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Hole In The Wall

Hole in the Wall

This series is currently off-air.

About the show

It's the new game show craze taking over the world, Hole in the Wall, set to bring fun, colour and laughs to audiences.

Hosted by Jules Lund, Hole in the Wall features a large polystyrene wall (4mx 2.3m) that travels along a 15m straight path at contestants who are challenged to make a shape which is cut into the wall and attempt to manoeuvre their bodies through it.

If they can't make the shape and the wall hits them they are pushed into a 1.5m plunge pool. The contestants have between 3.5 and 7 seconds to read the shape and contort their bodies to fit through the hole. If successful they score points for their team and the overall wining team will receive cash for their chosen charity.

Each episode has two teams of three people. The walls vary between individual shapes and team shapes, which allow two or all three teams members try to pass through the wall at once.

It will be rough and tumble in the sneak peak episode as three gorgeous women take on some burly, bawdy men in a clash between the Beauties versus Beasts.

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