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11 - 15 April 2016

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Monday 11 April (6396)

After Kyle's arrest, Kat tries to interview him informally, hoping it will steer him towards telling the truth. Kyle steadfastly refuses to dob in Isla. Kat arranges for Ricky to visit, counting upon her to make Kyle see sense. Ricky is dismayed their 'family' has fallen back into this kind of situation. She reminds Kyle of his promise to Brax - to look out for Casey and her. He reminds Ricky she has Nate now. Ricky realises Kyle has fallen for Isla, and wonders if she feels the same about him? Kyle thinks that no matter what, Isla deserves a chance to be with her family and he refuses to throw her to the wolves. Ricky pleads with him to wise up and help himself. 

Ricky confides her frustrations to Nate. She is sick of the 'Braxton code', and angry at Kyle for taking the rap for someone else. Nate picks up on the 'Brax' subtext. Ricky reveals this has brought up thoughts of Brax as she's noticed his influence on Kyle. But it's just reminded her how truly grateful she is to have Nate in her life. She thinks they should bring the wedding forward – why wait? After working out how quickly they can realistically pull it off, Nate agrees.

After spending a night in lock-up, Kat is hopeful Kyle's resolve has weakened. Trying to help him, she offers one last chance to come clean. He hesitates, his conversation with Ricky is mind, but he doesn’t take the opening. Kat, frustrated, believes he is making a huge mistake.

Zac observes Alf giving Hunter a gentle lecture over the ute incident. Hunter is a little back chatty and Zac overreacts - giving his son a stern telling off. Leah is left dismayed, particularly when Zac – not for the first time - makes it clear he doesn't want to talk about it.

After his run-in with Zac, Hunter experiences pain and discomfort in his chest but ignores it. He sweetly and rather awkwardly asks Olivia out for a mystery date. Chris is protective, very much treating Olivia like a little sister. Hunter returns home and attempts to make things better with Zac but gets the cold shoulder. Later, as Hunter prepares baked goods for his date with Olivia, he doubles over in pain. Something is clearly wrong but he continues to push it aside.

Leah finds Nate and struggles to hide her concerns over Zac. Nate offers to visit him for beer and a man-chat. The boys discuss weddings, before Nate attempts to steer the conversation towards Zac's issues since getting out of prison. Zac realises Leah must have put him up to it and grows irritable. He closes the topic down, forcing Nate to back off.

At the diner Nate apologises to Leah – he couldn't get Zac to open up about what's eating him. Leah appreciates him trying, though her desperation is apparent. Later when Kat crosses with Leah, she asks after Zac - not surprised to hear he is struggling...especially after what happened in prison. Kat realises Leah doesn't know the full story and grows uncomfortable. She feels Leah needs to hear what happened from Zac. Leah confronts him, refusing to back down this time. Zac finally prepares to tell her the truth... While he was in prison, Zac overheard a riot being organised. He told the guards about it and the prison went into lockdown. It didn't take long for the inmates to work out who ratted them out and soon they attacked Zac. He was stabbed. Someone stepped in to break it up, he's not sure who, as he was pretty out of it at the time. Leah is shocked but finally understands. She realises that's why Zac wouldn't let them visit him. Leah makes Zac promise that he won’t ever shut her out again like that. Zac agrees and they reconcile.

Hunter has arranged a 'High Tea' picnic for Olivia at a secluded lookout in the bush. It's something of an epic fail aesthetically but Olivia absolutely loves it - Hunter figured she'd appreciate it seeing as she's from England. Olivia is blown away; it is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for her. As they kiss Olivia picks up on Hunter's physical discomfort. Determined not to ruin the date, he covers with a lie.

Post picnic, Hunter clears up, whilst Olivia takes in the view, babbling on about backpacking together in the future - there are heaps of places she wants to show him. She does not initially realise Hunter is doubled over and in serious pain. When he doesn't answer her, she sees something is wrong and races over as Hunter manages to tell her he can't breathe. Olivia immediately looks panicked... it dawns upon her they are isolated and she's the only one who can save him.


