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Home and Away

Weekdays at 5.30pm | TV2

11 - 15 May 2015

Monday 11 May:

After hitting VJ Leah is crying on the beach, her head is hurting and she's seeing double. Zac calls her but she doesn't answer. Later, Irene finds her at the Diner in a daze, madly cleaning, so she tells Leah to sit and rest. They talk about Zac and Irene tells her that she can't avoid him forever. She also mentions that she's noticed Leah's not been herself lately. Leah gets defensive, lashing out and yelling at Irene. Irene calms her down and takes her home to rest. Zac reveals to Irene that Leah hit VJ and they're both very worried about her. In the morning Leah apologises to VJ and tells him she's feeling better. She then decides it's time to talk to Zac. She asks him if he's truly happy with her or if he's just sticking around because he feels he has to. Zac assures her that he loves her and wants nothing more than to be with her. They both apologise and all seems ok&.but is it?

Ash is racing to stop Kyle from doing another drug job for Gunno. He runs through the bush to their meet point and calls out, startling the thug Kyle is meeting, so he pushes Kyle down a small incline. Ash rushes to his side and realises he's hit his head on a rock and it's covered in blood. After rushing Kyle back to the share house, Ricky tells Ash to call Nate immediately. Nate arrives and patches Kyle up after he refuses to go to the hospital. The next morning instead of thanking Ash, Kyle is furious. Now Gunno has no excuse not to go after Brax. After Ricky tells them that she's heard Brax is being released from solitary, Ash realises Gunno's using his pawns to get to Brax. Kyle blames Ash and the two start fighting. Ricky yells at them to stop and storms off.

Denny goes off at Ash now that he's returned to the Bay. Where has he been? Ash talks things through with her, but he lies to her saying he was with his sister. Denny then feels guilty for overreacting. Kat sees Ash is back at the caravan park and reminds him that he should be careful with whatever it is he's doing - he's still on parole so one false move and he's back in gaol.

Meanwhile Ricky has run into Nate & Kat on the beach. In her frustration, she tells them she can't get in to see Brax but his life is in danger. She pleads for Kat's help but Kat says there's nothing she can do and there's no way Ricky will get in to see Brax, short of some emergency. Nate later decides to help Ricky by creating a medical emergency and forging a doctor's letter. Kat sees Nate collect Ricky to head to the gaol and gets suspicious about what's going on.


Tuesday 12 May:

Ricky & Nate are at the prison telling Brax whats been going on. He finds out about Kyle stepping in to do the drug runs for Gunno and tells Ricky they all should have stayed out of it. He says Kyle needs to honour his promise to look after Ricky and the baby; Brax will deal with Gunno from now on. After Nate & Ricky get back to the Bay, Nate brings up the fact that Ricky is having the baby soon – should she really be getting involved with prison grudges? Ricky tells Nate to back off, what she does is none of his business. Kat witnesses this exchange and after asking Nate what’s going on, he all but admits he forged documents to get Ricky in to see Brax. Kat’s furious that her own boyfriend has broken the law.

Andy finally looks at his test results and finds out he’s passed! He’s now a qualified personal trainer. In his excitement, he decides to start teaching Oscar the ropes of the whole gym so he can become qualified too. Oscar is a little hesitant considering his past with working out, but Andy doesn’t notice. When Denny comes to work out in the gym Oscar takes it as an opportunity to get away from Andy’s teaching for a second. But when Andy’s gushing about his marks Oscar puts his foot in it by saying he doesn’t really want to be a personal trainer. He quickly back pedals assuring Andy that he enjoys working at the gym.

Denny is delivering coffee to Ash at the Caravan Park when his sister, Billie shows up. Ash offers to let Billie stay in his caravan for a while, which Billie isn’t keen on and says she’ll find somewhere to crash. Later, Denny runs into Billie at the beach and they start chatting. Denny mentions that Ash’s visit last week must’ve been nice, but Billie says she hasn’t seen Ash since she left the Bay last time. Denny realises Ash lied to her about where he’s been. When she confronts him about it Ash admits he went after Kyle when he decided to do another job for Gunno. He apologises to Denny and tells her he won’t lie to her again. But it’s not enough for Denny, she can no longer trust him. So Denny breaks up with Ash.

