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About the show

Hex is the chilling story of a young girl exploring the supernatural, while coming of age at a remote British boarding school.

Shy and socially outcast, Cassandra 'Cassie' Hughes (Christina Cole) discovers she is cursed by terrifying links to the past. Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her best friend, Thelma (Jemima Rooper), Cassie realises she possesses dangerous powers. Cassie is terrified by the forces that haunt her, but nonetheless begins using her new abilities to manipulate people and situations.

Stalked by Azazeal (Michael Fassbender), the leader of a group of fallen angels called the Nephelim, Cassie's fate turns dark after Thelma is kidnapped and sacrificed. But her hopes are restored when Thelma returns as a ghost, determined to protect Cassie from the powers that seek to destroy her.
The battle to save the world from evil continues in this second season of Hex,
with Cassie's realisation that the demon love child she thought she aborted is actually alive and growing at an astonishingly inhuman rate. The birth of this unholy child has released the Nephelim, a group of fallen angels whose prime aim is to get revenge on God by killing mortals.

Traumatized, Cassie must find and destroy her own child to restore order. While her unspoken love for the baby's father, Azazeal, radically affects her judgment, she finds an ally in Ella (Laura Pyper), a mysterious new student at Medenham College who possess incredible powers and is waging a personal vendetta against the Nephelim.

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