Tuesday 12 April (6397) 

Buoyed by their newfound honesty, Leah thinks it's onwards and upwards for her and Zac, until he avoids further questions about the attack. She suggests they spend the day together for Zac to have time to relax, but he's got a district school meeting to go to with Greg Snelgrove.

As Zac heads out, keen to end the conversation, Leah is once again left with the worrying feeling that Zac is keeping something from her.


Meanwhile, at the isolated picnic area, Olivia is in full panic mode as Hunter fights for breath.

Miles from anywhere and with no phone reception Olivia sets off on a desperate race to find help.  She makes it to the road and flags down Zac and Greg. Zac demands Olivia take him to Hunter right away.

When Zac gets there, Hunter's condition is rapidly deteriorating. With now limited phone reception Zac calls Nate and over the phone, with Zac's help, Nate diagnoses Hunter with a life-threatening problem – a tension pneumothorax. They don't have time to wait for an ambulance. It's up to Zac to save Hunter. Using a knife he must make a small incision in Hunter's chest.

During the procedure, Zac is haunted by flashbacks of his prison attack. Despite this, Zac gets it done and Hunter breathes freely again.  Zac is relieved but memories of the prison attack have taken their toll. So much so, Zac vomits after Hunter is taken off in the ambulance.

Leah, regardless of her issues with Zac, rushes to support him and there's relief all round when Hunter is given the all clear by Nate. No one is happier than Olivia. Her and Hunter have come through the traumatic experience now more in love than ever.

Despite the good news about Hunter, Zac remains distant. When Leah, already concerned about Zac, learns from Greg that Zac vomited, she tries to talk to him. Zac dismisses it, saying it was enough to have to use a knife on his son. Leah isn't so sure that's all, but Zac tells her not to worry.

Leah catches Roo up on what's been happening and laments that she thinks Zac isn't being completely honest with her. His reasoning for being shaken makes sense, but he was so relaxed about it when they talked. Leah thinks he's putting it on to save face.


Meanwhile, VJ has one thing on his mind… Billie. He attempts to flirt with her whilst working at the surf club but Billie just laughs it off.

Later as he finishes up his shift, VJ is nagged by Skye to teach her to surf – she wants to become like a local. VJ reluctantly agrees to give her surfing lessons. The only thing is, VJ doesn’t know the first thing about how to teach someone to surf. An amused Billie witnesses his questionable techniques and soon offers to head out in the water with Skye and show her a few things. After a few hours Skye is killing it, thanks to Billie.

As Billie heads off, VJ catches up with her to walk back to the surf club.

After Skye returns her board, she sings Billie's praises to VJ who totally agrees – Billie is a pretty cool chick. In a light bulb moment Skye realises VJ has a crush on Billie. VJ tries to deny it but Skye insists he can't hide from the truth!


Zac crosses with Greg after a workout. Greg immediately tell Zac that he just spoke with the prison – When was Zac going to tell Greg that he was in prison with his son, Wayne?Zac is instantly on edge, saying he barely saw Wayne (a.k.a. Tank) and he doesn't want to talk about it – he wants to put the whole experience behind him.

Greg thinks it's more than strange he didn't even mention it but Zac insists it's none of Greg's business. Zac strongly warns Greg to stay out of it, and that means not telling anyone, unlike earlier today when he ran to Leah. Greg is shocked by Zac's aggressive attitude over the subject and is left wondering… why is Zac so desperate to keep the fact that he was in prison with Wayne a secret?


Wednesday 13 April (6398)

Zac won't talk to Greg about Wayne (Tank) being in the same prison as him, which makes Greg worry his son's in some kind of danger. Zac's unstable behaviour causes Greg to suggest he take more time before returning to work but Zac refuses. He continues to avoid talking to Leah as well, much to her frustration.

