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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 1: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (Recap)

Screened Monday 6 February at 9.30pm

Meredith is in the Emerald City Bar drinking and discussing her relationship problems with Joe, the barman. Meanwhile, Derek confronts his wife Addison who says it was Richard who asked her to come to Seattle. Addison accuses Derek of leaving his life in Manhattan. Back in the bar Cristina tells Meredith that she is pregnant. Suddenly, Joe collapses.

At the hospital, Cristina won't tell Meredith who she is sleeping with. Derek approaches Meredith who refuses to listen to his explanations.

Richard tells Derek his appointment of Addison was not personal. He makes Burke Acting-Chief while he is recovering because he knows Derek has been sleeping with an intern.

Burke asks Cristina out to dinner but she refuses. Addison requests Meredith to assists her with a pregnant patient. The patient overhears that Meredith slept with Addison's husband. From his hospital bed Richard asks George to be his eyes and ears. So George begins snooping around.

Burke and Derek explain "standstill" surgery to Joe. By lowering his temperature, they will stop his heart and prevent blood flow to the brain. They will then have 45 minutes to remove the aneurism and bring him back to life. The procedure will cost a couple of hundred grand and Joe will lose his bar to pay for it. George overhears this.

Izzie accuses Alex of being unfeeling because he doesn't know his patients names. Alex teases Izzie that she likes him. Burke is fed up that he doesn't know what Cristina wants. George sees him kiss her. Reporting back to Richard, George says nothing is happening in the hospital.

The pregnant patient asks how Meredith could sleep with someone else's husband. The patient says her husband slept with someone else while she was pregnant. Cristina checks on Joe and vomits from morning sickness. She tells Joe not to repeat what she said in the bar. George tells Meredith that he saw Cristina kissing Burke. Meredith realises Burke is the father. Derek reprimands Addison for requesting Meredith to be her intern.

Meredith and Addison book surgery for the pregnant woman and Joe goes in for his operation. In surgery, Joe "dies" on the operating table and Derek has 45 minutes to remove the aneurism. George tries to file paperwork for a grant to help Joe pay for the operation.

Watching the surgery, Alex and Izzie talk about getting together. She says that nothing about Alex is remotely human. Derek removes the aneurism and Burke brings Joe back to life.

Burke talks with Richard about being Chief. Richards says that they are the same because they put the job first. Afterwards when Cristina tells Burke she will go to dinner with him he ends the relationship saying that they have their careers to think about.

Richard eventually signs George's request for a grant to pay for Joe's operation. The pregnant patient tells Addison she doesn't want Meredith working on her because she reminds her of her husband's mistress. Addison tells her that she was the one who cheated on Derek so Meredith is the wronged woman.

Derek explains that he found Addison sleeping with his best friend so he came to Seattle. He says that meeting Meredith was like a breath of fresh air. Meredith tells him that is not enough for her and leaves.

Izzie watches Alex check on Joe. Alex calls George over and gives him a hug for getting Joe the finance grant. Izzie sees Alex in a new light. At the bar Cristina tells Meredith she put her down as an emergency contact at a clinic. That's why she told her she was pregnant. Cristina says that Burke has just dumped her. Meredith gives her a hug.