Ash tells Kyle about Ricky getting in to visit Brax in prison. Kyle is still pissed that Ash interfered in the drug run, insisting that if he hadn’t then Brax wouldn’t need to be involved. Ricky returns and passes on to Kyle that Brax wants Kyle to step back and let him handle it. Meanwhile back in prison, Brax makes a visit to Gunno’s cell. Gunno is all alone so Brax gives him a message – stay away from my family or I will find you again when you’re all alone with no one to protect you. Ash soon gets a phone call from one of Gunno’s guys saying that he’s been told to lay off them – looks like Brax has sorted the problem, at least for now. Ricky talks to Kyle about the way he’s been behaving and gently reminds him that he’s the only family she’s got left. She’ll need Kyle when this baby comes along. Later that night, Kyle is on the couch playing the guitar, thinking about what Ricky said when Billie wakes up. She informs Kyle that Ricky let her crash the night. Kyle apologises for waking her but Billie doesn’t seem to mind. She goes over to him, making coy conversation. Before Kyle is aware of what’s happening, Billie leans in and kisses him. Will Kyle be seduced in his vulnerable state?


Wednesday 13 May:

Kyle and Billie talk in the morning - it's clear they hooked up. Kyle is adamant that it can't happen again. Billie ignores Kyle's protests and continues to flirt with him. Later, she asks Ash what Kyle's deal is. She also mentions she's thinking of staying in Summer Bay, maybe calling it home. So Ash decides to ask Kyle on her behalf if she can stay at the share house on a more permenant basis. Kyle immediately shuts it down making the excuse that Andy's room is still his, even if he's never there. Ash decides to go directly to Andy to convince him to move in with Hannah. Andy's surprised at the suggestion but doesn't squash it immediately. Meanwhile, Kyle goes to Billie and tells her that no matter what Ash is trying to make happen, Billie cannot move in. She has to say no.

Andy tells Hannah he's passed his personal trainer exam and she's thrilled. She suggests a fancy dinner to celebrate but Andy says they should invite Oscar too - what a way to kill the romantic vibe. Andy mentions he's sort of been mentoring Oscar at the gym and he's doing really well. At breakfast Hannah brings it up with Oscar who seems unsure about the whole thing, which leaves Hannah concerned. After more overexcitement from Andy whilst at the gym, in a way to escape Oscar offers to close up so Andy can head off to dinner with Hannah.

Turns out Hannah has brought along Phoebe, Ash & Billie to dinner to help celebrate. Halfway through, Hannah goes to the gym to check why Oscar isn't at dinner yet - he admits to her he's just frustrated working with Andy. He's the most trying boss who's already so invested in developing Oscar's "future career". Hannah advises that with Andy, you just have to be blunt. They arrive back at dinner just in time for Andy to ask Hannah (in front of everyone) how would it be if he moved in permanently? Hannah's surprised and Oscar, faced with Andy full-time at home and at work, quits on the spot. Ash tells Billie that it looks like the room is hers if she wants it - will she move in or heed Kyle's request?

Phoebe's back in the Bay and Ash tells her about him & Denny breaking up. He also mentions that Kyle hasn't been in a good way lately. Phoebe realises it was a good time for her to come back. She then runs into Kyle outside Angelo's, so Phoebe asks if she can buy him a coffee? Kyle is cold and brushes her off, suprising Phoebe. She later admits to Hannah that she was expecting a beautiful reunion with Kyle upon her return and they'd get back together, but instead he just shut her down. Hannah convinces Phoebe to come to dinner with her and Andy; It'd be the perfect opportunity to talk to Kyle. At Angelo's, Phoebe follows Kyle into the store room to talk to him. He thaws to her concerned approach but insists they talk later, not at work. Phoebe decides to go to the share house later that night but before she knocks, she overhears Kyle talking to Billie. They're discussing the spare room and Kyle is furious she still decided to move in. He repeats that what happened last night can not happen again. No one can know they slept together - which Phoebe overhears.


