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11-15 November 2013

An injured Andy (TAI HARA) is helped by Heath (DAN EWING)

Nate (KYLE PRYOR) operates on an injured Andy (TAI HARA) with the help of Ricky (BONNIE SVEEN) and Heath (DAN EWING)

Heath and Nate help a wounded Andy

Casey visits Brax in gaol

Monday 11 November

Jett and Nina have run away, and try every tactic in the book to avoid being found by an increasingly worried John. However, Jett can't completely ignore his guilt over running away from John.

John's terribly disappointed in Jett for disappearing and putting him in this position with Nina's parents.

Jett takes Nina to hide out in the farm, and they decide to keep their whereabouts secret for a little longer. John has put off going to the police because he's worried DOCS will get involved.

Bianca hopes that Josh can help the integration of the two schools as an example that Mangrove River kids can turn a new leaf at Summer Bay High, while Montgomery mocks Leah's attempts to reach out to Matt.

Tensions are high between the students, and Matt accuses Josh of turning his back on Mangrove River. Before things can get violent, Andy intervenes, shoving Matt against a wall and warning him off.

Josh is shocked to see his brother back in town and out of gaol, as Andy tells Josh it's time to come home, away from Summer Bay and Maddy. Both Josh and Maddy can't understand how Andy got out of gaol, and they have no idea that Andy is badly hurt from a wound sustained in gaol.

Montgomery prompts Matt to start a fight with Josh to undermine Bianca's attempts to unify the school. When a fire starts in the hallway of the high school, the obvious suspect is Matt. Leah reveals she saw Matt and Montgomery talking before the fire.

Nate finds Andy injured and wants him to go to hospital. Andy rejects his help, but as his condition worsens Nate decides to call an ambulance. Andy begs him not to take him to hospital.

Tuesday 12 November:

Heath finds Nate helping an injured Andy. Nate wants to take him to hospital, but Heath offers their house as a place to treat him.

Ricky helps Nate treat Andy who's in terrible pain. They realise Andy's been stabbed.

Bianca's angry that their house has become a makeshift medical centre to treat Andy. Heath reveals that he feels guilt over the Braxton/Barrett divide, and he won't turn his back on Andy.

Ricky warms more to Nate over his dedication to his patients. She also notes they both have a connection to the Barrett's.

Bianca tries to talk to Matt about the fire, but he remains allusive.

Later, Bianca finds Matt out late at the surf club. She's worried about him and tries to break through his defences. She tells him she knows about Montgomery talking to Matt, but he lashes out at Bianca.

Bianca reconciles that even though things are hectic at the house with the Barrett's, she loves Heath.

Hannah, Evelyn and Oscar try and adjust to life in Summer Bay. Evelyn reveals she's worried about what will happen to their dad now that the police have arrested the cult. She blames herself, but Hannah reminds Evelyn that she was a victim in this.

Hannah realises that with Evelyn as well as Oscar in the home, it's getting crowded in Leah's house. Meanwhile Zac and Oscar mend their bridges, and Oscar reveals that Zac is still part of the family. Evelyn's still dealing with the fact that Ethan chose Murray over his kids. Hannah tells Evelyn that Ethan may still change.

Later, as they're pleased with their 'parenting' they share a sexually charged moment. Both pull away, knowing there's more at stake than their emotions. Just as the kids are settling in to a 'normal' experience of family, Ethan appears.

Josh and Maddy are worried about how Roo is coping with Harvey still missing. Roo's upset that others have given up hope on her husband. Alf tries to comfort her, but Roo's distressed and hoping for a miracle.

Josh regrets the way he and Andy spoke last, and he also wants to move out of Roo's house - he feels like an intruder. Josh sleeps on the beach and is woken by Heath - time for the brothers to reunite. Josh is shocked that his brother's been stabbed.

Wednesday 13 November:

A selfishly heartbroken Chris doesn't realise that Spencer is also hurting over Sasha keeping her distance. He's still upset over Indi breaking up with him. The Harrington brothers are in a world of pain.

Indi's looking forward to travelling, similarly unaware how much their breakup is hurting Chris. Irene suggests that Spencer should talk to Sasha. He tells her he's back on his medication, but Sasha feels like she can't be there for Spencer right now.

Irene, fed up with Chris' sooking, points out Spencer's heartbreak, and Chris inadvertently reveals Spencer's condition. Irene feels for Spencer and offers him a room at her house.

Chris finds his brother to offer support, and tells him he's welcome at Irene's. Spencer's angry that Chris revealed his condition to Irene.

Indi tells Sasha that she should be there for Spencer.

Evelyn comes across Spencer, and the pair comfort each other over their fears of the 'real world' outside the lodge. They give each other a friendly hug, which Sasha misinterprets as an intimate moment.

Hannah doesn't trust Ethan to be alone with the kids. Zac reminds Hannah that Ethan has a right to speak to his kids.

Ethan apologises to his kids, but Oscar can't forgive him. Evelyn wants her family back and is willing to hear Ethan out. Ethan wants them back.

Hannah wants the kids to stay and tells Ethan he failed at being their father, but the twins resent Hannah for speaking to Ethan that way; it's their decision!

Meanwhile, Zac tries to reason with Ethan. They don't want to cut him out of their lives, but Ethan's not ready to have the kids back yet.

