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10-14 October 2016

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Home And Away on TVNZ OnDemand

Home and Away on TVNZ OnDemand.

Home and Away on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 10 October (6516)

Having witnessed Ash in the middle of what looked to be a dodgy deal with Simmo, Kat chases Simmo through the bush. The crook narrowly escapes her, leaving Ash to feel her wrath. Ash plays dumb, having already stashed the drugs. He pretends the guy was simply there to deliver spark plugs. Kat sees through him though, noting that Ash won't even give her his name. Ash is clear, he wasn't doing anything wrong… Kat heads off, telling Ash this isn't over. At the police station, Kat searches through photos, finding Simmo. Senior Sergeant McCarthy recognises him, he's deep into carjacking, drugs - you name it. Her suspicions confirmed, Kat returns to the garage demanding Ash come to the station. Ash refuses to go along, leaving her with no choice but to arrest him.


Hope and Raffy struggle to get by financially, but Hope claims to have a plan. Her apology to Phoebe over the “mix-up” with John doesn't go down well though. Phoebe wishes Hope would just be honest about trying to scam John. Hope next tries to appeal directly to Brody for a job at Salt, but the rosters full, he can't hire her without Phoebe's approval. Hope then moves on to Justin, asking if there's any work at the garage. He shoots her down, now that he's aware she scammed John. But Ash sticks up for Hope, she's doing it tough, maybe she just needs a chance to get back on track. Hope is thrilled when Justin later offers her a part-time admin job at the Garage. He just hopes he doesn't regret it…


It looks like he might though; it isn't long until Hope is secretly snapping photos of customer's credit cards. Phoebe arrives at the garage, ready to accept Justin's apology for not siding with her over the whole Hope debacle. She stops dead in her tracks however, when she spots Hope working behind the counter. In the throes of her frustration Phoebe accepts a random offer for a date by Damien, a garage customer. Justin is shocked she'd go out with that guy. Phoebe takes the opportunity to shove it in his face. Hiring Hope showed her just how little she means to him – it's time to move on.


Brody is having his own mini drama, as the fresh produce he's ordered isn’t quite up to his standard. Phoebe offers him free reign of the Farm House's veggie garden to grow his own gourmet produce for Salt.


Matt and Mason share a quick hello with Evelyn at Salt. Things remain frosty between Mason and Evelyn after their ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement fell apart. Matt calls Mason out on his attitude; it's time to drop this cold war already. Evelyn meanwhile is moving out of Summer Bay House. Alf checks on her, wondering if she's really sure she can go back to the Farm House, where she lived with Oscar and Hannah. Evelyn thinks she's ready, she sees them everywhere she goes in Summer Bay anyway. Mason shows up, apologising for his bad attitude of late, he wants to be friends. Evelyn is thrilled, that's what she's wanted all along. Mason helps her pack. It looks like things are finally on track for Evelyn. Arriving at the house, the memories come flooding back, Evelyn is clearly uneasy. She doesn't have time to be sad however, as she finds Brody tearing up the veggie patch. She manages to stop him from yanking out plants that she once planted with Oscar. Brody and Evelyn quickly bond as they plan out the new veggie patch.


Hope covers her disappointment that her payments for her Garage work will be delayed until next week. It appears she going to have to use the credit card details she's nicked to help get her through until then. Hope shows up at the Farm House with a massive load of groceries, covering all the food her and Raffy ate over the last couple of weeks.


Ash spends his day holding up to Kat and McCarthy's interrogation. He refuses to answer anymore questions so McCarthy throws him in the lock up. Ash doesn't respond well to being back behind bars again – he can't believe Kat is doing this to him.  McCarthy is frustrated when the judge refuses his application for a search warrant into the garage, he insists it's time Kat puts the pressure on, and give Ash an ultimatum. With Ash's priors, he could be thrown back in prison. Kat makes the offer, help the police get Simmo or he's staying behind bars.


