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10 - 14 March 2014

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) get cosy in the surf

Andy (TAI HARA) and Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) get cosy in the surf

Jess (GEORGIA CHARA) sees Heath (DAN EWING) and Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) kiss

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) helps Jess (GEORGIA CHARA) after she drops her bag

Bianca (LISA GORMLEY) helps Jess (GEORGIA CHARA) after she drops her bag

Phoebe (ISABELLA GIOVINAZZO) gets upset with Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY)

Irene (LYNNE McGRANGER) enlists Leah (ADA NICODEMOU) in finding someone to set up with Chris

Phoebe (ISABELLA GIOVINAZZO) tells Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) she’s scared of him

Phoebe (ISABELLA GIOVINAZZO) tells Kyle (NIC WESTAWAY) she’s scared of him

Monday 10 March

Heath's one night stand from Melbourne, Jess, has shown up pregnant and tells Heath that it's his baby.

Later Jess is surprised to see Heath kissing Bianca and when she drops her stuff, Bianca helps her not knowing that this woman is carrying Heath's baby. J

ess asks Kyle about the woman she saw Heath with and Kyle tells her that was his wife. Kyle reassures her that it may take Heath some time, but he will do the right thing.

Heath finally agrees to meet with Jess, and tells her that he can't make any promises at the moment, as he's scared of losing Bianca.

Heath finally gets up the courage to tell Bianca that Jess is pregnant and Bianca is devastated.

Marilyn thinks that John is going to propose to her and, as she's not ready yet, starts hiding from him.

When Marilyn hides out at home, she gets busted by Alf, and admits that she's not ready to get married yet, she doesn't want to have to say no to John, because she doesn't want to break his heart.

Meanwhile John continues on his actual plan, which is to set up a blind date for Irene. When Alf tries to talk to John, neither realise that they're actually talking about different things. John now thinks that Irene knows about the set-up.

John finally catches up to Marilyn, with their wires still crossed, Marilyn thinks he's about to propose and runs off, leaving John confused. John chases her into the diner and when Marilyn pre-emptively tells him that she can't marry him, she's mortified to realise that he was not going to ask that.

Marilyn runs out of the Diner, much to the amusement and confusion of Irene, Roo and Alf.

John catches up with her at home and they both apologise to each other, they agree that marriage is too soon for them, and they get their relationship back on track. Marilyn agrees to help John set up a date for Irene.

The election campaign for school captain heats up as Tamara and Sasha go head to head. Sasha tries to win the students over with cupcakes whilst Tamara is more interested in helping the Mangrove River students with their integration issues.

Josh is still angry with Maddy after she didn't go to him for help with her problems.

Sasha enlists Jett's help in her election campaign, he polls the students and finds that Sasha is way behind Tamara as she doesn't have the Mangrove River vote at all.

Sasha brushes Jett off and asks Josh to help her with her try-hard image. When Maddy overhears this and implies that Josh wouldn't be interested, Josh says yes, just to prove her wrong.

Roo tries to get Maddy to talk to Josh but she refuses.

Annoyed at being brushed off Jett turns to Tamara and offers to work for her against Sasha, which Maddy jumps on board with because she thinks Sasha is using Josh.

When Matt gets wind of this, he comes up with a few ideas to make sure that Sasha doesn't win.

The more time Josh spends with Sasha, the more he realises that she's condescending and a little prejudice of the Mangrove River kids.

Josh quits the campaign and when Matt finds this out, enlists him in his plans to keep Sasha from winning.

Maddy suggests Tamara challenge Sasha to a debate and make posters, Matt tells Maddy that he was thinking of things a little more devious and when Maddy doesn't like the sound of that, Matt kicks her out of their little anti-Sasha group.

Tuesday 11 March:

Bianca is devastated to learn that Jess is pregnant. The next morning Heath tries to talk to Bianca but she doesn't want to hear it. Bianca admits to Heath that maybe she won't be able to get past this.

Heath asks Ricky to make sure Bianca is alright. Ricky heads to the school to chat to Bianca and she admits to Ricky that she's scared of losing Heath to this woman because Bianca won't give him children.

Bianca goes to Heath and tells him that she doesn't know how she'll cope but that they need to figure out what part Jess will have in their lives together.