Alf gets news that Don Fisher's had a fall and prepares to visit him for a few weeks. Hunter is expected home tomorrow, much to everyone's relief. Meanwhile at the surf club, Evelyn and Josh find VJ to be acting strangely, and by his super-obvious stares Evelyn soon realises it's because he has a major crush on Billie. VJ's trying to get her attention, but unfortunately for him, it's not working so well – until VJ comes up with a crazy idea about how to land himself in her orbit…

Ash is still dealing with his break-up by sleeping with every pretty girl in sight – including some of the Garage's customers. While Andy is begrudgingly impressed, he's more concerned that they get Phoebe to sign the insurance claim papers. Ash finds out from the police that no fingerprints were found – The boys think it's strange and suggests the vandalism of the Garage was more professional than some random attack on Matt. Their discussion makes Andy decide to check how the investigation’s going, but Dylan is dismissive, suggesting that Andy should be used to dodgy things happening if he works with the likes of Ash.

Meanwhile, Leah walks in on Zac having a nightmare about being beaten in prison. When she tries to wake him, he lashes out as if she were in his dream, putting his hands around her neck – accidentally hurting and scaring her. Zac apologises profusely but doesn't reveal what the dream was about. He promises her that he'd never hurt her, which she accepts, but the truth is she's scared – and she confides as much in Roo the next morning. Horrified her friend is bearing the brunt of Zac's inability to deal with whatever happened to him, Roo goes to Zac and talks to him directly – Leah's terrified and while Roo can see Zac’s been through some sort of trama, and she’s sorry about that, he needs to deal with it. Zac doesn’t want to face it but Roo warns that if this continues, he may not be able to control what happens next. If he can't do it for himself, he should certainly do it for his wife. This hard truth is the wake-up call Zac needs, and he finally admits to Leah that he needs help.  He's not going back to work until he gets his head right. Leah's deeply relieved and the couple are on the path to being mended.

VJ confesses to Skye that he likes Billie and ropes her into his plan to get her attention – they should pretend to be a couple so Billie can see he has boyfriend potential. Skye thinks it's ridiculous but, when VJ suggests it may make Oscar jealous too seeing her with someone else, Skye wavers. After a bit more begging from VJ, Skye relents. While Billie doesn't notice their antics, Josh and Evelyn do – and figure out what's going on. Josh later fills Billie in, much to her surprise. Josh and Evie are glad they're beyond such troubles – completely unaware that Greg is busy trying to get Wayne (Tank) out of prison and back to Summer Bay. Greg confronts Zac, saying he’s just visited Wayne – he told Greg what happened to Zac, all about the attack, and that Wayne was the one who saved Zac. Zac silently confirms. Greg then pleads for his help to get Wayne out as the thugs in prison have moved onto threatening Wayne. What will Zac do?

After Ash turns up late to the garage after yet another overnight "date", Andy warns hooking up with every girl in the bay may get back to Pheobe – then there's no chance of them getting back together. Ash insists he doesn't want to get back with Phoebe. Andy then suggests all these girls are just a cover for Ash to get over his ex, but Ash denies it. Later, Andy remembers to tell Ash what Dylan said about him. Ash is confused as he thought Dylan was now friendly, but as Andy has a rant about Dylan's unhelpful attitude, the penny drops for Ash. He confronts Dylan at the Beach, calmly telling him he's figured out that Dylan was the one who trashed the Garage. Ash threatens Dylan to watch himself and Dylan dares Ash to make a move – but Ash holds back, leaving his threat hanging for later…


Thursday 14 April (6399)

Dylan wastes no time telling Kat after being accused of trashing the garage by Ash. Kat is furious, heading straight to the garage to give Ash a serving. Since Ash can't provide proof, Kat tells Ash to end his crusade against Dylan, ignoring Ash's insinuation that Dylan hasn't changed.


Since quitting his apprenticeship, Matt has ensconced himself on the couch, overwhelmed by the problems he's facing – public taunting over the sex tape, an impending court date for his assault charge and being the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Concerned, Maddy asks Evelyn & Josh to talk Matt out of his funk. Then Oscar walks in on the conversation, asking if they've seen the comments on Maddy's Facecloud feed? Maddy explains she wrote a post defending Matt and telling the trolls to back off, but Oscar says it seems some of the backlash comments are quite full on. Oscar warns Maddy to not engage but she seems unconcerned.