Thursday 14 May

Phoebe turns up on Hannah's doorstep to tell her what she just found out - Kyle has already slept with someone else. Hannah tries to convince her to stay and talk but Phoebe needs to figure out what to do next. Hannah checks up on her the next morning but she seems to be in better spirits. She comments on how Hannah seems to have it all sorted - the relationship, career, home& unlike Phobe. Meanwhile, Chris decides to head to John's place and set up for a bloke's weekend for the two of them. But when John arrives, he tries to gently tell Chris he needs to focus his attention on Marilyn & Jett as they're coming home soon. Chris, dejected, heads to the diner to ask Irene out for lunch but she's too busy as well. Chris then goes to Phoebe at the caravan park and she confides that she's thinking about leaving the Bay. Chris ends up talking her around and convincing her to stay, finally feeling of value to someone.

Matt returns to the Bay. Maddy finds him on the grassy knoll and he reveals he's been at an alcoholics rehab retreat for a few days. He says he needs to apologise to Josh & Evie but doesn't know how so Maddy decides to help. She gets Matt to set up a meeting with Josh & Evie at Angelo's and Maddy goes with him. After trying to avoid the subject with pleasantries, Matt finally apologises to Josh & Evie the best he can. He knows they were just trying to help him and he acted like an idiot. Matt tells them he really values their friendship and hopes that they're all good now? Josh accepts this and agrees they're all good.

Hannah tells Josh & Evie about Andy moving in, but still seems unsettled by the situation. Her concern is fuelled further when Hannah has a steamy dream about Nate. She wonders if Andy moving in is what she really wants. She debriefs with Phoebe and discovers the dream probably wasn't about any lust for Nate, but about her feeling suffocated. She didn't have much of a say in Andy moving in so now she just feels tied down. Phoebe asks if Hannah still wants to be with Andy? Of course she does! Hannah says she loves Andy so she'll just ignore it - they'll work it out.

Leah's still hiding from her unknown illness, deciding to google her symptoms. She ends up going into the Diner to try and distract herself, but she snaps at Chris for no reason. Irene tells her to sit down for some lunch but Leah insists she's fine. She's trying to push Irene away but Irene says if there's something wrong with Leah she shouldn't run away from it. Leah storms out and, unbeknownst to Irene, heads straight to the hospital. Upon seeing Nate, Leah breaks down and admits she's not herself and she's scared. There's something wrong with her but she doesn't know what it is.


Friday 15 May:

Alf returns home from the hospital, still not knowing what's wrong. Maddy & Matt go to check in on him and in their excitement to see him, start rabbiting on about all the things he's missed. Then all of a sudden Alf yells at them to shut up and storms off. When Roo broaches the subject with Alf later asking what it was about, he goes off at her aswell and at the height of stress has another heart episode. At the hospital, Nate asks Roo about what Alf was doing when it happened and she mentions he was looking over the old war medals and photos that belonged to Tom. Nate quickly gets a hunch about Alf's condition. Nate tries to talk to Alf about it but he doesn't want to hear Nate's diagnosis - could Alf have post traumatic stress disorder?

Jett has returned from the city and tells John he's got something important to talk to him about, only they're interrupted by Chris. He's still trying to hold onto his friendship with John and decides the best way to do that is just turn up everywhere John is! John's not pleased and gives Chris a phoney favour to do for him, to get Chris out of his hair for a while. Finally just the two of them, Jett confesses to John that after a lot of thinking, he's decided he wants to join the army. John is shocked and makes fun of Jett's confession at first, until Jett pulls him in line and tells John he's thought a lot about it. After Anzac Day he's seen what it really means to serve your country and he wants to pursue that. John finds it hard to digest.

Leah confesses to Zac about the headaches and blurry vision she's been having. She tells him she's gone to Nate and he's scheduled an MRI scan. She's scared to tell VJ and worried she may have made it worse by waiting so long to tell someone. Zac comforts her and says not to get ahead of herself, at least she's taking action. Leah finally tells VJ what's going on and that she doesn't know what's wrong with her. VJ is surprised and worried, deciding to accompany Leah when she goes for the MRI scan.

Maddy, Matt, Josh & Evie are hanging out together, now that the air is cleared, talking about school. Matt & Maddy both confess they're way behind on their work so Evie suggests maybe they should study together? Josh quickly pulls her aside and warns that if they spend too much time together it might encourage them to develop a romantic connection. Evie's surprised at the suggestion but doesn't see what the problem is, unlike Josh who predicts disaster. As the guys all talk about the idea of Matt & Maddy studying together, the banter between Matt & Maddy begins as competitive but soon turns playful&even flirtatious. Josh & Evie clock the vibe which confirms Josh's initial concern.