Bianca tells Heath that she wants to meet Jess.

Oscar and Evelyn are having fun getting to know Denny but she reveals that she owes money on the van and can't afford to stay in the Bay much longer.

The next morning, Evelyn and Oscar start brainstorming ways they can get Denny to stay.

When Oscar is alone, he goes through Hannah's wallet and steals money to give to Denny. When he tells Evie his plan, she points out that Denny won't just take the money.

Oscar gives Denny a book and rushes out, Denny opens the book after he's left to find the money inside. Denny comes out to the Farm House and tries to return the book.

Zac realises there's more to it and when he find out about the money he questions the twins and Oscar admits that he stole it from Hannah.

Evelyn jumps in and says there's an obvious solution; Denny should move into the farm house with them, leaving Zac surprised and worried how Hannah will feel about that.

Josh apologises to Sasha and asks to be back on her team& but is this part of their little payback plan? Josh tells her that he's even got Matt on side and offers Sasha a lift to school.

When the guys pull up on a country road they manhandle Sasha out of the car and leave her in the middle of nowhere, so that she'll miss her speech.

When Maddy realises that Sasha isn't there, she asks Jett what's going on and Jett tells her about the plan to dump her in the bush. Spencer overhears Maddy talking to Josh and Matt about Sasha and demands to know where she is.

At the speeches Matt ridicules the male candidates and claims that he could do better.

Maddy tells Josh that if Sasha doesn't make it to the speeches that it's all on him.

Sasha arrives on time for her speech but hearing Tamara talk she realises that she's been wrong about this whole campaign and in her speech tells everyone they should vote for Tamara.

Matt stands and leads the applause. The votes are tallied and Tamara wins the spot of female captain, as for the male captain, Matt gets elected even though he wasn't even running. Matt decides to accept the position.

After hearing Tamara's speech, Maddy and Josh realise they've both been jerks and they kiss and make up.

Meanwhile, Ricky gets a voicemail from Adam in prison. He wants to talk.

Wednesday 12 March:

Ricky was annoyed to discover that Casey is planning to visit Adam in gaol to testify for Brax and she warns Casey that Adam won't help without wanting something in return and that he should be very careful.

Ricky is worried about Casey and tells Nate that she thinks she should go with him. Nate points out that her wanting to go might be more about Brax.

Much to her dismay, Nate decides to head home so she can think about what or who she really wants.

When Casey arrives at the prison it quickly becomes apparent that despite Adam's bravado, he's desperate to get information about his family, to know that they're alright.

The next morning, Ricky assures Nate that she wants to be with him, but that she should also help Casey with Adam, for Brax.

Just as Adam tells Casey that he'll want something big in return, Ricky arrives, telling Adam that they'll be playing by her rules, not his.

Hannah is completely blindsided when she discovers that not only did Oscar steal cash from her, but that Evelyn has asked Denny to move in without talking to her and that Zac apparently knew about it. Zac tells Hannah they should discuss it and Hannah is becoming increasingly annoyed at not having any alone time with Zac.

Hannah heads to the beach to clear her head and gets introduced to Andy, who offers to buy her a drink to say thanks for saving Josh's life.

Denny has noticed there's something between Zac and Hannah and tries to get more information, but Zac just tells her it's complicated.

Meanwhile, Andy is asking Hannah that same question, and Hannah tells him that she's single. Hannah decides to stay for another drink with Andy instead of going home to the dinner that Zac organised. Despite Andy's strong protests, Hannah finally heads home alone. The next morning, Zac tries to talk about their relationship but Hannah brushes him off.

Jess has agreed to meet Bianca who struggles to come to terms with the situation. When Jess arrives, Bianca asks Heath to leave so that she can speak to Jess alone, which he reluctantly does.

Bianca is devastated to learn that Heath told Jess about Rocco. When Bianca goes back to Heath, realising that he shared intimate details of their with this woman, that it was a meaningful bond, she tells him that she's not sure if she can love him anymore and asks him to leave. The next morning it becomes apparent that Jess is hiding something, but what?

Thursday 13 March:

Andy is angry to discover that he's covering for Casey so that Casey can help get Brax a reduced sentence. He decides to skip work and hangs out with Hannah instead. They get cosy in the surf.