Tuesday 11 October (6517) 

Billie and VJ spend their morning arguing over how expensive Salt's food is. VJ is clearly feeling the budget blues as he juggles work and study, in contrast to Billie who is enjoying satisfying her pregnancy cravings. VJ is frustrated further having to wait around for Billie to finish an expensive breakfast. She didn't know he was waiting, and is happy to pick up a few extra shifts at the gym to pay for everything. But an anxious VJ doesn't want her working too much while she's pregnant.


At the police station, Ash gives the cops a counter offer; if they want Simmo so badly, he's ready to help them, on one condition - no charges, no matter what Simmo says about him. Kat doesn't think they'll go for it, but McCarthy is keen, Simmo is a bigger fish than Ashford. But Ash is going to have to work for his freedom. They're going to use him as bait… Kat is glad Ash came round to the idea of helping out the cops, but Ash has nothing to say to her. Clearly still shocked she would stoop to threatening his freedom, he tells Kat to save her breath.


Phoebe arrives at Salt, out of uniform. She tells Billie that she's waiting for her date with the guy she met at the garage. She just can't remember his name…. While Phoebe sits upstairs nervously regretting her decision to even go on this lunch, Justin intercepts Damien, her date, downstairs. Damien is thrown as Justin explains that he would simply be a rebound guy. Damien doesn't really mind if he's honest, Phoebe's the hottest girl he's ever had an opportunity to date. However, seeing Justin's desperation, Damien relents. If she has it as bad for Justin as he has it for her, who is he to stand between them? Damien steps aside, leaving a self-satisfied Justin to go upstairs and sit by the bar. Phoebe is frustrated by his arrival. As it slowly dawns on her that she's been stood up, Justin is there to swoop in and share a meal with her.


After a rough afternoon trying to study, VJ arrives home, miserable. Billie gives him a dessert she bought to help him study through the night. VJ snaps, knowing they can't afford this, he unleashes a torrent of frustrations. He blames his current state on a kid he didn't ask for and a girlfriend that won't stop pushing him. Billie is devastated to learn what he really thinks. VJ immediately regrets his outburst. A distraught Billie hops a bus to get home.


Ash finally gets Simmo on the phone, telling him he wants to meet up and apologise for the earlier incident, maybe even talk about a new business proposition. With the meet all set, undercover cops get in position. A nervous Ash waves to Simmo as he approaches in his car. But Simmo spots a radio on an undercover cop, and whips his car around, getting the hell out of there. Kat and Ash watch on devastated.


Phoebe and Justin spend their afternoon at Salt bonding over classic rock songs. It's fun and flirty. Justin can't help but be honest with Phoebe, confessing that he sabotaged her date. Phoebe is shocked, but also secretly charmed by this admission. She just wants to know why he did it… Their conversation is interrupted by a message from Billie, she needs to see Phoebe now. 


Brody and Evelyn spend their morning gardening, a new friendship blossoming. Mason and Matt learn that Evelyn is gardening with Brody. Mason grows frustrated, he can't believe that Brody would be hanging out with his Ex. Matt tries to talk sense into him, Evelyn's allowed to have male friends.  Mason sneaks off though, arriving at the Farm house, just in time to find Evelyn and Brody in towels. Mason doesn't hear them discussing the crazy manure fight that broke out while gardening together. Assuming the worst Mason busts in shoving Brody against the fridge with force, giving his head a nasty knock. Evelyn is furious at Mason for his actions. Her and Mason clearly can't be friends – they shouldn't be in each other's lives anymore.


Kat takes Ash aside, she's feeling intensely guilty about what she's put Ash through. She finally tells him the real reason she has been so stand-offish with him lately – she's on probation, because McCarthy thinks he's a criminal. Ash is hurt, he's not a criminal and hopes one day Kat will see that.