Later Evelyn and Josh try to talk Matt into getting outside but he shuts down the idea. When they push him, he rants about his dire situation and tells them to lay off – seems that was a big fail.

When Josh sees Ash at the diner, he asks about Matt getting his apprenticeship back. Ash points out that they never wanted him to leave in the first place, but yeah he'll talk to Andy.


Ash reveals his theory that Dylan trashed the garage to Andy. He believes it but thinks they'll never find proof against a detective that other cops will believe. Ash laments the more pressing worry is Kat's safety, sharing with Andy that she's involved with Dylan again. Kat wouldn't listen to Ash's warnings but Andy suggests that's because Ash is a guy. Chicks only listen to other chicks; if Ash wants to get through to Kat, he's going to have to enlist her friends to help.

When a reluctant Ash approaches Phoebe and Hannah at the Diner, the girls have just finished a conversation about the goss of Ash's bed hopping – to which Phoebe feigns indifference. Hannah warns her as Ash approaches, assuming he's here to talk to her, but Ash immediately states he needs to talk to them both… about Kat. The girls look concerned.


Oscar explains the FaceCloud situation to Roo who is shocked after reading some of the nasty online comments. Maddy plays it down but reveals she's also getting private messages from guys asking for nude pics. Roo wants to contact the authorities but Maddy asks to hold off; she's concerned about what will happen if Matt finds out, not wanting him to sink deeper into his depression.

However Matt receives some good news when Ash visits him. Since they now know the break-in wasn't to do with Matt's sex-tape, Ash would like to offer Matt his job back. Matt happily accepts.


At the station, Dylan is pleased Kat tore Ash a new one over his accusation. Kat seems to have no doubts about Ash's misguided views.

Dylan's keen to hang out with Kat later, but Kat receives a text from Hannah asking her out to dinner. Dylan insinuates she sees them all the time and she should spend time with him, but Kat decides she'd like to catch up with the girls instead. Dylan tries to hide his jealousy.


Maddy, Josh and Evelyn are all surprised when Matt makes a surprise appearance at Summer Bay house to say goodbye to Alf. They're all curious to know what turned Matt's frown upside down. He explains he got his job back and apologises for being such a downer. Maddy's glad to see him happy again.

Matt offers to take Maddy out to dinner to thank her for putting up with him. She agrees and moves off to get her things, but once she's alone she checks the FaceCloud page to find guys have made more horrible comments and threats against her. Maddy's shaken, even checking behind her like she's being watched.


Hannah and Phoebe discuss how best to raise the subject of Dylan with Kat. Phoebe wants to go in hard but Hannah advises a softer approach may be better to avoid Kat getting defensive.

The night progresses well and Kat relaxes as Phoebe rants about Ash. Hannah then steers the conversation back and uses the topic of bad boys to say that some women look past their partners faults to their own detriment. Kat clocks the pointed looks immediately and knows they're talking about her and Dylan. Phoebe pleads with Kat to tell them it's not true that she's back with Dylan. Kat is fuming, saying it's none of their business while Hannah tries to show her they're just looking out for her.

Kat leaves the restaurant annoyed, going straight to Dylan back at the station, drowning out her own doubts about him.


The next day, Phoebe is confronted by the sight of Ash kissing another girl. Despite her hurt, Phoebe makes the approach to update Ash on the fail with Kat the night before. Phoebe suggests the more they push her the more likely Kat will shut them out. She thinks they should just be there for Kat when she needs them.

Ash however doesn't want to wait for the inevitable to happen so decides to head to the police station – Phoebe's worried over what Ash will do so goes with him.

Ash jumps straight into a lecture to Kat when he gets there, with Dylan witnessing the whole thing and trying to undercut Ash. But Ash forges on, berating Kat for starting this relationship up again knowing what Dylan is capable of. As Ash talks about them blindly hooking up Phoebe yells for Ash to stop; she's noticed Emerson has walked in and heard everything. Kat is frozen in shock – her affair has been exposed.