Kyle tells Casey why Andy didn't show up for his shift and when Casey tries to explain it to Andy, he tells Casey to shove his job.

Having overheard, Hannah points out to Andy that maybe it would help him if he learned the full story about his father's death. Things are clearly hotting up between Andy and Hannah. Andy realises that perhaps Hannah is right, and goes to Casey and apologises for quitting.

Ricky tells Adam that no matter what happens, she will never be a part of Adam's life. Adam apologises to Ricky for using her the way he did, but Ricky tells him that words don't mean much, the only way she'll know he means his apology is if he helps Brax. Adam says he can't, because it would mean more time in gaol for him and he ends the visit.

Ricky and Casey come to terms with the fact that their last chance to help Brax has been dashed.

Phoebe asks Kyle if there's any way she could deal with the Braxton family a little less, she just wants to hang with the Kyle she used to know. When Ricky finds Phoebe on the beach, Ricky points out that the Braxton's are a package deal, there's no way to be with Kyle without accepting his family.

When Casey gives Andy his job back, just like that, Phoebe is disturbed to see that Kyle is well ensconced in this world of crime and walks out. Kyle finds her on the beach and tries to apologise. He explains that a lot has happened since he left Melbourne and Phoebe tells him that unless he tells her what went down, Phoebe is going to leave.

John and Chris continue in their plans to find Irene a date, with Marilyn, Roo and Alf getting in on the action. John has found the man and the gang try and decide where they should meet. They decide to have it at the house and leave it up to Chris to get her there.

When Chris and Marilyn both struggle, Alf comes to the rescue and simply tells Irene there's a bbq and she has to be there.

That night, Irene arrives at the house to find a romantic dinner set up and when Alf tells her what's going on, she tries to leave, but Alf convinces her to stay. Just as Chris, John, Marilyn and Roo are toasting a job well done, the blind date calls and has to cancel on Irene.

Friday 14 March:

Phoebe is left reeling after Kyle tells her about kidnapping Casey and trying to kill him and Tamara. Kyle explains that he was pushed to breaking point and Phoebe is scared what will happen if he's pushed to that point again. Kyle tries to assure her that that won't happen.

The next morning, Kyle tries to explain that what happened was not him, he was a different person and Phoebe admits that she's scared of Kyle.

After Irene's blind date cancels, Chris hightails it to the summer bay house to try and spare her the embarrassment. Not knowing that Alf has already told her. When Irene admits that she knows, Chris apologises and Irene acknowledges that he was just trying to repay her for all the nice things he's done.

When Roo, John, Marilyn and Alf arrive they all sit down for dinner and discuss romance in these modern days.

The following day, Chris apologises to Irene again and has a go at John for setting up Irene with a dud date. Irene tells him to stop worrying about her love life and concentrate on his own, which hits a nerve for Chris.

When Chris talks to Kyle, he points out to Kyle that fighting with a girl is better than having no girl at all and if Phoebe's really worth it, than he should fight to keep her.

Irene finds Chris at Angelo's and he admits that he's the one that's lonely. Irene tries to enlist Leah's help in finding someone to set up with Chris.

The morning after the dinner, Marilyn wants to send Irene flowers to cheer her up but Roo chimes in and tells her that Irene doesn't need everyone overreacting, making Marilyn and Roo think that maybe she's over identifying with her own issues.

Later, Alf tries to talk to Roo about it but is interrupted by Phoebe paying her van rent. When Roo asks how long she's planning on staying Phoebe starts to cry and Roo takes her for a chat. When Phoebe fills her in, Roo points out that staying in a relationship because the other person needs you is not a good enough reason. Roo tells her to stop worrying about what Kyle wants or needs and figure out what she wants.

After speaking to Phoebe, Roo realises that if Harvey had stayed they would have torn each other apart. She also says that a dinner with friends won't fix how she's feeling. Alf tells her that of course her friends can't fix it, but if she lets them in, they can make it that little bit easier on her.

After figuring out what they want, Kyle and Phoebe admit that they love each other. But Phoebe says she can't stay in this environment with the Braxton's. She tells Kyle that she's moving back to Melbourne and that she wants Kyle to go with her.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and John make their relationship official& facebook official.