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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 8: Save Me (Recap)

Screened Wednesday 31 August at 8.30pm

Alex treats Devo, a patient whose religious beliefs jeopardise her chances for recovery. Devo is an Orthadox Jew who needs a new heart valve, which is usually taken from a pig. She refuses the pig valve even though her parents are all for it. But Alex comes up with a solution - a cow valve, which is a new innovation in heart surgery. He tells the family about this option, and promptly gets told off by Burke for mentioning it without checking with him first.

It soon emerges that Burke's anger is based on the fact that he doesn't feel confident doing a procedure he's never done before. When he tells Cristina this she tells him to just get over himself, do some research, and get on with it. Which he does.

Meanwhile, the interns are mystified by Cable, a patient who's being treated for seizures and who thinks he's psychic. The patient seems to know all sorts of things that he shouldn't know. Some could be educated guesses - such as the fact that someone is about to die on the 4th floor - but others are bizarre, like knowing that Cristina is pregnant.

Izzie finds herself drawn to this patient. That morning she had been trying to bake cupcakes and couldn't get them 'right', despite George assuring her they were great. There was a missing ingredient, but she refused to ring her estranged mother and ask what it was. When Izzie meets Cable he says he makes her think of chocolate cupcakes, and then he calls her cricket - which is her mother's pet name for her. When Cable tells Izzie what the missing ingredient of her cupcakes is she takes it as a sign and calls her mum.

Meanwhile, Cristina has to take care of Zoey, a pregnant woman in her 40s who's been diagnosed with cancer. Cristina, contemplating an abortion herself, advises Zoey that this would be the best option for her. But Zoey decides to keep the baby and risk her own life, a decision Cristina openly disagrees with. The two agree to disagree.

In the love live department, Meredith grows increasingly dissatisfied with the unknown details of Derek's life. She points out that he always likes to stay at her house, and they never stay at his.

Derek tells her she doesn't need to know everything right from the start, but after being pestered by Meredith for details he gives in...and it turns out he lives in a trailer! But the trailer is parked on his own block of land.

And George scores himself a date with a nurse, after successfully performing a procedure in front of her that he had stuffed up earlier in the day.