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Series 1, Episode 17 My Heart Would Know 13 Sep 14 00:41:16

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Hell's Kitchen

Thursdays at 10.35pm | TV2

About Hell's Kitchen

Thursdays at 10.35pm on TV2:

Chef Ramsay announces that Hell's Kitchen will hold a Quinceanera dinner to celebrate Brianna's coming of age. The teams must prepare a 5-course tasting menu based on the likes and dislikes of Brianna and her family.

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About the show 

A new batch of aspiring chefs face Gordon Ramsay as he serves up a new series of his fiery worldwide hit show Hell's Kitchen.

The Michelin-starred chef takes command of the kitchen as a new crop of aspiring restaurateur hopefuls show off their cooking skills in a bid to win a coveted head chef position at a prestigious restaurant. Expect high drama as they cook up a storm under the watchful eye of the terrifying superstar chef.

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