to her phone for days.

Meanwhile, Nate receives a text from Ricky and smiles. Kat meets up with Nate and his phone beeps again. Kat comments it's been going off a lot lately.

They meet up with Kat's friend, Pete, who's in town for a photo shoot.

As they're talking, Pete gets a call about his models not showing up for the shoot.

Pete's stressed, saying there's no time to reschedule.

Then Pete looks to Kat and Nate and gets an idea…


Nate and Kat are anxious about agreeing to be models for the photo shoot.

Kat runs off to freshen up at home leaving Nate by himself. Nate immediately texts Ricky with the news.

Hannah comes in and laments to Nate about Ash & Phoebe's contstant up and down moods with each other. Nate sympathises and tells Hannah about the photo shoot.

As Nate pays his bill, Hannah sees a text from Ricky on his phone. Hannah asks how they're going. Nate says they’re good as friends.

As he runs off, Hannah's not certain there isn't something else going on.


Ash is collecting food  to make dinner for his new housemates (on Phoebe's demand) when he runs into Andy. What is it with chicks telling you what to do all the time? Andy sees trouble in paradise and suggests maybe it was too soon for Ash to move in with Phoebe.

Ash brushes this off, saying he loves Phoebe. Andy counters that he loved Hannah but it was still a big mistake moving in with her.

When Ash is at home preparing an elaborate pork roast, Phoebe walks in. She thanks him for the effort but seeing the mess, wonders if he's punching a bit high.

Then she sees the grocery receipt and goes balisitc – he's just blown the budget!

Ash is annoyed he’s not getting credit for all the effort he's making, but Phoebe brings up that he STILL hasn't cleaned their room up of his stuff.

Ash can't get a break.


Someone is watching Charlotte as she meets up with Hunter.

They walk off to grab a pizza as the mystery man, sitting in his car, continues to watch them… who is he and what does he want?


Pete is briefing Kat and Nate about how the shoot will go just as Ricky, Kyle and Casey turn up for moral support.

Kat thanks them but wonders how they even knew about it.

Then Kat gets a call from the station; she has to go in for work. She apologises to Pete, who's disappointed. The shoot is based around a couple and can't work without a woman.

Kyle cheekily volunteers Ricky for the job. Ricky laughs but Pete lights up and pleads with Ricky to do it.

Kat encourages her and Ricky reluctantly agrees to step in. Kat runs off as Ricky whispers to Kyle, she's going to kill him!


Phoebe is still snapping at Ash over everything he does cooking dinner so he asks – What’s really going on?

Phoebe admits it's stupid with them fighting all the time.

She thinks maybe she invited him to move in because she needed a punching bag to get over what happened with the babies. But she can't expect him to be able to fix everything.

He understands and Phoebe asks, if maybe he should move out again? Ash smiles; he thought she'd never ask.


Andy pulls up Charlotte – is she still sleeping with Matt? Charlotte doesn't deny it, just says she can take care of herself.

Andy insinuates Charlotte is using Matt to make herself feel better – Charlotte thinks Matt knows the deal.

Andy warns he won't be around to pick up the pieces when this hits the fan. Charlotte is smug and doesn't seem to care.

Charlotte comes home to fine her place covered in dirt and leaves.

She finds Denny's diary on the kitchen bench with a page ripped out. Someone's been in here.

Anxious, Charlotte heads to the site where she buried Denny. As she walks up to the spot she spies a note. It says…”I know everything”…


Tuesday 13 October (6297)

Hannah shows up at the photo shoot to watch and notices Kat's missing and Ricky's filling in.

She checks in with Nate and tells him to be careful; she can see what's going on with him and Ricky. All the texts and now this shoot.

Nate denies it's anything more than friendship but Hannah is firm she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Will Nate listen?


Charlotte clears up the mysterious mess of leaves in her apartment, which compounds her feeling that she's losing her mind.

Hunter comes home to find Charlotte packing urgently, when she tells him they're leaving he storms out.

