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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 9: Thanks For The Memories (Recap)

Screened Monday 3 April at 9.30pm

Meredith tries to sneak out of the house while Izzie prepares for Thanksgiving. George's father and two brothers loudly enter the house as Meredith leaves. Addison and Derek are on the ferry, she suggests that they have sex tonight, it will be the first time since they split.

Derek, Richard and Burke are all at work on their day off. A temp attending bosses Miranda and Meredith around. He only wants to work with one resident, the "Nazi" and he doesn't realise that that is Miranda.

George is dragged out to shoot turkeys. Meredith is given Holden, a man who's been in a vegetative state for 16 years, and fell when being turned by orderlies. When Meredith talks to him, he opens his eyes.

Miranda continues to tell the rude temp that she is on orders from the Nazi. Cristina and Burke arrive at Izzie's house. Izzie leaves a message for Alex. Meredith asks Derek to check on Holden. Out hunting, George doesn't want to shoot the turkey.

At the house, Burke realises that Izzie can't cook so he helps her in the kitchen. He treats his cooking lessons like a surgery. Cristina realises she needs alcohol. Derek checks Holden who follows Meredith with his eyes when she talks. They take him for a scan.

Alex listens to Izzie's messages, but continues studying at the hospital. Addison waits for Derek. Meredith finds Holden's wife, she is remarried and pregnant and their son is now seventeen. They leave before Holden wakes up.

Richard watches Miranda's surgery; he doesn't want to go home. Joe arrives at Izzie's with his boyfriend Walter. Cristina searches for liquor.  Out hunting, George's brothers tease him for only assisting surgeries instead of performing them.

Alex finds Meredith waiting for Holden to wake up. She tells him that she's so miserable that she can't be around normal people and he tells her that he failed his medical exams. Suddenly, Holden wakes up.

Holden is asks Meredith to tell him how long he's been out. When she tells him and he is devastated. Burke supervises Izzie's turkey basting. Cristina can't take any more so leaves to get alcohol.

George sees a turkey and shoots it so he can go home. Meredith gives Holden an MRI. There is a haematoma and a risk that he will die with or without surgery. Burke tells Izzie his mother owns a restaurant in Alabama. They discuss Cristina and Alex.

Cristina goes to work. George hurries his family to get packed up and one of his brothers accidentally shoots their father in the ass. At the hospital, George works on him.

Holden's son visits him but leaves having felt little connection with his father. Holden decides to have the surgery, saying his family has moved on and so should he.

Izzie tells Burke the reason she planned the dinner was because it's the one day a year that they get to be normal people. Miranda and Cristina perform surgery. Miranda tells her she is pregnant.

Holden is taken to surgery. George works on his father and complains they all treat him like a child. His father says he is not like them and talks to them like they are stupid. George tells him he did open heart surgery by himself and his father is proud.

Meredith scrubs in but Holden dies. Derek tell his son who is in the waiting room. Cristina and George see each other at work. Joe and Walter have to leave so Izzie and Burke are alone at the table. She says he can leave but Burke won't. Soon George and Cristina arrive and they eat.

Meredith asks Derek whether he loves Addison. He says he doesn't know. She says it's good that he's trying to make it work and says goodbye.

Meredith looks in on everyone at her house but doesn't go in. Alex goes inside and hugs Izzie. Miranda yells at Richard to go home, he refers to her as the "Nazi" and the temp realises who she is.

Burke tells Cristina he had a good time. Addison sits in the rain outside Derek's house. She asks if he's done hurting her yet. He kisses her. Meredith sits at a bar and a man asks if he can sit next to her, she checks he doesn't work at the hospital and then tells him to buy her a drink.