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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 9: Who's Zoomin Who (Recap)

This show is currently off-air but will return with another season.

On the final episode:

When George gets an itch 'down there' he approaches Alex for help - is it what he thinks it is? Unfortunately for George the answer is yes, he has syphilis.

The only person he's slept with 'in a while' is Olivia, the nurse, so he can only conclude that he got it from her. When he awkwardly approaches her to tell her she runs away.

Everyone quickly finds out George's secret and when Alex goes to give him a shot of penicillin in the backside all the interns turn up to watch. But George isn't the only one with a problem - it turns out there's an outbreak of syphilis amongst the staff and everyone who's slept with anyone on the ward has to go get checked.

Cristina awkwardly joins the queue, followed by Burke, but after a quick discussion they realise neither has slept with anyone else and slink away relieved. Likewise, Meredith and Derek establish that they don't need to join the testing queue either.

When Olivia approaches George to apologise, she says that when she first saw him she was sleeping with someone else because she wasn't sure how serious they'd get. Who was that someone else? Alex. George jumps on Alex and tries to beat him up but is dragged off by the other interns.

Meanwhile, Izzie and Cristina treat a man whose wife and daughter are at odds over his care. The man has fluid in his abdomen, and because he is a heavy drinker it's possibly been brought on by liver disease. The wife has some sympathy, but the daughter clearly resents her father for his alcoholism and cares little about his diagnosis or his treatment.

Bailey gives Izzie and Cristina the chance to perform the surgery to remove the fluid by themselves, assuming they've seen it done. They haven't, but they go ahead anyway, and everything goes okay until Izzie discovers the patient's heart has stopped beating.

Izzie and Cristina are disappointed to learn the family don't want an autopsy performed because they want to know what went wrong. They realise it's the daughter who is adamant there's no need for one because she's already made up her mind that her father drank himself to death. The two decide to perform an autopsy in secret but get caught in the act by Bailey. Bailey is furious, until the interns show her the enormous heart they've pulled out of the man's chest. It turns out he had a rare blood disorder - one that is genetic - and by performing the autopsy they've potentially saved the daughter's life.

Meanwhile, Burke treats Bill, a college buddy with a very pregnant wife who is having bladder issues. The scan shows up something quite unusual - Bill has an ovary. This is a throwback from the womb, where an embryo hasn't split properly, and not serious.

However, during the operation to remove it another surgeon points out that Bill is sterile, and always has been. So who is the father of his baby? A very angry Burke approaches Bill's wife and tells her what they've discovered. She begs him not to tell Bill, saying what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Burke disagrees and says that, as his doctor, he is going to tell Bill the truth.

Chief Webber reluctantly confides to Derek Shepherd about his own medical concerns. He has been having trouble seeing out of one eye, but it's something that comes and goes. Derek runs some tests on the sly and discovers he has a tumour. Webber doesn't want word of this to get out, so they arrange a top-secret operation involving only a few staff, including Meredith.

When Webber wakes up he can see, which means the operation was a success, and the first thing he sees is Meredith and Derek together. He warns Meredith that she's making a mistake, but Meredith has been through this already and is confident that she is doing the right thing.

Meredith even feels confident confiding in Derek about her mother's illness, but just as they grow more intimate a bombshell is dropped - Derek's wife turns up!