As Hunter runs off we see someone is watching them.


Ricky fools around as Nate poses awkwardly for the photographer but once she has to join him she feels uncomfortable too.

They joke around and as they do their smiles become more natural.

Ash and Phoebe join Kyle who's watching, holding Casey.

Ricky protests as they all laugh and joke.

Kyle takes Casey home while Ash and Phoebe continue to watch the show.

As the photographer encourages Ricky and Nate to get closer they are really awkward, then sparks fly as they gaze into each other's eyes.

Later on they chat about how much they enjoyed the shoot, and the mood turns more serious as Nate tells Ricky she should get back into photography and not waste her talent.

Kat arrives, breaking the moment and Nate greets her with an overly warm kiss. A little disconcerted, she asks how the shoot went. After stilted replies Ricky heads off.

Back at the house Ricky gets some of the photos emailed through and looks at them with Kyle, who is complimentary.

Ricky sends them to Nate who shows Kat.

Kyle walks in with Casey and after he's gone, Kat speculates that there may be more to Ricky and Kyle's relationship, but Nate dismisses the idea.


Leah and Zac discuss their concerns about Evie and Tank, then Hunter walks in and asks if he can stay with them because Charlotte wants them to leave the bay.

Zac goes to see Charlotte who's frantic and she tells him that she's scared. Zac comforts her.

When he asks what's frightened her she just tells him that she's worried that moving to the Bay was a mistake, and that it's just things adding up.

But Zac isn't fooled, saying something must have happened for her to react so strongly.

He tells her that she and Hunter are part of the family and she agrees to stay.

As soon as he leaves to tell Hunter, she continues to pack.

When Hunter returns to find Charlotte still preparing to leave, he questions her about what trouble she's in. Charlotte says she can’t tell him and pleads with him to go with her.

He agrees and they get into the car but it won't start.

A man offers to help with the car but as Charlotte asks if he knows what he's doing he replies that he knows everything and threateningly tells Charlotte to stay in Summer Bay.

Back in the apartment Hunter tries to persuade Charlotte to tell him what's going on, and as she gets more upset Hunter tells Charlotte that he won't let anyone hurt her.

 Meanwhile the mystery man calls someone to update them on what happened with Charlotte.


That evening Ricky runs into Nate and he asks whether there's anything going on with her and Kyle.

Ricky insists that there isn't and Nate asks whether Kyle knows that. Back at the house, a smiling Kyle gazes at the photos of Ricky…


Wednesday 14 October

Ricky struggles to settle Casey and Kyle comes to help, taking Casey so Ricky can sleep.

Ricky's texting Nate a lot.

Kyle smiles tenderly at Casey as he puts him into his cot, then stares at Ricky who's sleeping.

When Ricky gets up Kyle has made her breakfast.

Andy enters and comments on them being a happy family.

In the diner Andy remarks to Nate about Kyle making breakfast for Ricky, and Nate texts a picture of a coffee to Ricky.

When Ricky asks Kyle to put a reminder in her phone Kyle sees the texts that Ricky and Nate have been sending each other.

Nate comes round and drops a coffee off for Ricky.

Kyle listens in and once Nate's gone Kyle comments on the number of texts that Ricky and Nate have sent each other. Ricky isn't impressed.


Irene and Roo talk about doing a special 18th birthday breakfast for Maddy, Irene persuades Roo to invite Alf.

Roo asks Alf to come along to the breakfast and he tells her that James threatened him.

Later Alf and James talk, with James trying to say there was a misunderstanding, but Alf sticks to his guns.

Later James persuades Roo that Alf is overreacting.


Kyle talks to Andy about managing the gym as he's planning to leave the Bay.

Ricky arrives at the gym and Andy mentions Kyle leaving, not realising that he hadn't told Ricky.

Ricky tells Kyle that she needs him, and he agrees not to leave.


Marilyn moves back home with John.

