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Harry And Paul

Fridays at 11.40pm | TV ONE

About the show

This series is currently off-air.

British comedy duo Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse reunite for Ruddy Hell, It's Harry & Paul.
Regular characters include; the Fast Talking Surgeons, the Posh Scaffolders, Marcus the owner of the Notting Hill shop "I Saw You Coming" and Simon the love struck customer of Café Polski.

There's also football manager José Arrogantio, the American tourists Ron and Pammie with their eager desire to show everyone their photo album, and Clive the pyjama clad pet Northerner who joins up with Johnny Vegas at the Henley Royal Northerner Show.

Some famous names also come under fire with; Nelson Mandela, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge, and obese teens Jamie and Oliver.