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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 5: Bring the Pain (Recap)

Screened Monday 6 March at 9.30pm

Alex drops Izzie at home; their date didn't go well. When Alex doesn't kiss her, Izzie gets upset and goes to George's room to complain. Meredith arrives home with Derek and yells at him for not signing the divorce papers. She throws him out and also goes to George's room.

At the hospital, Cristina is back at work, Addison is looking for Derek and Izzie refuses to talk to Alex. Cristina is given a patient who is allergic to pain medication so watches porn to ease his discomfort.

Alex and George work on a cop with a gunshot wound. Richard tells Alice that she can go home today. She says she is thinking of leaving Thatcher and he can leave Adele. He says they had this discussion twenty one years ago.

Meredith tells Derek that their relationship is over no matter what he does. Izzie is given a woman with chest pains. Meredith and Derek see to a young Asian woman who has a tumour in her spinal canal. She has a 95% chance of recovery if she has surgery right away. Her father refuses and because of their religion.

Derek asks Meredith to give him time to make his decision. George and Alex take the cop into the lift. Alex asks George what was wrong with Izzie, George says that he didn't meet her expectations. Suddenly the power goes out and the lift stops. Cristina's patient is in pain because his television has gone out and he can't watch porn.

They get the doors of the lift open between floors. Burke looks in and can see George and Alex. Meredith asks Derek to talk to her patients' father and organise a Sharman to come to the hospital.

In the lift, the cop is getting delirious and is going to die. Burkes says they are going to have to perform surgery. Richard asks Miranda who is to blame for the backup generator not being replaced. She says he was the one who didn't authorise it.

Burke comes back with the instruments for surgery. Alex freezes and can't take the scalpel off him. George takes it and Burke instructs him.

Cristina has to start describing a porn scenario for her patient to relieve his pain.  Izzie realises that her patient has been admitted every year on the same date. It is the anniversary of her neighbour's death.

George successfully finishes work on his patient with Burke's instruction. He puts his finger into the hole in the cops heart until they can move the lift. Burke congratulates George for flying solo.

The power comes back on and Meredith and Derek watch the Sharman perform his ritual. Izzie's patient confesses that for 27 years she loved her neighbour so the chest pains are related to her grief.

All the cops congratulate George, Alex walks away quietly. Alice tells Richard that she has left Thatcher. Richard says that he never left Adele that's why Alice went to Boston.

Meredith and Derek's patient is ready for surgery. Addison watches from the top of the OR. After the surgery Meredith tells Derek that she is in love with him and he must choose her or Addison. She says that if he signs the divorce papers he should meet her at the bar after work.

Alice is checked out. At the bar Meredith waits for Derek but he sits in the waiting room of the hospital, thinking. Miranda leaves all dressed up, it's her 10 year wedding anniversary. Derek didn't even know she was married. Cristina goes to see Burke and they resume their relationship.

Izzie, George and Cristina sit with Meredith at the bar and convince her that Derek is coming. Every time the door opens they look but Derek still sits in the waiting room. Addison approaches asks him if he is going to sign the divorce papers.