Ethan's desperate to get the kids back, and Zac offers to take care of the kids until he's ready. Ethan understands, but he'd rather have the kids now.

Hannah makes up with the kids, and they decide to stay in Summer Bay.

Hannah wants Zac to come around more, and the pair have flirty banter. Things are sparking between them and they're finding it harder to deny.

Roo's keeping herself busy with housework so she doesn't think about Harvey. She avoids speaking to Lottie, while Marilyn encourages her to reach out. Marilyn tells Roo that Harvey would want her to look after Lottie.

Alf and Marilyn are pleased that Roo's going to be with Lottie.

Meanwhile, John's out of his mind with worry about Jett and Nina, who've now been gone two nights.

Thursday 14 November:

Dex and April are in full wedding mode, preparing for their combined hen's/buck's retreat day. Dex is trying hard to get April involved in the process but she doesn't seem to care about cakes and flowers as much as Dex does.

Neither of them are able to settle on a best-man or maid of honour and Dex's Groomzilla tendencies continue to get out of control.

After Spencer refused Chris' offer to move in at the Beach House, Irene urges him to stop being so selfish and try again to help his brother.

Sasha is upset after seeing Spencer and Evelyn hugging and thinks that she has lost him. As a distraction she throws herself into helping with the wedding prep but is thrown when Chris shows up and encourages her to speak to Spencer.

When Sasha does speak to him, she admits to Spencer that she's scared of losing herself in their relationship. Spencer agrees that he doesn't want that either and they decide to give their relationship another go.

Sasha also tells Spencer that it was Chris that convinced her to come and speak to him. Spencer shows up at Irene's ready to move in, thanking Chris for the part he played in getting Sasha to talk to him.

After trying to survive for two days on their own, Jett thinks it's time to call John, but Nina doesn't want to. When Jett goes to get his phone, however, he discovers that the battery is flat, and they prepare for another night in hiding.

John is still struggling with Jett's absence and worried that if DOCS gets wind of him running away, they might take Jett away from him.

Jett and Nina are almost sprung trying to steal food from the Farm House but manage to evade detection for a little while longer.

But as April and Dex's hen's/buck's retreat gets under way, Spencer goes to the shed and discovers Jett and Nina hiding out and convinces them that running away is not the answer. Spencer returns the kids to a distraught John and Jett is worried that John may never forgive him.

After John drives Nina back to her parents, Jett tries to apologise but all John hears is excuses. He tells Jett that DOCS could take him away and Jett realises that he didn't really think things through.

Casey and Tamara are hanging out, trying to pretend everything is fine, but their relationship is becoming more and more awkward as they struggle to figure out how to be normal.

When Casey visits Brax in prison, he admits that no matter how hard he tries, he can't get back what he used to have with Tamara. Brax tells him that he needs to figure out if fighting for it will help, or if it's time to let go.

Casey and Tamara finally talk through their issues and realise that things shouldn't be too hard. They don't work together. They calmly have a mutual break-up, further emphasising to them that the spark is gone.

Seeing them hug, April and Dex think they're perfect to be their Best Man and Maid of Honour because they fought so hard to be together not knowing that they've just broken up.

Friday 15 November:

Before Casey and Tamara can tell April and Dex that they've broken up, April railroads them into them agreeing to be the Best Man and Maid of Honour.

When Sasha hears of this, she's upset that she wasn't asked to be Dex's Best Man, Dex admits he didn't even consider her because she's a girl.

April & Dex's combined hen/s/buck's day spa event kicks off and Casey and Tamara agree to keep up the charade of their relationship for the sake of April and Dex just until after the wedding.

This proves difficult however, when Dex starts hounding them for details of what their perfect wedding would be like.

A reluctant Heath is dragged along to the day spa and is horrified to discover that not only is there facials, but there's also no 'real' food or alcohol. He quickly rectifies this by getting Kyle to deliver pizza and beer.

As the buck's/hen's day ends with a massive game of Monopoly, Dex reaches out to Sasha and apologises for not considering her for Best Man, Sasha relents and admits that Dex desperately needs a male influence in his wedding planning.

As the day winds up, Sasha seeks out Casey and gives him a few tips for being Dex's Best Man, and Dex is touched when he overhears her suggestions for Casey.

The next morning, April receives the phone call her and Dex have been waiting for. She's been accepted to university, they're moving to Paris.

Bianca is ecstatic to tell Casey that the Board of Studies has accepted his application for special consideration and that he will be awarded his HSC based on his previous trial results. Casey is thrilled.

Ms Montgomery meets Matt and pays him for starting the fire at Summer Bay High. She then asks Matt to make a false statement to police saying that Bianca made sexual advances towards him, and that he'll be paid handsomely for it.

Matt is reluctant but before he can answer Leah interrupts them. When she confronts Ms Montgomery about why she's meeting a student on the weekend, Ms Montgomery tells her that she doesn't have to answer to 'work experience'.

Leah catches up to Matt later and pleads with him, he's a smart young man with a bright future, he just needs to make some good choices and if he's being bullied by Ms. Montgomery then Leah can help him.

She asks what's going on with his meetings with Ms Montgomery but Matt brushes her off.

But when Matt meets up with Ms. Montgomery later he tells her that he won't lie about Bianca and that he won't do anything for her again. Without her lackey, Ms. Montgomery is forced to do her own dirty work& and she trashes the school.