Leaving her surprise date with Justin, Phoebe is riding high, until she gets in her car and none other than Simmo grabs her from behind… He takes her hostage, forcing her to drive him out of town. Once Simmo feels he's safely out of the police search area he makes Phoebe close her eyes and count to ten. He leaps form the car and sprints off… Upset, Phoebe floors the gas pedal and takes off. Looking over her shoulder to check where Simmo is, taking her eyes off the road for a moment, she's shocked when the car suddenly hits something. Skidding to a stop Phoebe runs over to find Billie seemingly lifeless by the side of the road…


Wednesday 12 October (6518)

Phoebe tries to reassure a barely conscious Billie as she calls an ambulance. In hospital, Nate and the staff leap into action, taking care of Billie, who's only concern is for the baby. Nate informs her that he needs to look after Billie first, and then he'll check on the baby. Phoebe tries to apologise again to Billie for running her over, but is forced to leave the room while staff get to work. Phoebe's a mess when Justin finds her.


VJ is still studying when Leah and Alf arrive home. He tells them about his fight with Billie. He to tries play it down as just another fight. He'll apologise for his stupid behaviour later. But all of this is thrown out the window when he receives a phone call from Phoebe informing him about Billie's accident. Will he ever get the chance to apologise?


Ash also rushes to the hospital, and is utterly stunned to learn that Phoebe hit Billie with her car. He demands to know why and how she did this to his sister. Justin explains that Phoebe was carjacked. Ash is left speechless, frustrated that he can’t help. Billie is all he has left, it's like the universe trying to take her away from him.


Nate informs Billie that she has some internal bleeding. They're going to have perform surgery to find out where it's coming from. Nate checks on her vitals when the baby suddenly goes into distress. They need to rush Billie into theatre immediately.


Nate's confused when some test results come in, there are some discrepancies between Billie's, VJ's and the baby's blood results. He orders a recheck of the tests, and a blood test on VJ. When the results come back Nate is surprised to discover that VJ's blood type is O negative. The implications are obviously far reaching.


The family worries that anaesthetic will put the baby in harm's way but Nate explains there's a risk with any anaesthetic, and they need to look after the mother first.  As Billie goes under, her only concern remains for the baby.


Phoebe passes a blood alcohol test with the police and they accept her story about Simmo's carjacking. Phoebe is clearly traumatised by the events of the day, so Justin offers to take her home. Phoebe remains terrified that Billie might not make it.


Meanwhile, John has to find someone to fill VJ's shift at the Juice bar, but Marilyn worries he's going to work himself too hard. He's just got out of hospital himself! She's appalled to later find John working as a Lifeguard at the beach. John grows defensive when Alf and Marilyn give him a stern talking to. He's adamant he has no other choice until he suddenly begins losing energy, on the verge of fainting. John agrees to relax going forward. He receives flowers from Jett, which prompt him to start worrying about Shandy, is there a reason she hasn't contacted him yet?


At home, VJ beats himself up, furious at how he left things with Billie. That morning he had everything, and now he may lose it all….


Nate informs the family that surgery went well. The baby and Billie are fine. Everyone is thrilled and full of praise for Nate, but their compliments aren't sitting well with Nate, he clearly has big news to deliver that could hurt this family.


Ash and VJ are over the moon to have Billie back okay. VJ promises to never again speak to her like he did that morning. She and the baby are all that matters to him.


The next morning Nate lets Billie know she's going to make a full recovery, then asks for a quick word with Billie alone.

He tells her the pathology tests have revealed that she and VJ both have the same negative blood type, and yet the baby has positive blood. He's gentle as he breaks the news, this can only mean that VJ is not the father…


Thursday 13 October (6519)

Back together and in love, Olivia and Hunter are looking forward to their future. Which in the short term means the HSC. But while Olivia is determined to get into Fashion Design, Hunter has no idea which course he should aim for. In truth, he's never given his future much consideration. A situation Olivia urges him to correct… Unless he wants her to go to uni alone surrounded by a bunch of guys… She's teasing, but Hunter takes this on board, perhaps he should sort his life out.