She has a surprise for him… She's organised for them to renew their wedding vows and the celebrant has come over so they can talk about how they'd like to do it.

Roo and James come round and Marilyn tells them the news.

As Marilyn and John take the celebrant outside leaving James and Roo alone, James persuades Roo to get married immediately.

When Roo tries to invite Irene she asks how Roo can go ahead without Alf or Maddy, and says she wouldn't feel right going because she thinks Roo is making a big mistake.

Marilyn takes Roo to get her ready, and just as James and Roo are saying their vows Alf interrupts, telling Roo that he's had Morag do a background check and that James isn’t who he says he is…


Thursday 15 October:

James explains there being no record of him on staff at the Blue Mountains Hospital, due to him using his middle name.

Alf tries to protest but Roo tells him to stop and storms off upset. James follows her. Roo says she can't get married after that, not straight away.

Irene talks to Alf, and tries to reason with him about James. Moments later James comes in to collect a takeaway, and tells Alf that he ruined the day for Roo.


The twins plan Maddy's party and Oscar asks Evie if she's okay after breaking up with Tank. Evie keeps up the pretense.

As Leah arrives home Oscar, Evie and VJ ask her to talk to Alf about them throwing Maddy's party at the house.

Later on Leah calls Alf who agrees to the party.

Maddy comes in and Evie wishes her happy birthday and convincingly lies about there being nothing else planned, which is promptly ruined by Chris who gives away the surprise birthday party that Oscar is planning. Moments later he also gives away that Roo and James almost got married the previous day.

When Roo and James arrive Maddy asks to talk outside. She's very upset that Roo would get married without her or Alf and refuses to have breakfast with them.

Back at home Maddy finds out that Alf is at least as upset as she is. Maddy goes and finds Roo who apologises and says it didn't feel right without them. Maddy still thinks Roo would have done it if Alf hadn’t interrupted, and tells Roo that he's really upset and that she should talk to him.

Roo talks to Alf and apologises for trying to get married without him.


John has a surprise for Marilyn, but when he excitedly tells her that DOCS have approved them as foster parents Marilyn's not overjoyed.

Later she talks to Irene about it and confesses that she's changed, and feels that she has so much more to do and isn't ready to foster.

Marilyn plucks up the courage to talk to John, but as she enthuses about traveling, John isn't convinced.

Later, after talking to Alf about it, John tells Marilyn that he doesn't want to travel, he wants to stay where he belongs, at home in the Bay.


Evie sneaks off to meet Tank. When he asks what she's up to that night she tells him that she has to go to Maddy's party. She says she'll try to leave early.


Oscar leads Maddy to the surprise party with his hands over her eyes. Alf leaves after telling them all to behave.

Oscar gives Maddy a tasteless gold bracelet and Maddy acts as though she loves it, they all see that he's spent a lot of money on it.

Evie tries to leave but Maddy begs her to stay. Tank is angry when he receives her text cancelling.

Just as Oscar brings out a big cake Tank turns up with lots of mates, aggressively gatecrashing the party…



Friday 16 October:

As more of Tank's mates crash Maddy's 18th, Oscar doesn't think he'll be able to keep the party under control.

Evelyn asks Tank where everyone came from, but he pretends he doesn't know. Evelyn's also scared that their secret relationship will be exposed, and when Josh sees them together, she yells at Tank to leave, trying to throw him off the scent. But Josh is still suspicious, and Evelyn can't help but defend Tank, leaving Josh more certain that something is still going on between them.

Meanwhile at the diner, Hannah tells Chris he'll have to be the responsible one when he arrives at the party, and she doesn't want to be walking into chaos when she gets there after work. James overhears them, and says that he'll pop in briefly to give Maddy her present.

Back at the party, the gatecrashers have the music pumping, and Oscar considers calling the police. Matt thinks that it will only lead to more trouble, as Alf will definitely find out what is going on.

Maddy is amazed when Matt gives her an old violin as her present.

