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Hayley: World's Oldest Teenager


About Hayley: World's Oldest Teenager

Hayley: World's Oldest Teenager on TV ONE

Hayley suffers from the rare genetic condition Progeria, which causes her to age eight times faster than usual. She enters her thirteenth year full of hope that she can avoid the fate of so many of the friends she has lost to the disease.

Hayley is also growing increasingly articulate, and for the first time here she is voicing her own documentary. This frank, moving and often funny commentary from Hayley herself is reflected in the story as she takes on the task with a little help from a ghostwriter of authoring her autobiography.

Hayley shows us how, in many ways, she is a normal teenage girl with regular teenage interests, such as clothes and boys. She has met a special boy Harry Crowther who also has a type of Progeria. The documentary follows Hayley as she visits Harry and his family in Yorkshire. Throughout, she shows the spirit and determination that has won her admiration across the world for enjoying what life has to offer, despite her debilitating condition.

We are also with Hayley as she has to cope with some major setbacks. Perhaps the most significant is when she suffers from a dislocated hip a sign that, although her medicines are helping to maintain her health, they cannot stop her body from degenerating in a way normally associated with old age.

Then, just as one set of medical news casts a shadow over her first teenage year, Hayley and her mum receive word of a potential breakthrough in scientific research from the USA. It is a discovery that her heart specialist in the UK is very excited about, and which may even arrest the ageing process itself.