In hospital, Billie tries to deny the notion that VJ isn't the father, but Nate says it's a fact – didn't she think this was a possibility? Billie shakes her head, breaking down. She admits that she was raped.


Alf's dismayed to learn that Caroline is heading back to America soon. He's going to miss his grandson. Duncan is also down about his boy leaving for the U.S.  Alf raises the idea of them staying longer. Duncan's conflicted, not wanting Caroline to get the wrong idea, but desperate to spend more time with his son.


Marilyn spends the day fussing over John, who's feeling a little bit crowded. Marilyn offers to walk him to the juice bar and help him organise more casuals so VJ can have some time off to look after Billie. Once there John can't help but slip into work mode. Marilyn is frustrated that John simply won't relax. It looks like it's up to her to step up and take over the business


Nate offers Billie his deepest condolences. He asks why she didn't report the rape to police. Billie is still convinced no one would believe her after she accused Nate of rape. He tells her that none of this is her fault. Billie only lies about not suspecting her rapist was the father. Nate is understanding but when he asks when she will tell VJ that he's not the father, Billie is adamant – never. In her mind VJ is the father.  She won't let Nate tell him either. Nate is taken aback, but VJ enters before he can respond.Nate is still grappling with Billie's demand when Leah and Zac invite him over for lunch to thank him for looking after their family. Nate's guilt spikes when VJ returns home and discusses quitting school to look after the baby. Can he let this young man give up his future for a baby that isn't his own?


Hunter spends the day looking up career paths online. Zac assures his son, he still has plenty of time to figure that stuff out. After this morning though, Hunter is clearly worried about his future.Olivia, meanwhile is relived to be back on track with her life, and takes this opportunity to thank Irene for helping her though this traumatic period. She asks Irene if she'd consider being her guardian going forward. Irene is taken aback. They agree to see what happens going forward, but for the record, Irene would be thrilled to be Olivia's guardian.


Marilyn has some good news for John, Shandy has been on an overseas holiday. He doesn't have to be so worried. John continues to panic about work, having forgotten that they were just there. That hit on the head must affect him more than he thought.


Caroline's thrown when Duncan decides to raise the possibility of her and Bryce staying in Summer Bay. Secretly knowing she has to go back to the USA for “treatment”, the discussion turns into a full-blown argument as Duncan can't understand why she won't even consider it. Feeling drained after her fight with Caroline, Caroline leaves Bryce watching a DVD and moves into the Caravan. She unravels some of her “medication.”


Nate listens to Leah and Zac desperately trying to talk VJ out of quitting school. Nate suggests that VJ talk to Billie about this, knowing she wouldn't want him to throw away his future either. VJ gives his mother a heartfelt speech about how much sacrifice she made for him as a child. VJ is determined to be the father he never had. Leah finally agrees to let him do what he thinks is right, leaving Nate feeling even worse. He goes straight to Billie and counsels her to tell VJ. He challenges her – if she really loves VJ, she'll do what's right by him and the child. It looks like he's finally got through to Billie. She pleads for time before she tells him. Nate agrees but is clear, the longer she waits, the harder it will be.


Hunter tells Olivia about his Dad's advice. He's going to take his time making a choice about his future. This completely throws Olivia as she panics he'll miss out on a place at uni. Swept up in her speech, Hunter announces that he's made a decision. He wants to be a Sports Physiotherapist. Olivia is proud of him, but Hunter looks nervous about his snap decision.


Alf and Roo find Duncan sitting alone, he's finally ready to believe that something is wrong with Caroline; her mood swings are so frequent. He's saddened, there's no way she'll open up to him about it.When Roo arrives to talk to Caroline on her fight with Duncan, she finds Caroline passed out and unresponsive – and Bryce nowhere to be found.