Josh catches sight of Maddy's gold bracelet (given to her by Oscar), and points out that she's always thought gold jewellery was trashy. Maddy tries to cover, but Oscar suspects he's stuffed up, and tells her they can exchange it if she doesn't like it. But this is the least of their problems, as the party starts to move inside.

 The gatecrashers ignore VJ and Oscar's orders to go outside, and when Tank cranks the stereo up, Oscar gets the phone to call the police. But Tank grabs it off him and throws it away.

Oscar and VJ are now seriously worried about what will happen next.

Evelyn enters as two glass doors are smashed, and Tank steals a kiss from her. But Evelyn is paranoid about being caught, and as she pushes him away, Josh sees them, and asks Evelyn if Tank was hassling her. Evelyn still can't admit that they're back together, so Josh thinks Tank hurt her and is too ashamed to tell him. Maddy offers to talk to her.

Hannah arrives to find Chris joining in the fun with the gatecrashers, and takes him to task – he was supposed to be the adult!

They move inside and Hannah turns the music down, but still can't force everyone out.

Maddy finds Evelyn taking painkillers, and checks she's okay, revealing that Josh thinks that Tank hurt her. Annoyed, Evelyn silences Maddy by showing her a freshly inked ‘T’ tattoo on her hip. Oscar moves over and sees it too, putting the pieces together, realising that Evelyn didn't break up with Tank.

Furious, Oscar finds Tank outside, and tells him to stay away from Evelyn. Tank stirs him, telling him that he'll take Maddy off him too, just for fun.

Oscar tells Tank he's got to apologise to Maddy for ruining her birthday, then leave them all alone. But Tank isn't intimidated, and asks him what will happen if he doesn't. 


Meanwhile, Marilyn tells Irene she wants to go travelling overseas with John, because she's afraid they can't grow as a couple if they stay in one place forever – but John's not willing to budge.

When Alf, Leah & Zac arrive at the Palmers' for dinner, Marilyn and John plaster on happy faces, but can barely hide their tension, as they use Roo's sudden wedding plans as a chance to argue about their differing views on Marilyn's travelling idea.

The dinner becomes even more awkward when Marilyn and John argue about travel itself, pushing Zac to check with Marilyn if everything's alright, and she covers.

As they finish their meals, John and Marilyn's fight escalates, so Alf, Leah and Zac excuse themselves to go and check on the party.

Marilyn apologises to Leah, who encourages her to put herself in John's shoes – just when he's got his wife back, she wants to pack up and travel the globe? Marilyn realises it's not the life he'd pictured for them. Marilyn apologises to John, and admits she's going through an adjustment period. She acknowledges that it doesn't make sense to leave. John's relieved, but as they hug, the look on Marilyn's face says it all – is she making the right move?


Back at the party, Hannah and Chris kick some gatecrashers out, then suddenly Alf charges in, with Leah and Zac close behind, and brings the party to an end. 

Outside, Oscar swings at Tank a couple of times, but he dodges him, and lands one of his own on Oscar's lip. Oscar launches at Tank and brings him to the ground, and as they struggle ferociously, Zac grabs Tank and hauls him off.

With the police on the way, Zac sees Azza graffitting the house, but when he tells him to stop, he throws the spray can towards the fire.

James, who has just arrived, tries to intercept the can before it reaches the fire, but he doesn’t make it in time.

The can explodes into a fireball, and James is blown back, badly injured.

Hannah examines him, and when she doesn't get a response, orders for someone to call an ambulance.

As they clear up the mess, Alf admires James' bravery, and wonders if he was wrong about him after all.

But when Roo arrives at the hospital, she finds Hannah, who tells her the hospital called James' next of kin. Roo assumes that means James' parents are there, but when she enters the room, she finds a woman holding his hand. Roo asks her who she is, and the woman introduces herself – she's Megan. James' wife. Roo stares at her, her world is caving in on itself.