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Michael Hurst

Michael Hurst is a well known actor with a long career on stage, film, television and radio.

Michael began his television career in 1984, which includes a long run as the sidekick Eolis in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and as a director of both Xena and Hercules. He is cast in the NZ feature film The Tattoist, and played the evil robot Maska in Maddigan's Quest .

Among the awards that Michael has been given are the prestigious Laureate Award from the Arts Foundation of New Zealand, an appointment as Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, and the Metro Reader Poll award as Best New Zealand Actor in 2005.

Check out Michael's website for the latest on his career. He lives in Auckland with his wife, actress Jennifer Ward Leland.

Michael's parents moved to Christchurch from Lancashire when he was six. His parents could see no future for them in England, where his dad was a glass cutter and his mother did many semi-skilled jobs.

The family landed in the suburb of Harewood. After losing his accent as quickly as possible, Michael deliberately chose the working class Papanui College for his secondary school.

In Here To Stay Michael has a look at just about everything we have to thank the English for. Fish and chips, Minis, rugby... morris dancing. As well as a few different meanings of the word 'root'.