Friday 14 October (6520) 


A frantic Roo alerts Duncan and Alf that she found Caroline passed out in the van and Bryce is nowhere to be seen.  They all head out to look for him. Caroline is wasted after smoking a joint, Roo wants to call an ambulance, but Alf convinces her to simply ring Tori.


Leah and Roo watch as Tori examines Caroline. She's clearly off her face but there are no drugs in sight. Roo is convinced that Caroline was smoking pot. Tori makes sure that someone is there to watch over her while she sleeps.


Olivia, the proud girlfriend, is quick to inform everyone that Hunter is thinking about becoming a Sports Physio. Irene is thrilled, but Hunter remains awkward, not wanting to make it so public already. Zac is worried upon learning that Hunter has already made a decision. Eager to head off, Zac tells Olivia and Hunter that he is on his way to Yabbie Creek, but realising he's said too much, asks the kids not to mention it to Leah – it's a surprise for her.


Duncan, Roo and Alf search the Bay, furiously trying to find Bryce. Tori stumbles across him playing near the beach. Bryce is worried his parents will be angry, but Tori assures him that they just want him safe. At home, tensions flare as Caroline maintains that she had a weird reaction to her allergy medication. Tori's clearly dubious while Duncan is frustrated and confused. Alf keeps everyone calm, at least Bryce is safe. Duncan is grateful to Tori for all of her help. Alf senses there’s still a spark between those too.


Roo has had enough, and searches Caroline's caravan, finding a bag of marijuana, she brings it straight to Duncan and Alf. Caroline has finally been exposed….


Duncan is furious that Caroline abandoned Bryce to get high, anything could've happened to him. Alf tries to keep things calm. Roo worries that Duncan needs to be careful about how he handles this.


Zac shows up at the Diner, and Leah is shocked that he disappeared all day during this search for Bryce. He explains that it was a work thing. Leah is disappointed. She had hoped Zac finally learnt to stop putting work before her.


The next morning, Duncan is quietly resolved to make some changes. He confronts Caroline that Roo has found her stash. He has no sympathy for Caroline. She doesn't think it's any of Duncan's business but tries to explain that she has never had a bad reaction to drugs before. Duncan can't believe she's having any at all around his son. Feeling attacked and overwhelmed, Caroline is done, she decides she's leaving the country with Bryce today.

Duncan won't let her leave with Bryce, he's calling their lawyer, he wants full custody…


Olivia is brimming with excitement for Hunter, who's clearly not as enthusiastic about the situation. She doesn't understand why he's not pumped. He maintains that he just wants to get through the HSC first. Hunter finally escapes to his van and looks over some Sports Physio pamphlets. Hunter looks overwhelmed by what he reads - has he really considered his choices?


When Leah shows up, Olivia asks about Zac's surprise for her from yesterday. This is the first Leah's heard of it. Turns out that Zac wasn't at work, at all, yesterday. Leah's suspicions rise, what is Zac lying to her about? When Leah confronts Zac, he reveals he didn't mean to lie, he was actually looking for a surprise for VJ's 18th. He didn't want anyone to spoil it. Leah apologises for jumping down his throat. Looks like these two are okay, for now.


Alf and Roo try to talk Duncan out of going for custody. Taking a kid away from his mother is a pretty big deal. Is that really what's in Bryce's best interests? Duncan snaps and Roo worries she's going to do something that he regrets.

Tori meets Duncan at Salt, he's still in shock that Caroline was smoking pot. Everyone suspected it but nobody told him. He can't stop worrying that this could happen again. Tori suggests that maybe Caroline was using it for medicinal reasons – it is legal in the US after all. Tori tries to convince Duncan to at least have a conversation with Caroline about the situation. Duncan is grateful for her advice, but remains resolved to go for full custody.


Roo finds Caroline alone on the beach and tries to reassure her that everything will work out. But Caroline knows it won't – she's really sick…She has Huntington's disease and there's no cure.