Friday 15 April (6400) 

After Kat gets rid of Ash from the Police Station, she is taken to task by Emerson for not being honest about her liaison with Dylan - he has no choice but to take this to Superintendant Joyce. He knows she hasn't technically broken any rules but it's about perception, and her ability to be objective will be questioned. She may be taken off the murder investigation due to their affair compromising the case in the community.

An anxious Kat tells Dylan how much the case means to her career and, though Dylan offers her a chance to back out of their relationship, she refuses.


Maddy is still feeling anxious about the previous night, and reveals to Roo that she felt like someone was following her. Roo wants to contact the police but Maddy thinks it's nothing more than all this social media stuff getting to her. Roo goes ahead anyway and makes the call, saying the point is Maddy doesn't feel safe. Matt comes in, having heard the last bit of the conversation, and Maddy is forced to reveal the online abuse to Matt. Matt is devastated and blames himself. Roo and Maddy both assure him it isn't his fault and Roo insists they stay off their social media accounts until the police have looked into it.

Matt can't help himself though, and gets angry when he reads more comments. Feeling helpless to stop it, Matt charges into the station and yells at Kat, asking what is she doing to protect Maddy from these creeps? Kat asks him to explain fully and Matt hands over a list of online handles the harassers are using, asking Kat to track them down and stop them.

Kat does investigate as best she can, then later turns up at the flat to inform Matt, Maddy & Roo of the bad news. It's incredibly difficult to track online predators, let alone prosecute them. Kat admits that unfortunately there's nothing more the police can do, much to Matt's frustration.


Following Ash's anger at the Police Station, Ash and Phoebe report the incident to Hannah in the Pier Diner. She's concerned Ash's actions may have ramifications for Kat - which is later proved to be the case. Phoebe, Hannah and Ash all agree they should back off from interfering in Kat's relationship, despite their fears she's making a massive mistake.

Happy that Ash finally admits he went too far, Phoebe is about to leave, when Ash asks her to come and sign the insurance paperwork at the Garage instead - and they head off to do so.

While she's there, they sadly acknowledge how good it is they can still talk without it being weird.

A flirty young woman comes to pick up her car from Ash and, picking up from where they left off when she dropped the car in, she tries to encourage Ash to meet up later. Awkward in front of Phoebe, he gives the girl a polite send-off, but Phoebe has already noticed the nature of the encounter and asks him why he didn't hook up with her. Ash admits he wouldn't do that in front of her - but Phoebe points out she knows he's already seeing other girls. Ash explains: "Yeah, well, that's just my way of getting over you."

Back in the Diner, after Phoebe walks in on some cute PDA between Hannah and Chris, she admits to Hannah that maybe it is time for her to move on, like Ash is. She's going to go have some fun….


Ricky is surprised when Kyle shows up at Angelo's and tells her he made bail. He was worried she was still angry with him, so didn't tell her about his hearing. Ricky isn't angry but frustrated – she tries to point out that Isla isn't worth what he's doing except Kyle doesn't want to hear it. Ricky asks him to at least tell her what's going on with his case and he fills her in: his lawyer thinks he'll probably get around five years. Ricky freaks: five years!  She wants him out in the world, she wants him at her wedding, she wants him to be there for Casey - how can he do this to himself over a girl he hardly knows, and who hasn't even stuck around to help him.

Kyle has to explain the bad news: due to his past record and the fact he knew about the robbery before it happened yet didn't report it, he will be charged regardless... There is no way out of it. Devastated, Ricky tells Kyle she was planning to ask him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Kyle sees how upset Ricky is and is gutted to miss out on this. Ricky decides to ask Nate if he'll move the wedding forward in order for Kyle to be there for this big moment.


When Emerson reports back that Kat is being taken off the Charlotte King murder investigation, Dylan protests to no avail... and his frustration begins to build.

Just as Kat is telling Ash she believes people can change (hence her investment in his garage), at the Police Station Dylan's rage begins to express itself in a violent outburst alone in the locker room. It seems pretty clear that Kat is wrong about him having changed after all.