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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 1: A Hard Day's Night (Recap)

Screened Wednesday 13 July at 8.30pm

Grey's Anatomy follows the lives of first year surgical interns Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev at Seattle Grace Hospital, the toughest surgical residency program west of Harvard.

While they were students yesterday, today they're doctors and, in a world where on the job training can be a matter of life and death, they're all juggling the ups and downs of their own personal lives.

The interns are guided by an established team of doctors who are determined to shape them into skilled surgeons or break them: Miranda Bailey, a senior resident responsible for training them, is so tough that she's nicknamed "The Nazi"; Derek Shepherd is the flirtatious but very capable surgeon who shares a forbidden but undeniable sexual attraction with Meredith; and Preston Burke's arrogance is second only to his skill with a scalpel. Overseeing them all is Dr. Richard Webber, Seattle Grace's paternal, but no-nonsense chief of surgery.

In the first episode Meredith wakes up next to her one night stand and promptly sends him home, only to discover when she turns up for her first day as an intern that her one night stand is Dr Derek Shepherd, a surgeon at the hospital.

The interns have a tough first shift, especially George who is given the chance to perfom surgery (while everyone watches). George makes a mistake and then freezes, unable to fix what he's done and forcing the other surgeons to step in before the patient dies. From then on he is known as 007 - licenced to kill.

George's day doesn't get much better when he makes the mistake of promising a wife whose husband is about to have surgery that he willl be fine, only to have him die on the operating table.

Meanwhile, Cristina is determined to prove that she is the best, and teams up with Meredith to help solve a puzzling diagnosis problem - with the prize being a chance to join in on the surgery. When they find the solution Cristina is in for a shock - Derek Shepherd picks Meredith to help with the surgery. Cristina can't help but feel a little jealous, not to mention suspicious that Meredith was picked because she had slept with him. But Meredith is as ambitious as Cristina in her own quiet way, and does not let such an opportunity pass by.

After her shift Meredith goes to visit her mother, who was a famous surgeon in her time. Here we learn Meredith's secret - her mother is now struggling with a devastating illness that leaves her unable to recognise her own daughter.